What is DS4Windows?


DS4Windows is an application that lets you seamlessly connect PlayStation 4 or DualShock 5 controllers (DualSense) to Windows without experiencing lag, portablely and for free.

This program offers many customizable input settings such as lightbar, rumble or motion sensors and keyboard/mouse buttons for user control.


DS4Windows is a free game pad input mapper, virtual emulator and controller customizer. It allows you to emulate PlayStation 2 controllers such as DS4, PS5 DualSense controllers via USB or Bluetooth on Windows PCs and offers options to remap/bind buttons, joysticks and keyboard+mouse combinations to your liking. Furthermore, lightbars, vibration/rumble sensors (known as gyros), lightbars and motion sensors (otherwise known as gyro sensors) are also included for additional customization purposes.

The program is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista operating systems and it requires that drivers are installed for use. For optimal results, we suggest you use only those provided by their developer for optimal results.

Notable feature of DS4Windows is its automatic profile support, which detects your controller and configures it automatically for gaming – similar to Steam’s controller support but without requiring you to run games through their platform.

Under the Tools tab you will find various settings and options, such as viewing your current profile, emulation type and controller name; checking config path statuses; changing default controller emulation from Xbox to PS4 etc. Some users have reported input delay while using this method; this may be caused by cable issues rather than by any issues with emulation itself.


DS4 Windows is a comprehensive application designed to let you use a PS4 controller on PCs with minimal hassle. It is an intuitive tool, installing all necessary drivers for it and tricking games into thinking it is an Xbox 360 controller – something many video games are compatible with on PCs. Connect using either USB cable or Bluetooth connectivity; alternative tools include DS4Tool, DualsenseX and Xpadder which offer similar services but none with as many capabilities as DS4Windows.

Once you’ve downloaded DS4Windows, it’s important to unpack and install it onto your computer. Next, use the DS4Updater application included with it in DS4Windows to update it – this should resolve any error messages you are currently seeing.

Once you’ve updated DS4Windows, restart your computer and run it again. If errors continue to arise, try System Restore: it allows you to go back in time or select when DS4Windows was working properly – however this could impact other applications, so be sure to back up all data beforehand (including gaming files) so they can be restored if necessary later on. Ultimately if that does not resolve the problem for you then uninstall and reinstall DS4Windows might be required as an alternative solution.


After installing and downloading all required dependencies, the main DS4Windows window will display all connected controllers. From here you can select a profile to apply or simply press the edit button to create your own. Various settings like auto profiles and output slots can also be found here along with linking it with specific IDs.

Once you select a profile, you can adjust various features on your controller such as light bar brightness and rumble functionality. There are also options to remap or rebind buttons and joysticks as desired allowing you to play more games using your DS4Windows setup.

Options Tab settings provide additional control, including disabling or dynamically altering the light bar of your controller based on battery level, among many more advanced functions that you may wish to experiment with. It should be noted, however, that using such software to gain an unfair edge in games may violate their terms of service and even void their warranty on your controller; be mindful when using such software to gain any advantage!

Supported controllers for DS4Windows include Sony Wireless Adapter, Hori PS4 Mini Controller, Razer Raiju Tournament Edition and Steel Play Metaltech P4 gamepad; additionally it also works with PlayStation 5 DualSense Controllers. To ensure that your PC meets these system requirements of DS4Windows it is highly advised that you check out its guide page on its official website as this page provides helpful info and instructions.


DS4Windows uses Xinput to recognize your DualShock 4 as a Windows gamepad, meaning it should work in games that support it; however, input lag may occur which makes the controller seem less responsive than expected, which may become an issue when playing online multiplayer games with friends.

DS4Windows configuration menu enables you to tailor your virtual controller, including remapping mouse buttons and keyboard keys and configuring directional swipes and other gestures. In addition, light bar customization and vibration modes can be customized accordingly; additionally multiple profiles may be set up and automatically switched between games when started up.

This program also supports using your PC’s touchpad and motion sensors as controllers; you can even set a hotkey so certain buttons on the controller map to certain actions on your computer.

DS4Windows is free, although its developer accepts donations to support their project. Downloading and installation are quick and straightforward; upon initial launch it may prompt you to install some drivers; this takes only seconds and then the main window of DS4Windows appears with all connected controllers displayed; simply click a profile ID number to view details about it or link one automatically whenever that device plugs in!

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