V Shred Reviews

V Shred is an enjoyable yet challenging weight loss program with fun workouts designed to produce visible results if users follow its recommended nutrition and workout plans. In addition, there’s even an unconditional money-back guarantee!

But this company is far from trustworthy; many customers have reported fraudulent charges on their credit card statements, and customer reviews on Trustpilot are mostly negative.


V shred is an online fitness program offering customized plans tailored specifically to different body types, with goals like attaining a six-pack in 90 days or getting healthier overall. Each program comes complete with diet plans and exercise routines; users can get their workouts in at home using their V Shred app while tracking their progress through its dashboard. Costs depend on which program is chosen as well as its length; in addition, V Shred also offers free trials on its website.

V Shred’s marketing can often be misleading and offensive, using scare tactics to sell its products. Phrases like “metabolism blackholes” and “hormonal anarchy” without explaining their meaning or how to resolve them are often used when advertising the company’s services. Furthermore, V Shred promotes carb cycling, an ineffective fad diet not sustainable for most people that encourages bingeing-restricting behavior while possibly leading to hormonal imbalances; additionally it may promote unproven and possibly dangerous supplements among its programs as well.

The company uses fake celebrity endorsements on its website in order to draw customers in. Many positive reviews were written by paid writers, while customer service departments are slow in responding to customer concerns. Many BBB complaints have related to inaccurate pricing and billing systems which has resulted in many angry customers.

V Shred has amassed an impressive social media following and been featured in some of the leading health and fitness publications, but many experts view it as nothing more than an outright scam. Their programs claim to accelerate fat loss and muscle gain using questionable science or even just plain old snake oil techniques.

This program boasts many features designed to make it user-friendly for beginners, including its app available for both Android and iOS devices, making workouts at home simple. Track your progress against goals with its built-in coach and take advantage of various training methods like strength training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and plyometrics for an efficient fitness journey.


V shred is a fitness, nutrition and supplement company that has helped many people lose weight. Their programs include an app workout app for fitness tracking and customized diet and training plans as well as supplements designed to aid weight loss. Vince Sant, the company’s founder states that their goal is to make fitness fun and realistic for people of all backgrounds and experience levels; additionally their workouts focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT), which may burn more fat faster and promote faster weight loss.

The company’s mobile app gives users access to workout and nutrition information at the touch of a button, tailored specifically to your goals based on sex, age, body type and activity level. They even offer a free trial period! Furthermore, testimonials and reviews from real users feature on the website, with most reviews being positive but some giving mixed opinions; such as some saying workouts were difficult yet rewarding while others lament the lack of variety within each program.

V shred offers more than workouts – their website also features recipes, videos and member community features such as Vince’s weekly Couch Talk session where members can discuss their experiences within the company and share what works for them with fellow V shredders. Furthermore, there’s even an FAQs page to answer common queries about V shred.

Though their workouts are challenging and effective, their nutrition guidance can be confusing. They encourage dieters to cut calories and limit carbs – however this diet is usually not sustainable for most. Furthermore, these workouts do not offer enough repetitions to build muscle mass effectively; additionally, beginner exercises may lead to injury due to poor form used. Furthermore, claims regarding metabolism based on outdated research may cause anxiety about your health, so prioritizing professional advice when starting any workout program is vitally important.

Nutrition guidance

V Shred is a fitness program that promises to help users lose weight and build muscle through tailored exercise and diet plans, supplementation and money back guarantees after 30 days if results don’t materialise as promised – however you will incur shipping and handling fees when mailing back the supplements.

Vince Sant, founder of V Shred brand and personal trainer extraordinaire, is one of Instagram’s most well-known fitness influencers. He now boasts over 1 Million members on his website alone! Additionally, Vince authored multiple fitness programs (Fat Loss Extreme for Men) as well as supplement lines known as Sculpt Nation.

Unfortunately, many dietary supplements are unproven and do not come recommended by medical professionals. Their ingredients could cause harmful side effects including heart attack and stroke and they have yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Nutrition guidance at this company is also dubious. Recommendations derived from a body type quiz can often lead to inaccurate advice. For example, carbohydrates are recommended as an energy source, without noting this isn’t always the most effective way to lose weight. Furthermore, B vitamins combined with a plant that research shows does not possess any fat-burning properties are recommended as supplements intended to aid weight loss.

V Shred has received some negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau website despite its popularity, mostly surrounding billing and payment issues. One user complained that her V Shred coach failed to listen to their concerns regarding food allergies or dislikes and sent meal plans that included these. Another person claimed she was charged for a meal plan she didn’t sign up for at all.

Complaints have also surfaced regarding the company’s marketing of its products. Its advertisements claim to be scientifically-backed to burn fat, increase metabolism and build muscles – yet these claims may lead to overtraining, leading to various health issues; and these programs could even cause injuries among those with prior shoulder, hip or ankle injuries.

Customer service

V Shred has an outstanding customer service department that responds promptly to complaints. Their email and phone numbers can assist you with any of your needs or inquiries; plus there’s live chat feature so that you can communicate directly with one of their representatives in real-time!

The V Shred login is straightforward and can be accessed from anywhere with internet connectivity. Simply provide your name, email address and password and log in. After doing so, you will have access to your dashboard where you can make changes to personal information as well as keep an eye on recent orders that have shipped, with notification when their order ships out.

Customers of V Shred have praised its customized workout programs and nutrition advice as being exceptional. Many have also found its workouts challenging yet enjoyable; you can do them at home or the gym! Some users have noticed increased energy levels as well as faster fat-burning results from using it.

V Shred offers both workout and nutrition guidance, as well as supplements designed to aid weight loss. Their Sculpt Nation products contain natural ingredients and antioxidants which increase metabolism, burn fat more efficiently, build lean muscle mass more easily and build leaner physiques – plus these supplements are gluten, dairy and artificial flavor free!

However, customer service at this company remains an issue. There have been multiple online complaints concerning its billing and checkout systems which has caused some upset customers who were charged for meal plans they never intended on purchasing.

This company does provide a money back guarantee, however it’s only valid for 30 days. To cancel your membership and receive your money back, contact customer service via email and they will refund it directly back into your account; however it should be noted that account cancellation won’t happen instantly after making contact.

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