Balance of Nature Reviews

balance of nature reviews

Balance of Nature offers an expansive selection of wellness products, such as fruit and vegetable powders and fiber blends sourced from organic whole food ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or pesticides added – not to mention they’re gluten-free and non-GMO!

Supplements offered by this company cost $90 for a 30-day supply of Fruits and Veggies capsules and the Spice and Fiber blend; this may exceed some people’s budget.


Balance of Nature products may range in cost depending on their type and quantity, though their prices tend to compare favorably with competitors. Customers can take advantage of Balance of Nature’s preferred customer program to save even further on supplement costs; plus they have an impressive track record on social media and with Better Business Bureau, with few unfavorable reviews.

Dietary supplements like Balance of Nature do not need to be reviewed or approved by the FDA before being sold, unlike conventional medicine. Instead, their claims do not need to be submitted for verification; rather, the company relies on testimonials of users in its commercials as evidence for them. We did not find any independent laboratories or universities (without financial ties with Balance of Nature) which reviewed those claims scientifically or objectively.

Balance of Nature ingredients are innocuous; however, its claims on its website and YouTube channel are inaccurate and potentially deceptive. The company uses videos to claim its supplements help prevent, treat, and cure various medical conditions – which is illegal dietary supplement marketing practice which could mislead consumers.

Furthermore, this company failed to disclose all of the nutrients contained in its supplements on its Supplement Facts label – essential information when making informed decisions about which nutritional supplements may best meet your needs. As one example, Balance of Nature Fruits and Veggies and Fiber and Spice Blend was not listed on its label with its breakdown of nutrition being unavailable for easy understanding of amounts present in each nutrient content in its product.

Balance of Nature supplements do provide some advantages, but should not be seen as a replacement for eating well-rounded diets and meeting all FDA regulations. Instead, eating more fruits and vegetables instead of taking these supplemental vitamins would be much more effective and ensure healthy weight maintenance.


Balance of Nature is a popular supplement made up of fruits, vegetables and spices that is said to increase nutrient intake, boost energy levels and promote mental clarity while aiding digestion and immune system health. Unfortunately, however, these claims cannot be taken at face value; rather they should be seen as complements rather than replacements of healthy diet or standard medicines; no scientific research exists regarding Balance of Nature supplement; so for best results always consult a medical provider prior to taking it.

Though these products don’t cause harmful side effects, they still may pose risks. For instance, Balance of Nature fruit blends contain grapefruit which may interact with certain medications; similarly, some veggie capsules contain soy which could pose issues for people with allergies; furthermore, several complaints have been lodged against the company for its advertising practices and false claims.

Contrary to prescription medications, dietary supplements do not need FDA approval before being sold; however, manufacturers still must abide by laws related to them and disclose any potential risks (e.g. adverse reactions) or comply with GMP standards to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Balance of Nature has committed itself to testing the quality of its ingredients as part of ensuring their products are safe for their consumers, with third-party testing done on dietary supplements to guarantee purity and safety, in addition to eliminating harmful chemicals from its products.

Balance of Nature supplements should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing women as they may not contain all of the required nutrients for their bodies to flourish properly. Furthermore, their website doesn’t disclose where its ingredients come from which may present an issue for some consumers.

Balance of Nature offers capsule and powder products, and their website features a preferred membership that allows customers to save money when placing an order. They also maintain a privacy policy which allows customers to opt-out from targeted ads. While its benefits are undeniable, it should be remembered that supplements should only ever serve as supplements to an otherwise healthy diet.

Customer service

Balance of Nature supplements harness the power of whole foods to support a healthier lifestyle, offering an alternative to an unhealthy diet and providing a simple way to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. While not the cheapest choice on the market, many find that its benefits outweigh its cost tag.

The company offers an assortment of nutritional products, such as the Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies Blend, Fiber & Spice Blend and whole-food vitamin powders. Each of these items are freeze-dried to preserve nutritional value while maintaining flavor and freshness; third-party testing shows no contaminants and no harmful substances; internal quality control processes test products for color, smell and taste quality control purposes as well.

Balance of Nature products aren’t sold in stores; rather they can be purchased directly from their website. A single purchase may be possible or you can opt-in for their Subscribe & Save program in order to get discounted monthly deliveries of products at a reduced rate – and can always cancel without penalty or hassle!

Balance of Nature offers an easy-to-use website, featuring a search function to quickly locate specific ingredients. In addition, this resource also features helpful advice on how to safely and effectively use its products; learn about ingredients contained within each product as well as read testimonials from past customers.

Concerns have been expressed regarding the accuracy of Balance of Nature’s advertising claims. For instance, the National Advertising Division has expressed doubt about a claim stating that Balance of Nature contains enough nutrition equivalent to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily; they requested further evidence to back this up but no response has been forthcoming from Balance of Nature as of yet.

Balance of Nature can make a wonderful addition to your daily diet, but supplements should never replace healthy eating practices such as exercising regularly and getting sufficient rest. They should instead form part of an overall holistic health strategy including regular physical activity and eating well-balanced meals.

Final Words

Balance of Nature is a supplement company offering all-natural and organic fruit and vegetable powders as well as fiber supplements to supplement modern diets with nutrition. Their products can be purchased on their website for maximum effectiveness; in addition, a preferred membership offers savings when purchasing multiple items simultaneously.

Their supplements enjoy an excellent reputation within the supplement industry and online reviews are generally favorable; however, it should be remembered that their supplements should not be used to treat diseases or health problems; always consult with a healthcare provider prior to beginning any new dietary supplement regimens.

Although the company’s claims may seem exaggerated, their product does seem to offer some support for itself. To avoid potential side effects and potential dangers associated with taking supplement pills or vitamins from real food.

If you’re curious to try Balance of Nature products, be sure to visit their website regularly for any coupon codes that can save up to 35% off your first Preferred Member order! Additionally, any recurring subscription can be cancelled anytime online so there’s no risk in trying their products out – plus there’s always the option of starting off with a free trial offer to see if they work for you!

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