Ryan Kaji, the 8-Year-Old Star of Ryan’s World (formerly Ryan Toys Review)

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Ryan Kaji, born June 22nd 2009 and now nine years old, is an nine-year-old millionaire who has made his living reviewing toys on YouTube through Ryan’s World (formerly Ryan Toys Review). Each day new videos are uploaded onto Ryan’s World.

One of his initial unboxing videos went viral, featuring 100 toys from Pixar series.

Ryan and his twin sisters are homeschooled by Loann, their mother. After moving to Hawaii this year in search of more academically challenging schools.

How he got started

Ryan Kaji of Texas has become a YouTube superstar, earning millions each year from his channel that features him unboxing and reviewing toys. Now his brand has amassed a multimillion-dollar empire including licensed merchandise, an app, a show on Nickelodeon and more – but all this started from one simple video featuring unboxing and reviewing of toys!

It quickly went viral, and from there it quickly snowballed into something even greater: in four months the channel amassed over one million subscribers. Ryan’s mother (who declined to be interviewed for this article) gave up teaching high school chemistry to focus on running the channel full time – soon producing videos on topics including DIY science experiments and gaming!

As Ryan’s channel gained more traction, parents used his videos to discover toys for their kids. Soon thereafter, these videos were being used by retailers to promote toys and increase sales – it was a win-win situation: Ryan got paid while parents could use these videos to ensure their purchases were giving maximum returns while retailers saw an uptick in toy sales.

Ryan’s success has raised concerns regarding its effects on children and the use of him as a marketing tool. Some individuals have raised objections over videos showing children opening and playing with toys while other raised concerns that Ryan is forced to create content by his family or using inappropriate advertising strategies.

No matter the controversy surrounding Ryan, his YouTube empire continues to expand. Now boasting nine other channels beyond Ryan’s World (his main one), each focused on one of his personae. Furthermore, Ryan owns his own website, clothing line and recently released book. All told, Ryan estimated annual earnings are estimated at an estimated $22 Million; that makes him more money than many professional athletes and makes him one of only nine YouTubers to earn this much money in a single year! He serves as an inspiration and role model to both children and adults worldwide alike!

Toys he likes

Ryan’s World is an expansive toy and merchandise empire comprised of an enormously popular YouTube channel, live-action and animated television shows, toys, video games, an app, licensing portfolio including apparel products as well as licensed products that generate billions of views per month and is managed by Ryan’s parents Shion and Loann Kaji.

Ryan Kaji is an acclaimed child star who has amassed an enormous following online. His toy review channel on YouTube draws millions of views each week as children watch him unbox and test out new toys and gadgets with genuine wonderment, delight, and enthusiasm that draws in young viewers while giving toy companies valuable social media visibility boost. However, some critics accuse Ryan Kaji of failing to disclose that some videos sponsored by companies – something required under Federal Trade Commission regulations.

Though content from Ryan’s World can sometimes cause controversy, many children still find the videos entertaining and fun. Kids often imitate the behavior seen in these videos while using toys as props in playbacks of these episodes. But it is essential that parents talk with their children about any content they watch online in order to develop critical thinking skills about what they see on screen.

Ryan’s World Titan Universe toys include this breathtaking Mecha Titan robot, an innovative buildable robot which transforms into a battle station for pretend play and includes fun unboxing surprises such as mini figures, titan-themed gear, and much more! A must-have for any Ryan’s World fan!

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Toys he dislikes

Ryan Kaji, the 8-year-old star of YouTube’s top toy review channel Ryan’s World (formerly Ryan’s Toys Review), boasts over 30 million subscribers and billions of views – so much so that his parents license his name and likeness onto products such as toys, action figures, face masks and bedroom decor! He’s become a millionaire!

Notable content on his channel includes science instruction videos and personal family vlogs; however, toy reviews have made Ryan famous. His authentic-seeming reactions to new toys are mesmerizing; toy companies frequently turn to him for social media boosts. Furthermore, his videos of opening giant eggs filled with surprise toys have amassed billions of views each time!

Ryan hasn’t achieved success without controversy. The Federal Trade Commission recently charged his channel with failing to disclose sponsored content, accusing the Kaji family of creating the false impression among millions of viewers that all Ryan’s World videos are natural while nearly 90 percent contain at least one paid product recommendation targeted towards preschoolers — this violates Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Since 2016, the channel has continued to evolve and diversify in content with DIY science experiments and challenges, as well as signing a contract with children’s media company PocketWatch in 2017 to market both their channel and related merchandise. They also launched an app called Tag with Ryan, as well as collaborated with Bonkers Toys and WildWorks on creating a line of toys.

Forbes estimates that the family earned $22 million last year alone through their channel; critics argue this sum does not justify child endorsements. Congress is currently discussing legislation which would require YouTube and other digital platforms to clearly label sponsored videos for kids if passed; such legislation could have significant ramifications on how children’s content is produced and distributed.

Toys he loves

One of the most watched YouTube videos features an energetic 7-year-old boy opening and playing with new toys, garnering billions of views. However, critics have accused Ryan Kaji’s parents Shion and Loann of running his popular video channel without disclosing its sponsorship deals.

Ryan’s Toy Review was launched by his family in March 2015 and initially garnered little traction; however, after four months its subscriber base began growing significantly. At that time, Ryan’s mother was teaching high school but quit her position to focus on Ryan’s Toy Review full-time.

Since 2004, the channel has expanded its collaborations and product offerings, including toys from PocketWatch Toys (stuffed animals and collectibles) as well as Bonkers Toys’ (collectibles) line. They also developed their own 20-episode television show as well as game app; additionally they have even opened a toy store with Walmart!

No one could dispute that the family has experienced rapid success since they started creating content online, making millions. Unfortunately, their wealth comes with some drawbacks as well; their videos often include too many toys for proper description in video titles and they frequently neglect important details in descriptions.

Ryan’s World is an immensely popular YouTube channel with millions of viewers every week and merchandise sales exceeding expectations. Due to this success, Nick Jr. recently offered up a spinoff series starring Ryan’s World characters.

This show combines elements of personal vlogging and unboxing, and it has garnered more views than either of its inspirations combined. Furthermore, there is also a second channel dedicated to traditional vlogging that operates alongside this show and Ryan has even given his twin sisters their start in YouTube as contributors.

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