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V Shred is an online fitness and supplement company that has been featured by various media outlets. They offer programs such as workout apps and personal coaching as well as a money-back guarantee on all of their products.

The company’s claims may not be entirely accurate: their supplements haven’t been scientifically proven to help burn fat. Furthermore, they claim they can fight cravings but this simply does not work either.


V Shred is free to download and gives you five days to try their Ripped in 90 days or custom diet plan before having to pay. After this period is over, the price for new content varies according to which program is chosen; supplements also incur fees; SCULPTnation HGH Booster claims it can help increase testosterone levels but research suggests this supplement doesn’t work effectively at increasing HGH levels despite claims to the contrary.

While the workouts in V Shred may be effective, dieting remains an issue. Dietary recommendations often are too low and lead to fatigue and hair loss; additionally, this program only lasts for short periods of time so motivation will need to be maintained once its expiration.

Customer reviews on Better Business Bureau demonstrate that many customers were dissatisfied with their experience with this company. Customers complained of long wait times for customer service representatives and unanswered questions; furthermore, additional charges that were added at checkout without prior warning caused further displeasure among them.

V Shred is a fitness app and supplements brand founded in 2015 by Vince Sant. Featured on prominent media outlets such as NBC and boasting 8m followers on Facebook and 2m on Instagram respectively, its programs provide solutions for people with limited time or budget to find solutions quickly online.

V Shred may offer a money-back guarantee, but there are other programs which offer greater value for your money. Superhero X12 is an excellent choice for men looking to build muscle and shed fat at the same time – at less cost than V Shred! With access to its creator’s personal training videos as well as nutrition and lifestyle guidance guides you’ll receive tailored guidance on how to lose weight while building muscle mass.


As with anything worth doing, getting in shape requires hard work and dedication. Adjusting diet and breaking old habits may prove difficult; V Shred promises to assist with that through its workout programs and supplements as well as its private community for members to share support and tips with one another. Plus, its fitness experts offer nutritional guidance as well as assist you in selecting suitable supplements for your workout regimen!

The program offers a range of workouts, from low-intensity exercises to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), designed to help you burn more calories faster. Research has demonstrated that these types of exercises can burn up to 30% more than other forms of exercise in a similar period. These workouts are easy to follow and accessible via either website or smartphone app; you can track your progress at any point and see what your body is up to at any moment!

Signing up for a free trial allows you to experience our program. Simply provide your payment information and watch a short video about how it works. Our program features nutrition guides, meal plans and recommended supplements; additionally we have access to our member community where Vince Sant answers questions via weekly Couch Talk videos.

Although Ripped in 90 Days is effective, it does have some drawbacks. For instance, its website displays exaggerated before and after pictures as well as unsubstantiated claims like being able to transform skinny fat men into beach bods in three months – something which cannot be realistically or healthily achieved with its program and cannot be supported by science.

Many users have voiced complaints against this company’s customer service, with some even filing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These include poor response times and hidden charges which were never clearly communicated by this provider, in addition to some being concerned that there is no money-back guarantee available from this firm.


V shred offers supplements designed to promote weight loss, muscle gain and performance. Their products can be purchased both online and at retail stores. In addition, V Shred provides programs for both women and men that include workouts, meal plans and support from private Facebook groups; for men they offer Ripped in 90 Days which offers 45-minute lifting workouts, ab exercises and HIIT routines with 45 minute lifting workouts, ab exercises and HIIT routines but omits carb cycling or meal planning features.

V Shred’s weight loss programs are comprehensive, yet its food and diet recommendations can be intimidating. Their programs promote low-cal dieting by encouraging users to track their macros and calories – while this approach to weight loss might work for some, it won’t work for most people.

V Shred’s supplements are designed to increase fat burning and digestion. Their products include pre-workout, protein powder, BCAAs and neuroctane; their ingredients have scientific backing but should not be seen as a cure for obesity. Furthermore, V Shred uses misleading marketing strategies that use outdated information in their promotional efforts for these products.

Another issue with V Shred is their overselling of their supplements, specifically Burn PM which they claim can target fat burning at night – this claim is false and willfully misrepresented; any product capable of doing this would likely be prescribed by doctors; this issue exists with many supplements on the market as well.

Superhero X12 provides an in-depth nutrition guide and workout programs at an affordable price, designed to help you reach your fitness goals without disrupting daily life. In contrast to V Shred which emphasizes counting calories and carb cycling, Superhero X12 caters more towards beginners as it offers money back guarantees and more beginner-friendly workout programs.

Customer service

V shred is a company that offers workout routines and meal plans designed by personal trainers for people wanting to lose weight and get into shape. Their programs come with money-back guarantees as well as free trials; however, customers should be mindful of potential hidden fees or charges from this program that may incur costs beyond what the company discloses upfront.

V shred offers more than workouts and meal plans – they also sell supplements that can be purchased separately to complement fitness programs, boost results and enhance sleep and mood. They can be found both at health food stores as well as online.

Customer Service Department for this company can be reached both via email and phone, and has an excellent track record when it comes to responding to inquiries and customer satisfaction. However, some customers have reported that refund requests were denied; this is an increasingly common complaint among individuals dissatisfied with products or services purchased.

V Shred’s workout programs are usually effective, yet their customer support could use improvement. Customers have complained of long wait times and being ignored by staff; others have noted unauthorized billing and lack of transparency regarding pricing structures.

V Shred’s return policy permits customers to claim a refund within 30 days of their purchase; however, their policy excludes V Shred University membership and Custom Diet Plan purchases. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to refuse a refund for User Content that may be unlawful, infringing, false, defamatory, harassing, threatening, bigoted, hateful violent vulgar obscene pornographic offensive content.

Customer service at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has generally been helpful and responsive; however, some customers have reported delays in receiving refunds while being charged for programs they did not sign up for. Such behavior can be extremely upsetting to consumers who wish to seek reimbursement for programs that did not live up to expectation.

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