V Shred Reviews

v shred reviews

V shred is a fitness and nutrition program founded by Vince Sant in 2015 that provides personalized diet plans, workout routines and supplement sales to users looking to lose 21 pounds in 90 days with their programs.

V Shred has come under scrutiny for over-promising results and pushing their supplements too aggressively, while there are better solutions such as Superhero X12 which provides an extensive guide for diet changes without tedious tracking.


V Shred is an online fitness app that has been featured by several media outlets including NBC, Business Insider and Men’s Variety. With 8m followers on Facebook and 2m subscribers on YouTube, its founders have built an impressive brand which is creating quite a buzz online. However, customers have reported many negative experiences with V Shred; some even filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau regarding poor customer service or aggressive marketing tactics employed by V Shred.

V shred offers various programs with prices that vary based on each program’s details, from those including meal plans to standalone plans designed to help people lose weight and tone muscles. Furthermore, many of them come equipped with free trials so you can test it out first before making your purchase decision.

The V shred app offers an innovative approach to fitness that puts control in your hands. You can access workouts and nutrition info anywhere around the globe simply by downloading and following its instructions; additionally, they offer a money-back guarantee should results not meet expectations.

Though the company enjoys an excellent reputation, users have voiced concern over its cost. Some customers who subscribed to meal plans reported being charged for services they never authorized and others even experienced being double billed – an alarm bell for customers that indicates the company has failed in fulfilling its promises.

One common criticism about diets is their unrealistic and difficult maintenance; many individuals even report feeling disengaged from dieting due to its strictness. Diets that focus more on nutrient ratios, portion control and smart workouts tend to be more successful at keeping people motivated than ones which strictly limit calories intake.


V Shred is a fitness app and supplement company for men and women that offers workouts, meal plans, supplements to promote weight loss and muscle building, as well as tracking capabilities on mobile apps to track progress and share workouts with friends. However, they have faced several controversies and have also established customer service departments on their websites which can answer questions about V Shred products.

The company provides a free trial for its flagship program. You gain access to four workout plans tailored for all fitness levels as well as a 90-day diet plan to help reach your fitness goals. Furthermore, an online community exists where users can discuss workouts.

To begin your weight loss journey with Vince Sant, first create an account on his website. Next, answer some questions regarding your body type and goals before being directed to watch a video where he reveals three secrets for weight loss, workout plans, and protein consumption as components for success.

While many have experienced success with this exercise program, individual results may vary significantly. Furthermore, this plan does not offer advice about other factors that contribute to weight loss such as adequate rest or stress reduction that might help.

Though the company is often criticized, its social media following remains strong: its Facebook page boasts 8 million likes, Instagram over 1 million, YouTube over 2 million and Trustpilot reviews are positive; money back guarantee available with all orders as well as free shipping are both included with all purchases; website is easy to navigate with extensive FAQ page for easy navigation as well as trial membership which provides excellent workouts but may not cover everything that needs doing to lose weight effectively.


No matter your fitness goal – toning abs and glutes, losing weight or improving overall health – V shred can provide nutritional guidance that can assist. Their website includes detailed workouts and diet plans designed to reach these objectives; there’s even an interactive community forum so members can share experiences and advice from one another.

V Shred’s program is tailored for people at all fitness levels – beginners included! Their workouts are easy to follow and can be performed from the convenience of home. Plus, their website boasts delicious recipes and meal plans!

Though healthy diets offer many benefits, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone will experience similar outcomes – this is particularly relevant to weight loss programs. Therefore, before making a decision and purchasing any product it’s wise to conduct some research on available options as well as read any reviews written about the item before purchasing.

Some V Shred reviews are quite negative. One customer claims they were charged multiple times for identical items without receiving a refund from their bank, while others have voiced displeasure with V Shred’s lack of accountability and communication regarding price changes.

V Shred has received many positive reviews online. Unfortunately, however, many of these reviews don’t come from real customers but rather from people working at V Shred and may not reflect actual customer experience. Some reviews even claim the company is fraudulent or does not deliver what was promised.

V Shred is effective at helping individuals shed body fat, but does not address the factors contributing to weight gain and poor nutrition. For instance, they do not advise relieving stress or getting sufficient sleep – both vital components in improving metabolism – and they offer no ongoing support to ensure you can maintain any weight loss achieved through this program.

Customer Service

V Shred is a fitness, supplement and diet company specializing in helping individuals to meet their fitness goals. Offering meal plans and workout programs designed to give customers exactly the body they want; as well as live chat support via phone or email; V Shred strives to help its customers realize their potential through fitness.

V Shred offers an impressive array of products and services, but their customer service has earned some unfavorable reviews on trusted review platforms such as Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau. Many customers are dissatisfied with the lack of clarity surrounding refund and cancellation policies as well as sales emails or phone calls that bombard them.

One such complaint came from a user who was charged for a program they never signed up for and received no results from. He reached out to the brand, who offered a full refund but it still did not address his specific problem. Another user voiced concerns over their company’s poor communication of prices which caused people to purchase more than intended and fail to experience results as anticipated from their program.

One of the primary complaints about V Shred is their slow response time when responding to inquiries, often taking days or even weeks for them to be addressed – something which poses a real obstacle when trying to meet fitness goals in an effective manner.

This company is also widely respected for its workout and nutrition plans. Working closely with leading nutritionists, it creates guides tailored specifically to various dietary requirements or restrictions – accessible both via mobile devices or the website. Furthermore, the site features an FAQs section with answers for commonly asked questions.

V Shred does not ship its Sculpt Nation supplements internationally, but offers returns for other products like training and meal plan programs. Customers dissatisfied with their purchase may incur shipping fees; V Shred’s return policy allows customers 30 days to file claims; otherwise it will close down their account.

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