Ryan Kaji Turns YouTube Unboxing Into a Business

Ryan Kaji has become one of the highest-paid kidfluencers on YouTube due to his videos which showcase unboxing, playing with, and reviewing toys on his channel. These videos have amassed millions of viewers worldwide – leading to him becoming one of the highest-paying influencers for kids!

However, some people have accused his parents of exploiting him for profit and Truth in Advertising reports that their videos don’t properly disclose sponsored content.

What is Ryan’s World?

Ryan’s World is a children’s entertainment channel on YouTube featuring Ryan and his family: his mother, father, twin sisters and brothers. The channel primarily covers video game play and toy reviews but also features DIY tutorials and vlogs from time to time. Ryan’s World boasts millions of subscribers and generates billions of views monthly; making it one of the highest-earning child creators on YouTube. Their brand encompasses multiple dimensions including their website, TV show, licensed toys for purchase from Ryan himself as well as licensed toys licensed from their parent companies as well as an app and even video game!

Ryan began his YouTube journey at three years old in March 2015. After seeing other kids play with toys online and asking his mother why she wasn’t included in these videos, Loann Guan quit her high school chemistry teaching job to focus on making content for Ryan to watch on YouTube full time.

Initial videos featured Ryan playing with toys. People soon began commenting that Ryan was engaging in activities which were inappropriate for his age, suggesting his parents were exploiting their son and using this children’s channel as a form of child labor.

In spite of controversy, the Kaji family has continued to create content for Ryan’s World that keeps growing its reach and audience. By 2020, Ryan’s World had earned top ranking on YouTube’s list of highest-earning child creators; furthermore it launched a TV show on Nickelodeon as well as toys and an app. A collaboration with Drone Racing League (DRL) produced additional STEM educational content which promotes science technology engineering math education.

Ryan has always managed to remain genuine and innocent when it comes to life around him, which allows his audiences to engage with and enjoy his videos. Although some may accuse his parents of exploiting him, Ryan has made himself into a household name through hard work and dedication; as long as this approach continues he will succeed with all of his endeavors.


Unboxing videos on YouTube have become a popular format whereby children – often sponsored by toy producers – demonstrate and review toys. A great unboxing video should feature all aspects of the product including its packaging, assembly and use instructions as well as any call to action such as subscribing to the channel or visiting its brand’s website.

Ryan Kaji has become a multi-millionaire at just six years old in five short years! As an internet star and toy reviewer known by his channel name ryan toysreview, where he posts videos of himself playing with toys he reviews himself, as well as swimming and gymnastics practice, Ryan has amassed an astounding success story in digital media industry considering his young age and homeschooled lifestyle.

Ryan was three-and-a-half when he noticed children on other YouTube channels being paid to promote certain products, prompting his mother to quit her high school teaching job and focus full-time on YouTube to launch Ryan ToysReview channel which now boasts over 10 million subscribers – the family has even launched its own line of toys and merchandise!

Ryan toysreview channel’s inaugural video features Ryan purchasing and unboxing a LEGO DUPLO train from a toy store with his mother before unwrapping it at home together with her. Although this 15-minute home movie-esque clip may have only received over 50 million views worldwide.

It’s clear why this video has gained so many viewers: it provides a fun way to introduce a new toy and shows Ryan’s emotions over it.

YouTube may have stringent regulations surrounding toy unboxing videos, yet companies continue to hire influencers to promote their toys on the platform – which sparked lawsuits in Brazil as well as mounting concerns from parents and consumer advocates.

Craig believes these reactions are more understandable than they appear, comparing toy unboxing’s negative emotional reactions with those surrounding video games during their initial introduction in the 1990s.


Ryan Kaji founded his YouTube channel when he was three. Inspired by other children appearing on toy review videos, he asked his mother why he couldn’t also create one. Realizing she could turn a profit by full time managing and helping Ryan secure sponsorships for his channel, she quit teaching and began full time working on managing and sponsoring it as well as appearing alongside him in videos himself and with twin sister appearances in them as well.

Ryan’s World is a family channel formerly known as Ryan Toys Review that boasts over 24 million subscribers and makes millions per year in advertisements, merchandise sales, sponsorship deals and partnership with Nickelodeon. It is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $100 Million.

No doubt Ryan is an impressive child; however, some critics contend his channel exploits him for financial gain. These individuals contend the channel encourages children to behave in ways which are unnatural or harmful; furthermore they’re concerned that such practices could eventually lead to large companies dominating YouTube while leaving smaller content creators like Ryan out in the cold.

Others point out the fact that these videos are frequently sponsored and feature toys provided by manufacturers, making it hard for preschoolers to differentiate between paid product recommendations and innocent Ryan videos. Such criticism has led to an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.

Family Fun

People often think of successful empires being run by business magnates or celebrities; but imagine if that empire were run by someone much younger! That is exactly the case for Ryan Kaji, who stars on YouTube channel Ryan’s World (formerly Ryan Toys Review). Ryan spends his days playing with toys for millions of viewers each month; making this channel one of the most viewed channels on the platform.

Ryan lives with his mother, father, and twin sisters and offers his own line of branded toys on YouTube that can be purchased directly through him. Ryan’s videos combine personal vlogs, unboxings, innocent childhood antics, and relentless consumerism; his most watched video to date (posted July 2015) involves him playing with 100 toys simultaneously!

Ryan’s vlogs showcase the joy and wonder of everyday life, particularly his unboxing videos which give a window into what children experience when they don’t have access to toys like his. Unfortunately, some children lack funds or space needed for purchasing new toys themselves and may need assistance getting to stores themselves.

Ryan’s World is unlike most YouTube personalities in that he presents himself as an authentic child, drawing in an engaged following. His first video posted was one in which he picks out a Lego Duplo number train at a toy shop with his mom; although this video doesn’t look professional at first glance, it has since earned over 50 million views!

Once Ryan’s World started generating regular revenue, his mother quit her job and now manages his channel full time. Together they film new videos nearly daily; plus their brand extends well beyond YouTube with toys bearing Ryan’s World branding as well as an animated television show!

Critics have accused Ryan’s World of being exploitative. These critics feel his parents are living vicariously through him; yet Ryan’s parents insist it’s better for their son to make money than not do it altogether; further pointing out it’s similar to parents of Dakota Fanning, Jonathan Lipnicki or Britney Spears making careers out of their children’s talents.

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