Valorant Gameplay, Screenshots and Videos Revealed

Valorant is an intricate game, taking inspiration from Overwatch and Counter Strike and drawing players of all skill levels into global eSports tournaments with real prize money as prizes. Additionally, this engaging experience develops critical thinking and communication abilities for real prize money tournaments around the world.

Riot has since added two maps and Agents since launch, yet is still very much in development. Though some stiff animations remain, and visual details could use some attention, Riot has the potential to become something truly great.


Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, has unveiled gameplay footage and screenshots for their forthcoming competitive FPS, VALORANT. First unveiled as part of an announcement at E3 2018 last October, VALORANT promises character-based tactical shooter with precise gunplay and competitive feel.

The game takes place in a near future version of Earth where an event known as First Light has caused dramatic shifts in society, technology, and governance. Following this event, certain individuals developed hypernatural abilities known as Radiants which inspired an international organization known as VALORANT that unites agents from various regions across the globe to solve global issues.

Players select one agent as their agent during each round and use only that hero throughout. Each hero comes equipped with two weapons and an exclusive ability that requires charging to unlock. One single headshot in this shooter can be devastating; thus each agent offers multiple strategies for getting an edge against their adversaries.

Riot Games estimates that 70% of players should have under a 35ms ping in VALORANT servers.


VALORANT takes place in an alternate future Earth where an event called First Light transforms life, technology and government structures. As a result, certain individuals become Agents; this group includes Duelists, Initiators, Sentinels and Controllers. Duelists specialize in taking down enemies while pushing their team forward; this role suits players who possess quick tap-level aim such as Jett Reyna Phoenix or Raze as duelists.

Initiators are the second category of agents in VALORANT. They initiate fights and provide cover for their allies; some examples of initiators include Brimstone, Omen and Viper. Sentinels serve as team defenders by using their skills to block vision, destabilize terrain and create traps; examples of Sentinels include Chamber, Clove and Headhunter.

Controllers are masters of their environment. They manipulate maps to create opportunities and direct the battle flow; examples include Chamber, Omin and Brimstone as Controllers. Controllers represent the cream de la creme among agents in VALORANT; they offer maximum utility and impact while helping players quickly escape ELO hell faster. Our handy Tier List helps players choose an agent best suited to their style while taking into account ever-evolving meta game dynamics to assess each character based on effectiveness and utility.


Valorant, developed by Riot Games and launched on April 2020, is a free-to-play first-person shooter. Now in Season 7, Act 1, Valorant draws influence from various genres including Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. However, unlike many FPS titles Valorant does not feature loot boxes but instead features an in-game store where players can purchase gun cosmetics instead of loot.

Valorant requires players to understand its mechanics for maximum success, with warmup modes being especially essential in developing aim and movement skills. Furthermore, players should test out different weapons in order to adjust recoil. When entering competitive matches they should pay close attention to common angles on maps as well as corners where enemies frequently camp out; check for common corners on maps where enemies often stay; look out for corners where enemies frequently stay close by; know that some shots can go through objects and walls; they should look for sparks that indicate whether their shot hit something solid or bounced off of it!

Professional Valorant players never cease to amaze spectators with their extraordinary skills, providing motivation for average Valorant players to work tirelessly on developing their gaming sense and aim. Not only should players strive to improve their aim, but it’s important that they also set the appropriate mouse sensitivity settings – low sensitivity increases accuracy while high ones cause sloppy shots – plus players should always remain aware that running around or engaging in combat may make you less accurate than usual.


Esports involves players competing in global tournaments for real prize money. Valorant, a competitive tactical shooter that takes place on near-future Earth and features lethal agents with unique skillsets that open up new tactical opportunities, was first revealed as part of Riot Games’ 10th Anniversary edition of their League of Legends blog in October 2019 under its codename Project A.

Riot Games administers the VALORANT Champions Tour as its official competitive esports tournament series for this game, consisting of multiple events each season that culminates in a Valorant Champions event – Riot’s top-level competition for Valorant. Teams begin their journey by competing at in-game Premier tournaments before earning points towards competing at Challenger events and earning promotion into international leagues if their finish places high enough on this tour.

Every tournament begins with an initial set of maps and agents to play on, followed by a best-of-three match format; the first team to win 13 rounds as either Attackers or Defenders wins their match.

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