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Pros: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP pages) load faster on mobile devices and offer an uncluttered user experience, which has been shown to increase conversions and decrease bounce rates.

For practice and playing small gigs, tube or modeling combo amps with low power ratings and smaller speakers are an ideal way to go. When performing at larger venues, 100W or higher amps should be chosen as they offer greater versatility and power output.

Arcam XS 3

The XS 3 is an incredible value, providing exceptional performance and sound quality in a small package. Ideal for anyone looking to listen to their music with more depth and space, its input options and 70W/ch power output ensure great listening experiences while its variety of colors is sure to complement any home decor!

As the latest iteration of an iconic design, the XS3 integrated amplifier is an absolute must for any audiophile. Packed with high-grade components and producing rich and detailed sound reproduction without crossover distortion, its class-A single-ended output stage delivers accurate signal reproduction while supporting multiple formats including DSD.

Arcam was among the pioneers of dedicated outboard digital-to-analogue converters back in the ’80s, and this expertise can be seen through its DAC section. With clear, insightful performance that allows it to track multiple musical instrument strands simultaneously with remarkable accuracy.

The DAC is powered by an ESS 9280PRO chip, capable of supporting audio frequencies of 192kHz/24-bit via Toslink and coax digital inputs and 384kHz/32-bit through USB-C. Furthermore, Bluetooth support for Qualcomm aptX HD is included.

The XS 3 also boasts a moving magnet phono preamp output that works seamlessly with Stageline external phono stages for an enhanced listening experience. Finally, at a fraction of the price of its predecessor (Naim Supernait 3), it makes an excellent first step into two-channel hi-fi.

Audio Analogue U-280

If you want a powerful tube integrated amplifier that offers unparalleled smoothness and refinement in its treble response, look no further. The U280 offers the same rhythmic solidity of its predecessor U180 while offering even greater tonal fulsomeness, liquidity, and organically natural soundstage that makes listening to music an amazing experience – an amazing achievement at such an economical price point. Furthermore, its resolution surpasses that of its predecessor without adding any colorations to its soundstage performance.

Margules has developed several proprietary technologies to reduce noise in their amplifier, including Active Servo Bias system which actively follows input signal to permit full class A operation without overdriving output transformer or overdriving tubes and BEFS (Back Electromotive Force Sensor), which adjusts DC bias and power supply voltage accordingly.

This tube amp uses no digital components and its chassis is constructed of an innovative natural-based composite material described by its manufacturers as having some wooden-like characteristics. Designed to minimize sound-affecting side-effects as much as possible and without creating unnecessary metallic resonances in its sound output, aluminium usage was avoided as much as possible to produce maximum clarity and minimum distortion in sound reproduction.

Like its larger brother, the RA280, this amplifier offers outputs for two pairs of speakers and an MC phono stage capability. Furthermore, its Option Board slot enables it to be upgraded with further Ansuz noise trapping technologies such as Tesla coils or analog dither circuits if desired. I challenge anyone listening through capable speakers not to be impressed by its musicality!

Lab12 KT-150

Even amid 21st-century technological progress, tube amplifiers remain undeniably charming. The LAB12 Integre4 is one of the few integrated amp models with all the advantages of an integrated amp and full, pure-tube Class A single-ended power output as well as the unique KT-150 tube complement for an engaging listening experience with up to 25W per channel in Triode or Ultra Linear modes from its unique KT88 family KT-150 high power kinkless tetrode power delivery per channel from Triode or Ultra Linear modes respectively.

The Integre4 is an impressive high-end tube amp, featuring its regulated high-voltage power supply and KT-150 tubes which produce 65W per channel of dynamic yet natural sound. It boasts a dedicated headphone circuit as well as flexible bias adjustment system suited for wide variety of speakers; furthermore its large display and easily read trim pots make customizing its sound simple and user friendly.

Testing revealed that the Integre4 was warmer and more tubey than other amps in its price range, producing richer trumpet tones on Nicholas Payton’s Afro-Caribbean Mixtape (320kpbs Ogg Vorbis, Paytone). On the contrary, however, guitar harmonics sounded less extended or refined due to KT-150s being utilized instead of higher end tube models.

The Integre4 excelled at timekeeping, which many tube amps struggle with. Drumbeats on Majid Jordan’s album The Space Between were more synchronized and immersive through it; similarly, Bjork’s Hyper-Ballad featured deeper bass notes than usual; overall this integrated amp might just win its price category!

Lavardin ITx

The Lavardin ITx amp is a fantastic “final destination product.” Jean Christophe Crozel has designed it with remarkable consistency; its sound can reproduce anything artistically faithfully without being affected by source quality; its wide and deep sound reproduces space and atmosphere of any venue; playing for example the Overture to The Pirates of Penzance [D’Oyly Carte Decca] will transport you into 1950s theatre as you feel immersed in all the action!

Lavardin can play loud, but isn’t designed for people looking to display. Instead, its soothing power allows listeners to uncover layers of detail at more relaxing listening volumes; making this unique solid-state amplifier one that achieves this with effortless neutrality and subtlety.

The Lavardin excels at pinpoint timing. As soon as it unveils a track’s rhythm, it becomes apparent that all of the electronics that typically get in your way have vanished; an unexpected pleasure for anyone familiar with solid-state amplifiers which sound harsh or mechanical.

Lavardin offers an extensive line of audio amplification electronics, from three integrated amplifiers and four power amplifiers to speaker cables, designed and manufactured in-house to the highest standards for quality and performance from initial design drawings through final performance testing of each production unit.

Lumin X1

The Lumin X1 is a robust file player capable of supporting resolutions beyond DSD64 and PCM 24/192. However, its greatest strength lies in its ability to understand small microdynamic interactions among musicians as they perform as one in perfect lockstep; audiophiles seek this type of sonic magic, and the Lumin X1 delivers in abundance.

The top end is lively and full with great air, liquidity and space to deliver excellent momentum and dynamic range. Additionally, the Lumin X1 boasts a very clean midrange that lacks any lower midrange bloom or overhang reminiscent of great vinyl records.

Lumin X1 features both wired Ethernet network connectivity and USB input supporting native DSD512 and 768/32 file types, as well as being capable of taking in single partition FAT 32 hard drives as music servers – eliminating the need for separate DAC preamps.

LEEDH processing, unique to the Lumin X1, allows for direct connection of its outputs directly to your amplifier(s), bypassing your preamp altogether and producing more resolving music as a result of shorter signal paths with less cable, tubes, and components in between.

As part of my tests with the Lumin X1, I listened to Dixie Chicks’ All I Do Is Dream of You and was truly astounded at how faithfully this digital file player reproduced Natalie Maines’ voice, with every nuance perfectly reproduced – from breath and finger slide reproduction, through all its subtleties, right down to every breath and finger slide! Overall, the Lumin X1 is an exceptional audiophile file player capable of elevating any audio system – its sole downside being a lack of headphone jack which should not deter most audiophiles.

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