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Balance of Nature is a dietary supplement made up of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that promises an easy way to add more nutrition into your daily diet.

This product has received mixed reviews. Some users found it to be effective while others reported side effects. Furthermore, health professionals suggest foregoing supplements in favor of eating healthily instead.


Balance of Nature products utilize a combination of fruits, vegetables and fiber to provide nutritional support in supplement form. They may not be the cheapest option on the market; however many users consider its health benefits worth paying the higher price tag. However, it should be remembered that supplements shouldn’t replace eating healthily; rather they should only be taken alongside an appropriately balanced diet plan.

In 2019, the FDA issued a warning letter to Evig LLC and Premium Productions LLC, manufacturers of Balance of Nature supplements, alleging they were making false claims regarding them. They specifically mentioned multiple instances from Balance of Nature marketing materials where their supplements were credited as treating, preventing, or curing various diseases and ailments.

The company website claims they are committed to offering healthy and convenient ways of adding whole foods into daily diets. Their formulas use freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, offering an easy way to get additional vitamins into daily meal plans. Furthermore, these formulas are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without artificial ingredients – adding even more convenience!

Balance of Nature offers customers a full refund if they are unsatisfied with their first order within 30 days after receiving it if it does not suit them, an invaluable feature if you are uncertain if a product suits your lifestyle or not.

However, many complaints against this company center around its difficulty of canceling orders and subscriptions. Furthermore, users have noted an uneven mix and inconsistent texture for some products from this brand; other supplements, like Maximum Vibrance are more affordable while offering superior customer experiences.

Balance of Nature has released a statement saying they would continue using high quality ingredients that meet FDA regulations, while working closely with independent experts to regularly assess compliance with FDA requirements.


Balance of Nature provides a convenient and healthy solution for improving nutrient intake in today’s fast-paced world, thanks to their variety of fruit, vegetable and spice-based supplements made up of fruits, veggies and spices with broad spectrum nutrition benefits – as well as being free from gluten or dairy! They even offer custom flavor profiles!

However, consumers and healthcare professionals alike have expressed concern over the company’s bold health claims. While supplements like these may contain high concentrations of certain vitamins and minerals, they should not replace a balanced, whole foods-based diet; furthermore they may contain ingredients which could pose allergy or sensitisation concerns for some users.

In 2019, the FDA issued Balance of Nature with a warning letter, alleging its products did not comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). Furthermore, labeling did not match what was actually contained within products – for instance in one yam-based product there was wild yam instead of common yam extract present.

Balance of Nature products are free from gluten as well as other allergens that might trigger reactions in some people, but it is wise to conduct allergy testing before consuming a product from this brand – some individuals may react adversely to its fruit powders due to sulfites present.

Some consumers have reported that taking this supplement has helped improve their fatigue health issue while others have experienced issues with bowel movement; it would be wise for anyone in these instances to seek professional advice before trying any product on their own.

Balance of Nature supplements have also been associated with nausea. Some customers have noted feeling queasy upon taking this substance and are unable to consume food as a result, especially those undergoing chemotherapy or blood thinner treatment. These symptoms can become particularly troublesome.

NorCal Organic’s Fiber supplement provides an alternative to Balance of Nature without added sugars or fillers and is gluten-free, offering an excellent source of soluble fiber that may promote regularity and aid digestion.


Balance of Nature is a company that makes supplements to promote good health. Their products are built around the principle that whole foods provide the most nutritionally dense source for vitamins and minerals needed by people, with products like Fruits & Veggies and Fiber & Spice offering convenient ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into one’s daily diet. They can be purchased directly through their website with discounts available when bulk purchasing their supplements.

Douglas Howard, a retired chiropractic physician, founded Balance of Nature in the 1990s in order to create an easier way of including whole fruits and vegetables into people’s daily diets. He launched their inaugural product in 1997; since then they have expanded with numerous offerings under this brand name.

Balance of Nature has suffered due to numerous lawsuits and allegations of false advertising regarding its products. In 2023, Balance of Nature settled a $1.1 million lawsuit filed in California for making false claims about supplements sold as “health” and violating FDA regulations; upon settlement of this legal matter they agreed to stop producing and selling their products until they can comply with federal law.

As part of its settlement agreement, the company must remove any misleading statements about their products from its website, specifically those found under “Research.” For instance, some studies cited in their “Research” section seem inconsistent with current medical standards while it remains unknown whether third-party testing of these products takes place or not.

Balance of Nature supplements provide essential nutrition for people who struggle to consume enough whole foods, but should never replace a balanced diet and sleep routines with exercise and restful nightly rest. Before beginning any new supplements it is wise to consult your healthcare provider first.

Bottom Line

As life continues to get busier, getting enough fruits and vegetables may become increasingly challenging. Thankfully, there are various dietary supplements on the market to assist in increasing intake of essential nutrients such as Balance of Nature dietary supplement, which offers health coaching services without additional fees or charges.

Balance of Nature has long enjoyed a favorable reputation; however, in August 2019, the FDA sent Balance a warning letter alleging “adulteration” of its dietary supplements and failing to follow current Good Manufacturing Practices; additionally it mislabeled certain ingredients such as wild yam as an ingredient when it is actually from another species of plant.

Balance of Nature contains an excess amount of fructose, which may cause bloating and stomach ache for some individuals. Diabetes sufferers should take note that too much fructose could aggravate their condition further. Furthermore, some may develop an allergic reaction to this product which manifests itself with skin rashes, itching or difficulty breathing – something to take note of if using Balance of Nature as part of an overall wellness routine.

Even though Balance of Nature claims their products won’t interact with any medications, it is wise to consult a healthcare provider prior to beginning any new supplement regimen. Particularly with fruit blends containing grapes which could interfere with certain medications’ efficacy or veggie capsules which contain soy, which could potentially pose risks for people who are allergic.

Balance of Nature product users often report feeling more energetic and experiencing improved digestion after taking the supplement; however, individual results vary significantly due to various factors like diet quality, lifestyle habits, genetics and preexisting health conditions.

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