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ryans toy review

Ryan’s World (Ryan Toys Review) is a YouTube channel for children hosted by Ryan Kaji and his family including his mother, father, and twin sisters.

The channel boasts over 34 million subscribers and 45 billion views, with one of its most watched videos being the Huge Eggs Surprise Toy Challenge.

How did he get started?

Ryan Haruto Guan, better known online as Ryan’s World, is one of the largest channels on YouTube. His videos span personal vlogs, unboxings and innocent childhood antics; according to The Verge’s description it combines personal vlogs, innocent child play and relentless consumerism into one channel.

Ryan’s parents began uploading videos of their son playing with toys onto YouTube in 2015. At first, the channel was called Ryan Toys Review but later it changed to Ryan’s World as the videos quickly earned millions of views.

As his popularity increased, the family decided to produce more videos featuring Ryan. These have since expanded beyond simple toy reviews into science experiments, games, and adventures – including Combo Panda and Gus the Gummy Gator personas created by him! Ryan’s World has nine separate channels dedicated to him with each one highlighting different personas created by young Ryan such as Combo Panda or Gus the Gummy Gator.

Truth in Advertising recently filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against the Kajis for deceptive marketing practices that do not disclose when videos are sponsored; as well as misleading consumers into believing their children’s videos are independent.

FTC officials are currently conducting an investigation, while the family in question have denied any wrongdoing and continue producing videos featuring their son.

Ryan’s World has managed to grow despite controversy, amassing more than 32 million subscribers on YouTube alone! Additionally, they offer an app and line of toys.

Due to their success, the family has become a global phenomenon, appearing on television programs and traveling to meet fans around the globe. Their growing fame even earned them endorsement deals from companies such as Pepsi and Disney; additionally they’ve published books and begun several projects together with earning over $22 Million just from YouTube alone!

What makes him stand out?

Ryan stands out among YouTube toy review channels with his captivating audience and charming videos, making him one of the most recognizable faces online media has to offer. Market tracker TubeFilter recently reported that Ryan has held onto first place for 18 weeks straight – even outpacing superstars such as PewDiePie and Justin Bieber!

Shion and Loann initially created Ryan Toys Review with the intention of sharing family life videos, but due to his enormous popularity they quickly found themselves reaching an unprecedented success. Soon thereafter they established multiple channels under Ryan Toys Review as well as Sunlight Entertainment as influencer empires.

Most of Ryan’s videos feature him playing with toys in various environments. His most-watched clip features him searching for an egg in his backyard; it has garnered over 1.5 billion views so far! Other videos feature him getting his haircut, playing hide-and-seek in a hotel room or attending his twin sister’s birthday party.

Ryan reviews many toys sent to him by sponsors, with videos often featuring a list of these toys at the end. According to his “About” page, most toys donated after reviewing are donated directly to charities by his family. Prior to Truth in Advertising’s complaints regarding several sponsored toys being promoted without disclosure being made known – now this policy has changed accordingly.

Due to their success, this family has come under scrutiny, with some individuals accusing them of exploiting their son and daughter as laborers for online success. In response, they have prioritized education by teaching Ryan about health, safety, and other pertinent topics.

What is his net worth?

Ryan’s World is a family-run YouTube channel featuring Ryan Kaji, son of Shion and Loann Kaji. Their channel has amassed over 33 million subscribers and 50 billion video views, making it one of the most watched on YouTube. Due to this wildly successful content creators such as Shion and Loann Kaji have used Ryan’s World fame to develop products such as toys. Ad revenues alone from advertisements alone have generated millions for Ryan’s World while they also collaborate on TV shows as well as other projects together with colleagues at YouTube.

Ryan, just 9 years old, already boasts an estimated net worth of over $100 Million thanks to YouTube videos featuring him playing with toys and reviewing them – garnering him over 2 billion video views! Ryan often features his mother, father and twin sisters as appearances in these videos.

Ryan began his YouTube journey at four years old in March 2015. His early videos consisted of personal vlogs and toy reviews; but what truly caught viewers’ eye was “Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge”, featuring an oversized egg filled with toys for him to open and play with – making this video his most-watched. It quickly went viral! It remains his most-viewed video.

Ryan’s YouTube content began to evolve to match his ever-evolving interests as he aged, transitioning from DIY science tutorials to adding animated co-stars and doodles into his videos. Alongside YouTube videos, he also offers merchandise and is developing his own augmented reality app.

Ryan is estimated to earn more than $2 Million monthly through ads on YouTube, which could add up to nine-figure yearly earnings. He has collaborated with various brands such as Skechers and PJ Masks; even creating his own toy line that sells exclusively through Walmart.

Ryan’s World family earns additional revenue through various YouTube channels managed under their parent company, such as The Studio Space, Ryan’s Family Review, EK Doodles and others – these collectively have amassed over 30 million subscribers and generate over $140 Million annually in annual revenue.

What is his family like?

Ryan and his family star in their own YouTube channel called Ryan’s World, featuring him, his mother Loann Kaji, twin sister Emma and Kate as well as various fun activities they engage in daily life and recreationally. Each day brings new videos featuring Ryan playing with toys or taking part in various challenges; their channel currently has over 33.3 million subscribers and 45 billion views!

Ryan stands out in the realm of toy review channels on YouTube with his genuine enthusiasm and excitement over each toy he reviews, creating videos that captivate both children and adults. Many children even imitate actions they see Ryan performing in his videos – making them an inspiring source for young people! His videos also garner the interest of toy companies looking for social media exposure for their products.

Ryan’s videos have also led to a significant boost in his income, with various sources such as YouTube ads, custom merchandise sales and his toy line available at Walmart being major sources. Furthermore, he hosts his own television show on Nickelodeon as well as having an app available on gaming platform Roblox for additional sources of income.

Loann and Shion Kaji, Ryan’s parents, both immigrated from Vietnam and Japan respectively and met at Texas Tech University while Shion studied civil engineering. Later they married and settled down in Fort Worth where their construction business is active while Loann has worked as a teacher in private schools.

Ryan is best known for his toy reviews on YouTube, but his main channel also houses other channels under the Ryan’s World brand that feature him performing DIY science experiments, playing with other children and more. These channels are managed under a company set up by his parents shortly thereafter.

Recent criticism against the channel includes its blend of organic and sponsored content. According to consumer watchdog group Truth in Advertising, which monitors advertising practices, Truth in Advertising claims that this channel fails to adequately disclose paid endorsements as well as providing clear age-appropriate policies.

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