RealPlayer – A Media Player and Organizer

RealPlayer is a media player and organizer featuring additional tools such as an easy download manager and video converter, crossfade functionality and 10-band equalizer to enhance the listening experience.

RealTimes, its new name, is built around its own cloud service that collects images and videos by time and location, allowing users to create personalized vignettes set to music and share them with others.


RealPlayer, developed by RealNetworks, allows users to access various audio and video file formats. Additionally, RealPlayer features media streaming, downloading online videos, converting file formats and file format conversion. Available for desktop computers running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or other operating systems.

This application supports numerous multimedia formats, such as MP3, MPEG-4, QuickTime, Windows Media and RealAudio and RealVideo in multiple versions. In addition to having its own music store and Internet radio functionality built-in, you can burn CDs or create a jukebox-style file library of music files using its advanced audio controls, which include 10-band graphic equalizer and crossfade controls.

RealPlayer, integrated with Facebook, makes sharing videos from your computer to friends’ profiles effortless and seamless. Furthermore, RealPlayer syncs downloads between PCs and mobile devices while stream videos directly to TV using Roku or Chromecast.

Apart from its basic functions, RealPlayer also boasts several plug-ins to extend its capabilities beyond those found in most media players – these include DFX, iQfx, Lake PLS (a radio tuner developed by Lake Technologies), as well as SkinsEditor and vTuner Plus skins to customize your audio experience and add visual flair. All these features combine into making RealPlayer a complete media player; in particular it offers Story montages creation along with various effects applicable to both audio and visual content creation features – making RealPlayer unique among media players!


RealPlayer (formerly RealAudio Player, RealPlayer G2, and RealVideo Player) is a media player software program from RealNetworks designed to play various multimedia file formats. Additionally, RealPlayer features streaming audio and video, downloading online videos for offline listening purposes, and converting video to MP3 audio formats for listening purposes. RealPlayer can be found both for Windows and Mac OS computers; with paid versions offering additional functions such as HD resolution playback and DVD burning capabilities.

To install RealPlayer on Linux systems, follow these instructions. First download the.bin file from Real’s website – this may take some time – then use a terminal to access and execute as root (or with proper permission for all users).

When installing the software, an electronic registration card with some questions regarding your music library must be filled out and returned for registration. Restarting may be required during installation.

RealPlayer supports third-party “enhancements” for audio, such as DFX, iQfx and Volume Logic. Furthermore, Lake PLS, Lake Technologies’ skin creator for RealJukebox skin creator; and vTuner Plus from vTuner Software can all be integrated with RealPlayer seamlessly.


RealPlayer is designed to work seamlessly across operating systems and software packages. It can handle most popular digital audio and video formats and streaming media files found online; additionally, RealPlayer can encrypt content to prevent it being seen by unauthorised viewers and even transfer downloaded music onto portable devices.

Software is available both free and premium versions; with paid versions providing additional features like HD resolution and DVD burning capabilities. In addition, cloud storage makes managing media libraries simple while turning photos and videos into stories set to music.

Though the software provides an efficient method for watching online videos, there may be drawbacks associated with its use. Some users have reported finding it intrusive or potentially changing system settings without notification; others have experienced difficulties with the reliability of virus scans online.

RealPlayer, originally developed by American company RealNetworks and released for general release in April 1995 as a plugin for streaming media files, has undergone various modifications over time and evolved with time – from adding DVR-style playback buffering, media searching capabilities, Internet radio streaming services, jukebox-style file libraries, media search capability and an embedded web browser to CD burning capability and an audio CD burner! RealPlayer SP (RealPlayer Standard Plus) now also includes audio CD burning features DVR playback buffering DVR style playback buffering media search as well as downloading videos directly from YouTube – in short it has evolved significantly from its initial debut! First released as plugin streaming media files but has since added video downloading capability; download videos directly from websites as well as from video services like Youtube! RealNetworks are known for creating high quality media players to offer real time streaming of streaming media files online as well as an audio/visual file library while having embedded web browser.


RealNetworks provides various software products to consumers and business users alike. These include RealPlayer – their consumer media player; Unifi – their Cloud media service for personal content; Rinse – an efficient tool to clean media libraries – and Helix, their technology that transmits digital media across devices. Other products from RealNetworks include RealAudio/Video Compression formats; Helix SDK which enables developers to incorporate real-time streaming functionality into applications; SurePlay which enables media playback across devices with differing capabilities – plus RealAudio/Video compression formats; RealAudio/Video compression formats as well as SurePlay which enables media playback across devices with different capabilities.

RealPlayer offers both a free version and Premium option; the latter unlocks more features and includes 25 GB of private cloud storage for photos and videos. RealTimes can be found for PC, Android, iOS devices as well as TV through Chromecast and Roku devices.

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