PCDJ Karaoke

PCDJ Karaoki is a professional karaoke software program for KJs and venues that features an on deck singer list with singer history, key control, news ticker, library printer and background music player with all of the features necessary for professional KJs.

SongBookDB now integrates seamlessly into this system, offering remote song-singer request services and making managing singer rotation a snap with its advanced Singer Data screen.

Key Control

PCDJ Karaoki is a professional karaoke player that works both as standalone software or a plug in to PCDJ DEX and Red Mobile, designed to make your job easier with features such as singer history, key control, news ticker, next singer screen, library printer and more – helping keep audiences engaged while working faster with less effort! Compatible with MP3+G files (Zipped MP3+G files are supported as well), WAV+G formats (such as most zipped formats of these), Karaoke Cloud Pro (with appropriate codec installed) as well as video files (requiring appropriate codec installation on computer).

Transport controls similar to hardware karaoke CDG players are included along with on deck singer list features like key control in 1/4, 1/2 and full Semi-Tone steps, pre-adjust key adjustment, various rotation modes and much more. An advanced automatic singer rotation list takes away manual song selection management by stacking songs for each performer using drag-and-drop reordering or rotating modes selection – saving both time and energy!

News Ticker

A news ticker is a text display that quickly relays major headlines. It may also display stock quotes and the weather; previously seen at game telecasts to provide important event-related data.

Today, news tickers can often be found on the homepages of websites to communicate pertinent and crucial information to visitors. This type of ticker may include emergency notifications, IT alerts or news related to the subject matter of the website itself – and can even be customized easily to meet individual website requirements.

Tickers can appear in various ways, from horizontal or vertical scrolling, different font sizes and font types (for instance CNN Sans, Helvetica or Gotham are popular choices), to being put into colored backgrounds with custom logos or having colored background.

To add a news ticker to your site, copy and paste its shortcode into WordPress post or page editor, select “Ticker Mode,” and set its settings – ticker direction, scroll dimensions, scroller padding and speed can all be altered via this tab. Adding links via the LINK textbox is also an option.

Advanced Singer Rotation List

Singer rotation is an invaluable asset for KJs, allowing them to keep track of who will next sing and can be tailored for multiple modes such as solo artist rotation mode, simultaneous or all singers. New singers are added as they appear so everyone has an equal opportunity before the cut-off time expires.

LYRX displays the next three people on your singers list on both the preview screen (main display) and secondary singers display, so customers are aware who will sing next and their experience can be more enjoyable. This ensures there are no questions or confusion as to who should perform next and makes their experience all-around more pleasurable.

PCDJ Karaoki features an intuitive transport control area similar to what is found on hardware-based CDG players, with features like play/pause/fade to stop, fade to stop, muted button, key control (1/4, 1/2 and full Semi-Tone steps), screen 2 output, tempo (without key) and built-in jukebox background music player. In addition, there are text, image and video overlays for your singers and audience while they perform their song – this provides the ideal opportunity to promote business or logos!

Singer Data

Singer is an open-source ETL framework. It specifies how data extraction scripts (known as taps) and loading scripts (called targets) communicate, enabling them to be combined in any combination to move data between systems. Singer taps can extract data from web APIs, databases, files or queues – nearly any source! And Singer targets can then load this JSON formatted data directly into any system that accepts JSON; using JSON Schema makes supporting rich data types as well as rigid structures easy!

Stitch offers Singer taps to connect you easily to various data sources. If yours doesn’t feature here yet, check out the getting started documentation to build it yourself or reach out to our community Slack channel for support.

KJs will love PCDJ Karaoki’s advanced singer rotation list! Easily organize songs for each singer, retrieve previously performed tracks from their singer history and more from its Singer screen – all without needing to leave PCDJ Karaoki!

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