Shein Review – Is Shein Really Cheap?

Shein is a fast fashion company offering low-price clothing and accessories that has quickly become a favorite among influencers who create Instagram-ready haul videos, further contributing to an unsustainable consumption culture.

This company has also been repeatedly accused of cultural appropriation, leading to serious environmental and social repercussions as its meteoric rise is taking fast fashion to unprecedented depths of environmental degradation and social injustice.

What to Look For

Influencers often post videos showing themselves carrying large Shein orders onto Instagram, and online marketplaces frequently feature Shein clothes as the most sought-after items. But it’s important to remember that Shein is a fast fashion company whose quality can fluctuate greatly; think of them like Forever 21, H&M and Zara stores without physical locations: good for flash-in-the-pan trends that will soon go out of style and items you only plan on wearing occasionally.

When purchasing from Shein, read reviews and consult sizing charts before making your selections. Ideally, only purchase clothing made of natural fibers like cotton or wool and avoid accessories which are likely to quickly disintegrate. When shopping this way, I strongly suggest using a credit card so if something goes amiss with your order you can easily have your money credited back.

Consider opting for Shein items with higher customer reviews and avoid those with low scores; multiple one-star reviews could indicate an item is likely an immediate fail that won’t last more than a couple wearings.

Shein claims that they utilize environmentally responsible production methods, which is admirable; however, producing so much junk for people to consume would still contribute to overconsumption and landfill fill.

Even though Shein claims they are adhering to all labor and wage guidelines in foreign countries, that doesn’t guarantee they’re providing fair salaries or working in safe conditions compared to what’s offered here in the US. Furthermore, Shein has been accused of cultural appropriation multiple times.

Size Charts

Shein clothing sizes can be confusing due to their differences from American and European sizing standards. If possible, compare measurements on a size chart with your own measurements; reviews by previous buyers of particular products are also a great way to get an idea of their fit if there are comments suggesting either they run small or large.

Shein offers an impressive variety of sizes spanning XS to XXL. Their sizing guide clearly outlines measurements such as bust, waist and hip size; additionally they suggest going a size up for pieces with tighter fit.

If you’re unsure which size to order, Shein offers free sample orders so that you can try them on for size before making a decision on making the purchase. They even offer free shipping so there’s nothing lost by ordering samples!

Find Shein size charts by clicking the “Size Guide” link in the bottom menu on any Shein page. Once opened, this page contains two types of measurements – product measurements and body measurements that you can take yourself with tape measure at home. Alternatively, watch their How-to-Measure video for helpful hints and pictures!

No matter your clothing style, Shein provides size charts tailored specifically for dresses, tops, pants and shoes. Additionally, our Size and Fit Chart on any Shein product page allows you to see measurements for that specific item.

Shein Curve and Plus are separate sections that feature smaller-than-typical plus-size fashion. For instance, their “plus” sizes tend to fall closer to 14 or 12 than conventional plus sizes. For example, an shein Curve dress might appear at first as size 16-18 when purchased; but once worn it could be closer to size 14-12!

Playbite app provides another fantastic way of shopping at Shein, as it enables users to win gift cards by simply playing casual mobile games! Downloaded free-of-charge, this provides an enjoyable, convenient, and rewarding way to shop for trendy clothing at an unbeatably affordable price!


Shein, a fast fashion retailer, has been plagued with ethical issues such as large sizing discrepancies and fabrics that feel cheap after only few wears, along with workmanship issues such as loose threads or crooked seams. Additionally, this fast fashion retailer has been accused of cultural appropriation on more than one occasion.

Shein offers an impressive variety of trendy clothing at reasonable prices, not only women’s but also shoes, accessories and children’s wear. Additionally, its popularity has skyrocketed thanks to their use of social media influencers to market its products and encourage people to buy.

Shein clothing’s affordability may be its main draw, but it is essential to consider its quality before making a purchase decision. Although you might find some fantastic bargains here and there, if you want long-lasting pieces it would be wiser to avoid this brand entirely.

Prior to purchasing Shein clothing, make sure to read customer reviews and feedback. Customers often provide insights on fabric quality, sizing and workmanship of Shein clothing – this feedback can help you decide whether Shein is suitable for you.

Shein clothing may be of subpar quality, but they have also been accused of exploiting laborers and employing unfair marketing practices. Many Shein employees work in factories where working conditions are unregulated and workers receive less than minimum wage pay. Furthermore, Shein has been accused of cultural appropriation as well as copying designs from small businesses without permission. If you want to support more responsible fashion businesses consider buying from boutiques instead – their pieces will last longer and be more sustainable than fast fashion brands!


Shein and Temu offer global shipping and an array of payment methods, such as major credit or debit cards, PayPal, Afterpay, Affirm and Klarna in the US – most are secure payment solutions offering buyer protection and you can even choose to have your order delivered free to a physical address! Both brands boast excellent product quality as well as impressive customer satisfaction ratings.

Shein and Temu both have quality issues that should be considered before making your purchase decision. Both companies have had garment quality issues – some customers have reported poor fabric quality or inconsistent product quality while others have reported poor customer service and returns policies.

Shein is a fashion retail company offering clothing and accessories to women, men, and children at its online shop. While Shein claims that its production processes are eco-friendly, fast fashion production doesn’t fall within this realm and encourages people to buy more than necessary resulting in unnecessary waste.

Shein has also been accused of cultural appropriation; for instance, its clothing is often worn by influencers without disclosing sponsorship or advertising relationships with them. Furthermore, fake reviews were used to persuade customers into purchasing its products.

Shein is still superior to Temu when it comes to pricing and selection, thanks to its direct links with manufacturers allowing it to cut costs and pass savings onto consumers. Furthermore, Shein offers more generous return policies and free shipping on orders of $49. Additionally, there is no minimum order quantity requirement with Shein.

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