Uninstall Tool Review

Uninstall Tool is a free program removal utility with advanced features to monitor new entries a program adds to their system, clean up leftover files and uninstall portable applications.

Modernized user interface and simple tools. Supports bulk removals; compatible with almost all Windows versions starting at 98.


CCleaner is best-known as a free registry cleaner and junk file remover, but it can also serve as an uninstaller. The program features both built-in uninstall capabilities as well as more advanced uninstall modes for programs being uninstalled from your computer. Furthermore, CCleaner tracks new installations to ensure all files and registry entries have been completely deleted from new installations.

This program is an effective alternative to Windows’ uninstaller and can remove programs not found under Add/Remove Programs. Furthermore, it detects and resolves any issues preventing a program from installing or updating, such as corrupt files or Registry entries that could prevent installation/upgrade processes from proceeding smoothly. Finally, this tool also analyzes your computer prior and after program installation to help pinpoint changes made due to installation.

UninstallView is a free tool that collects information about all software programs installed on your computer and presents it in one table. It gathers this data from both Registry and filesystem sources, providing details like Program Name, Installation Folder Location, Version Number as well as the full path to its uninstallation program for silent uninstallation (using parent key entries where possible).

It supports 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows from XP through 11, as well as being fully portable to any location on the computer.


Uninstall Tool will ensure your computer never becomes overburdened with unnecessary programs and their associated traces, by helping to clean up system files and Windows Registry after a program has been uninstalled, finding and removing associated items, as well as monitoring installations of new programs for any traces that remain.

Additionally, this software contains a handy feature which enables you to track and remove all entries created by newly installed programs. This is particularly helpful when dealing with utilities with broken uninstallers that cannot be fully removed using traditional methods.

Software such as this allows you to efficiently control applications that launch automatically at system startup, optimizing PC performance. Overall, it does a much better job than standard Windows add/remove applications by clearing away any leftover files or remnants left behind when you delete programs from your computer.

Furthermore, this tool enables you to quickly and easily locate any program installed on your PC as well as view information about their developers and sizes of programs currently installed on your computer.

This program comes in two versions, free and paid. Both offer similar core functionality; however, the paid version provides several extra features, such as multi-monitor support and the ability to save configuration settings.


Uninstallers are utility software used to uninstall programs from a computer. Uninstallers can help clear away traces left by programs, including registry entries and files, that remain after they have been uninstalled from your system. Uninstallers are useful in freeing up disk space as well as managing applications that run at startup time – plus helping avoid any bloatware present in modern operating systems!

Ashampoo’s program uninstaller is easy to use and makes removing programs as well as Windows apps and updates simple. Compatible with most versions of Windows and servers alike, Ashampoo comes equipped with special tools for cleaning browsers, managing services and wiping files – perfect for use when cleaning files is no option!

This program is completely free to download and try; its size is less than 50KB and compatible with both 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems. Compared with its built-in uninstaller, this uninstaller performs much more effectively at uninstalling stubborn programs while also being capable of detecting and removing leftover files and folders left by other uninstallers that are often missed by them.

As part of its installation process, this program tracks and analyses system changes before producing a report that will help you understand how this program will affect your computer. It also keeps a log file which stores reports like this one. Alternatively, an administrator command prompt (on Windows) or using sudo on macOS can be launched directly to remove.NET SDKs/Runtimes.

User interface

Uninstall Tool offers a modern and user-friendly user interface. It consists of two parts, including the Details Panel and Commands Panel, both accessible by clicking their respective buttons. Each panel provides its own main window with various tools for working with the program – such as custom actions creation, tab-delimited text file saves of programs lists for later analysis, installation location changes and real time filtering by name or publisher filters, among others.

Software Uninstaller Pro was designed to perform better at uninstalling programs than Windows’ built-in uninstaller, tracking down leftover files, registry entries, and any other remnants left behind by applications installed or uninstalled from your PC. Furthermore, its startup manager allows you to customize which programs run at startup time on your system so as to improve both its performance and boot speed.

As another useful feature, Ad-Aware allows users to scan and uninstall extensions, plug-ins and add-ons from browsers like Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Chrome – including Internet Explorer 9/10/11; this can significantly speed up browser performance while freeing up system resources. Furthermore, it detects abnormal programs which cannot be removed using regular uninstallers; making it simple and effective way of uninstalling obsolete or irritating software that has remained on your system for too long as well as potentially unwanted applications not listed under Control Panel or Windows Settings settings.

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