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Ryan Kaji began posting videos to YouTube at three years old, reviewing toys. Soon thereafter he started uploading science instructions, family vlogs, and even French fry-shaped squishy toys!

Due to his channel’s immense success, Ryan’s mother made the leap into full-time channel management through Sunlight Entertainment; currently they oversee eight channels such as Ryan Toys Review, Studio Space EK Doodles and Combo Panda.

About Ryan’s Toy Review

Ryan’s Toy Review started back in 2015 when 3-year-old Ryan Kaji began uploading videos of himself opening and playing with new toys to YouTube. Soon enough, Ryan became an internet superstar, earning over 30 million subscribers and billions of views since its creation. While unboxing channels aren’t something new on YouTube, Ryan stood out due to his energetic personality and charismatic charm; plus YouTube favors videos which keep viewers engaged over extended periods.

Sunlight Entertainment was formed as a result of Ryan’s Toy Review’s overwhelming popularity, with both of his parents leaving their respective jobs to focus on running this multi-channel media company and related businesses full time. Sunlight now manages over one billion combined views on various YouTube channels under management by Sunlight Entertainment as well as creating brand content partnerships such as Walmart toys sold through this line. Ryan’s parents even quit their jobs full-time to focus on this channel and related businesses!

Ryan’s Toy Review has enjoyed remarkable success, yet has also attracted controversy. TINA, a consumer activist group, recently filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging violations in online marketing practices; specifically that sponsored content fails to be disclosed adequately for younger viewers.

TINA is concerned that Ryan’s Toy Review audiences, consisting of many children, may not be able to tell whether videos on the channel include advertising or product endorsements. According to TINA’s complaint, any disclosures may only last two seconds before flashing across the screen too quickly for children to read them.

While Ryan’s parents claim to be proud of his success, critics have accused them of exploiting him for money. Exploit is defined as making productive use of something or someone for profit or misuse in some form or fashion for one’s own gain; many parents would likely oppose using their child as a vehicle for commercial revenue; they’d much rather see them pursue passions such as art or music instead.

Net Worth

Ryan Kaji has become one of the most beloved YouTube personalities since becoming a child star in 2005. With over 23 million subscribers and 30 billion+ video views to his name, his vlogs, unboxings and toy reviews videos have amassed over 30 billion views to date. Ryan’s family manages his channel while producing other content; even his mother recently quit her chemistry teaching job to focus on Ryan’s family business full time!

Ryan began his YouTube career at just three years old when he began filming toy videos with his parents. Inspired by other children appearing in toy review channels and asking their mother why he couldn’t feature too, his channel quickly expanded as they recorded him opening and reviewing toys with them, garnering millions of views and earning him millions in earnings.

Ryan’s World Channel (formerly Ryan Toys Review Channel) has expanded beyond toys reviews into educational content and science experiments that make an impression with families. Ryan has also appeared on television shows and magazines for kids as a result of this channel, managed by Sunlight Entertainment which employs 28 staff to run it – plus his parents and twin sisters are involved!

Ryan’s World isn’t the only YouTube channel owned by this family that brings in revenue through ad revenue and merchandise sales – other channels include Ryan’s World Espanol, Japanese and EK Doodles are just some of them that earn money off advertisements and merchandise sales, plus Gus the Gummy Gator has collaborated with various brands to produce exclusive merchandise products for them!

Ryan’s family makes millions in income each year from online videos they upload, giving them enough money to purchase their dream home and travel around the globe. Furthermore, their success has inspired other children to pursue YouTube stardom themselves and has even inspired the creation of merchandise selling to raise funds for local charities – ultimately becoming one of the most successful brands ever created on social media! Ryan’s World brand continues to flourish today.

Toys Reviewer

Ryan’s YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing an assortment of toys and other products. His posts range from toy reviews, unboxings, DIY challenges, educational videos and vlogs; in addition, he maintains an active social media presence by regularly sharing snippets from his personal life with followers.

Ryan began uploading videos to YouTube at only three years old with encouragement from Shion and Loann; their parents found it an enjoyable way for their son to spend time together as a family. Their initial channel, called Ryan Toys Review, only uploaded toy-related material.

Over the last several years, YouTube’s algorithm has evolved to favor videos with longer watch times; due to this shift, Ryan’s videos have become ever more popular, increasing in viewership significantly and growing his following exponentially.

Now with over 32 million subscribers and billions of views, Ryan’s YouTube channel now boasts over 32 million subscribers and billions of views for videos like his most-watched Huge Eggs Surprise Toy Challenge with Inflatable Water Slide. Both his parents who previously taught high school chemistry have left their jobs so that they may focus on growing the business full-time.

As their channel expanded, it was evident that they couldn’t continue posting only about toys. So they decided to change its name to Ryan’s World and start posting about other topics such as science experiments, games and challenges – this strategy helped expand their business into offering toys as well as other products.

Ryan’s World has evolved into a multi-channel brand under Sunlight Entertainment with nine channels encompassing Ryan’s World, Ryan’s World Espaol, EK Doodles, Ryan’s Family Review, Vtubers Combo Panda and Gus the Gummy Gator. Sunlight employs 30 videographers editors and animators who produce live action and animated content for these nine channels.

Ryan can often be seen playing happily with his toys in his videos, which have attracted an enormous following of young viewers around the world. Some critics have accused his parents of exploiting their son for profit – using him productively or unfairly or without regard to their rights as defined by this term “exploit”.


Ryan is one of the world’s most beloved kidfluencers, which makes him an invaluable marketing tool for toy companies looking for social media exposure. His authentic-seeming wonderment at new toys draws children’s attention and often leads them to follow in his footsteps – leading sales for products featured in his videos and prompting more purchases for those products featured. However, critics accuse him of exploiting young viewers for financial gain.

Ryan, 8, from YouTube channel Ryan’s World is earning millions every year from his adorable kid reviews of toys and DIY science experiments on his channel which also features his parents, twin sisters and over 24 million subscribers. Advertising revenue also helps the family generate funds while they market a proprietary line of toys and merchandise on YouTube and other websites.

Ryan’s World was originally started as a toy review channel; however, over time it has expanded into other areas such as DIY challenges and educational videos. Furthermore, its focus has become character driven: Combo Panda and Gus the Gummy Gator were inspired by Ryan himself!

Ryan Haruto Guan was born October 6, 2011 to Vietnamese and Japanese parents and is an American child celebrity, popularly known as Ryan’s World on YouTube. This channel provides personal vlogs, unboxings, innocent child antics, and surprises all for your viewing pleasure!

Ryan’s YouTube channel has become one of the most viewed on the platform with over 1 billion views, featuring toys, food and games from his Houston-area home filmed footage. Ryan and his family make about $1 Million per month in advertising revenue with three million+ subscribers to their channel!

Though Ryan has found great success through his channel, he has faced criticism for promoting toys that may be unsafe. Truth in Advertising reported Ryan’s World to the Federal Trade Commission for online marketing violations; currently they are investigating if any violations were made in mixing organic and sponsored content on his channel.

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