What Is Norstrat?

If you are a business owner, you may have come across Norstrat. This consulting and marketing firm is dedicated to helping people meet their business goals. Norstrat is not only a recognized partner of the 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition but a global leader in helping businesses operate in the Arctic.

This guide will cover the fundamentals of Norstrat, its purpose, a bit of the company’s history, and its services.

What is Norstrat?

Norstrat is a leading consulting firm that helps governments, industry, and communities plan, finance, and implement the needed infrastructure.

As a whole, the organization has a long history of experience in the North. It dates back to early 2010, when the company was founded. Essentially, members of the Canadian armed forces and government officials came together to form Norstrat to provide digital marketing strategies to business owners and help them meet their goals. Over time, it grew such a loyal client base that operations expanded into the US.

The organization has since evolved to become a top provider of advice and services related to Northern development. Building on Canada’s Northern Strategy, Norstrat offers a comprehensive suite of services that helps its clients take advantage of opportunities and overcome business challenges in the Canadian North.

Facts on Consulting Firms

Though common, many people are unaware of what consulting firms are. They provide professional services to businesses in order to help achieve organizational goals. These businesses may be small, medium, or large and can come from any industry. Consulting firms usually have a wide variety of services and offer them a la carte, so that companies can pick and choose what they need most.

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for consulting services as businesses strive to stay afloat and be innovative in the market. Many are opting to outsource solutions rather than handle everything in-house. Consulting services can provide expert insights and fresh perspectives and save a company time and money.

Looking at Norstrat specifically, it is a company that works to spread its expertise in the subject matter. The company has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to the area, making it a valuable asset to those who wish to do business there.

What is the Organization’s Purpose?

Norstrat’s purpose is to help people with a responsibility or business goal to build the needed northern infrastructure. The company does this by providing advice, services, and financing solutions that are designed for the unique needs of businesses. This is true whether they operate in the Arctic or another location.

Norstrat is committed to helping its clients succeed in the North and believes that strong northern communities are the key to a prosperous future for all of Canada.

What Services Does Norstrat Offer?

This organization offers a vast range of services that strive to help businesses succeed in the Arctic. These services include:

  • Business development
  • Communications and marketing
  • Community engagement
  • Cabinet memorandum
  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure planning and financing
  • Project management
  • Risk management

Norstrat has a team of skilled professionals who are passionate about helping businesses succeed. The company’s services are tailored to each client’s specific needs, and it is always looking for new ways to help its clients overcome complex challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the Arctic.

Experience and Qualifications

With a rich history covering incredible work like The Arctic Sub-surface Surveillance System and the BAPS Iceberg Tracking System, it’s clear that Norstrat has a lot of background in the field.

There are certain industries the company tends to focus on. This includes government areas like aerospace and coast guard operations. Additionally, this encompasses industries such as:

  • Aeronautics
  • C4ISR
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Oil and gas
  • Renewable energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation

Norstrat has worked with all levels of government as well as First Nations and Inuit organizations. One of its first federal infrastructure projects was completed in 1885 and worked to connect the eastern and western Canadian railway systems.

Today, the goal is not to connect two railways but to build infrastructure and maintain growth from the southern to most northern points of Canada.

The organization has a lot of experience and has worked on impressive projects. This experience is one of the reasons why Norstrat is such a trusted partner when it comes to helping businesses grow and succeed.

What is the Northern Strategy Framework?

The Canadian government created the framework in 2009 as a way to address the obstacles of climate change, economic development, and sovereignty in the Arctic. Numerous organizations, including Norstrat, have been working to help the government implement the strategy.

The Northern Strategy Framework has four main pillars:

  • Protecting our environmental heritage
  • Promoting social and economic development
  • Improving and devolving Northern governance
  • Exercising Canada’s Northern sovereignty

Protecting the Arctic is important to the future of Canada, and this is something that Norstrat takes very seriously. The company has a lot of experience working in the Arctic and understands the unique challenges.


One prominent partnership the company maintains is with Hill & Knowlton Strategies. Together, they’ve worked on communications strategies for a wide range of clients. This has included everything from developing social media plans to organizing events.

Other partnerships include:

  • The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNEDA)
  • Nunavut Tourism
  • The Northwest Territories Chamber of Commerce

What is Hill & Knowlton Strategies?

Hill & Knowlton Strategies is a communications and public affairs consulting firm. The company has over 85 offices in 30 countries and is one of the largest firms of its kind in the world.

The organization boasts expertise in public relations and communications. This makes them a valuable partner for the company, as they can help develop and implement effective communications strategies.

Training and Workshops

Norstrat offers training and workshops to ensure all operations and guidelines are met with the highest level of safety and proficiency. The company is always striving to educate its employees and clients on how to stay ahead in an ever-changing world.

Some of the topics that have been covered in previous workshops include:

  • Annual security training
  • Industry-expert instructions from the Canadian Special Forces
  • Maintaining connections with security specialists
  • Business and financial solutions for security

There are virtually zero competitors in the Canadian market that offer this type of comprehensive and dedicated training. This is just one example of how Norstrat is always looking for ways to help its clients stay ahead of the curve.

Clients and Case Studies

The company has worked with clients from a wide range of industries, including:

  • General Dynamics of Canada
  • Northrop Grumman
  • AlphaSights
  • Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador

These are just a few of the clients that Norstrat has worked with to build capacity and drive business growth. The company has an impressive record of helping businesses succeed, regardless of the goal.

Industry professionals in the Canadian government and armed forces often recommend Norstrat to businesses that are looking for comprehensive security solutions. The company has worked hard to establish itself as a trusted partner and advisor.

Challenges and Opportunities

Building a Northern Strategy campaign plan without help can leave many business owners feeling lost and frustrated. Norstrat has the experience and connections to help you succeed in this rapidly changing landscape.

The company has connections with government agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations. These relationships allow them to offer a comprehensive suite of services that can help you navigate the Northern Strategy landscape.

One challenge that Norstrat faces is the constantly changing landscape of the Arctic. New technologies and regulations are always being developed, which can make it challenging to keep up with the latest changes. However, the company has a team of dedicated experts who are always on top of the latest developments.

Another challenge is the lack of infrastructure in the Arctic. This can make it difficult to get supplies and personnel to remote locations. Having a partner like Norstrat can help you overcome these challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the Arctic.


As with any business relationship, professionals should consider the benefits and drawbacks of working with a company before making a decision. A few potential drawbacks to keep in mind include the following:

  • The company is headquartered in Ottawa, which may not be convenient for some clients.
  • May not have the specific expertise that some clients are looking for.
  • It could be more expensive than working with a smaller firm.

These are just a few potential drawbacks to consider before working with Norstrat. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to work with the company should be based on the unique needs of the client.

What Does the Future Hold?

The future looks bright for Norstrat. The company is constantly expanding its services and partnerships in order to better serve its clients. Additionally, it is always looking for new methods to help businesses succeed in northern Canada.

From communications to bid management support, Norstrat has the experience and expertise to help you succeed. Don’t risk doing it alone – partner with them to help navigate the Northern Strategy landscape and achieve your business goals.

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