WiiM Amp Reviews

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Orange’s micro amp packs a powerful punch into an extremely compact package. Extremely versatile and well-built, it makes an invaluable addition to any home practice setup.

The WiiM Amp

The WiiM Amp is a versatile streamer that serves as the perfect hub for any hi-fi system. Equipped with clean power that easily powers demanding passive speakers and high-res streaming services, its DAC circuitry delivers rich, detailed sound comparable to much more expensive options. Furthermore, it includes HDMI, optical USB and RCA inputs plus multiroom compatibility as well as subwoofer output to further amplify bass boost!

The WiiM Amp also comes equipped with an Alexa assistant that lets you control playback with voice command and connects seamlessly to existing smart home ecosystems using Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, Google Assistant or Alexa devices. Its free WiiM app offers intuitive functionality with a user-friendly dashboard displaying music services and playlists along with status of connected speakers; an additional option allows synchronised playback across multiple WiiM Amps.

An intuitive ten-frequency graphic equaliser is also provided, offering easy and convenient tone control with presets for 24 different music genres. This provides you with the power to fine-tune any room’s system perfectly; whether that means casual listening or audiophile. With its app-based configuration options and ability to individually control EQ settings for each source separately – or customise your equaliser curves to enhance the listening experience to suit you perfectly!

Although the WiiM Amp does not currently support all streaming platforms (Tidal for example), its manufacturer is working towards becoming Roon-certified shortly, which would bring it more in line with more established hi-fi competitors. Until then, popular streaming services can still be enjoyed directly via amp and its included remote – though with only play/pause/track skip/mute/volume adjustment/Alexa button available the app may likely provide the more intuitive user experience.

Design-wise, the WiiM Amp is both compact and surprisingly classy for a budget product. It features aluminium exterior with rounded edges for a premium aesthetic; an ideal addition for any budding hi-fi system. Available either silver or space grey hues 63x190x190mm can fit easily into any space!

With rigorous tests revealing total harmonic distortion of only 0.002% and SNR of 98dB at 5W, the WiiM Amp delivers a truly stunning sound experience. Even as an affordable budget product, it delivers richly detailed and authentic music as its artist intended – without any distracting noise or distortion. It has the power to transform any speaker system into a premium hi-fi system; making this an excellent upgrade option!

The WiiM Pro

The WiiM Pro network player is a portable network player designed to transform traditional hi-fi systems into high-resolution streaming music sources. Connected via Ethernet or dual-band WiFi with mesh network support, it streams popular services such as TIDAL, Spotify, Deezer Amazon Music Qobuz. In addition to that it also features DLNA Apple AirPlay Chromecast Audio support along with smart assistant support such as Google Voice Alexa Siri – perfect for use with smart assistants such as Google Voice Alexa Siri!

WiiM Pro features the AKM 4493SEQ DAC which boasts an outstanding signal to noise ratio of 121dB and total harmonic distortion of only -113dB – making it an incredibly clean and transparent sounding device that will deliver outstanding performance no matter what music is played through it.

The WiM Pro also boasts up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution, giving you access to hi-res lossless content from Tidal, Qobuz and Amazon Music as well as CDs and LPs. Furthermore, this device can connect analog turntables as well as act as the central hub for multi-room systems using other WiiM devices or existing smart speakers.

Users of the WiM app can leverage its comprehensive 10-band graphic EQ and custom parametric EQ capabilities to customize their listening experience, offering complete control of sound profile. Sample rate adjustment also allows you to further maximize audio quality, making sure every listening session sounds exactly how it should.

WiiM app not only features EQ controls but also many useful features to assist with sleep or wake-up schedules – creating routines can help get into an ideal sleep or wake-up schedule by playing selected playlists, stations or podcasts at certain times each day – but you can also use its relaxation features like playing soothing music or sleep aids before bed.

WiiM App also lets you set alarms that play specific albums or tracks at an exact volume level. Customize your music library, download files onto a NAS drive, and store downloaded songs directly onto your device for optimal sound quality.

WiiM Pro stands out as an economical alternative to more costly Sonos Port and Bluesound Node 2021 devices by including an onboard microphone for hands-free voice control, supports Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Chromecast Audio and Roon Readiness as well as acting as multi-room audio controller for smartphones or tablets. With such versatility and great value on offer, it makes an excellent multi-room audio controller choice.

WiiM Pro falls short in one area compared to its competitors; MQA support. While there is some partial support available for MQA format, I believe most music listeners won’t find much use from it given its relatively low value and limited availability. Overall though, the WiiM Pro makes an ideal upgrade choice for existing hi-fi systems that want high-resolution streaming solutions; its connectivity options and impressive performance make this an easy recommendation.

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