OpenShot Video Editor download

OpenShot Video Editor is a completely free video editing software that works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

This is an open-source video editor that allows you to create high-quality compositions from images, audio, and video files. The editor is simple to use and versatile, as it supports a wide range of formats.

What is the interface?

Here’s a quick rundown of the OpenShot interface:

Project Files: This is where all of your files will be saved.

Playback Controls: These allow you to play, skip back, rewind, and fast forward.

Playback Window: This is where you can see everything that you’re editing.

Editing Timeline: This is where the actual editing happens.

Top Menu Bar: Here is where you can create a new project. You can also open new files, redo, undo, import files, and export files.

Before we begin editing, you may find it helpful to switch the interface view.

To do so, select View from the top menu bar. Then, under Views, choose Advanced View.

When you enable Advanced View, the Properties area will always be on the left and the Effects area will always be on the right.

You can exit them by pressing the X button.

How do you set up a project?

The default on a new project is 720p 30 frames per second, as shown at the top of your screen.

You’ll need to change it unless those are the settings you want. Go to the Choose Profile icon in the top menu bar to do so. Alternatively, you can go to File, then Profile.

From here, a new window will appear. In the drop-down menu, you can choose the video settings you want.

If you’re not sure which one to use, simply use the same settings as your primary camera footage. If the video was shot at that frame rate, choose 24 frames per second.

Save your project after that. To do this, go to File and select Save Project. Select a location for the project and give it a name. Then, click Save.

How do I import footage?

There are a few methods for importing footage into this software:

  • Navigate to the Import Files button in the top menu, which looks like a green + sign.
  • Import Files… can be accessed by right-clicking in the Project Files window.
  • Drag and drop footage from an Explorer or Finder window into the Project Files window.

Using one of these methods, bring in your main film, b-roll, and soundtrack.

When possible, place your main footage on Track 1. Following that, you can add b-roll or overlay film to complete the scene.

How do I edit in Openshot?

There are multiple ways to edit using this software.

  • Use the two arrows next to your inserted footage to move your footage around.
  • Use the splice tool to ‘splice’ or split the clip
  • Use the razer tool (with the scissors icon) to cut out parts of the footage
  • Use the ripple edit. This tool cuts and deletes footage in one swoop. For example, if you want to remove the left side of a clip but keep the right, then this is the right tool for you.


The editor supports a wide range of formats, making it versatile and simple to use. The unlimited number of tracks in OpenShot Video Editor makes it simple to begin assembling videos. OpenShot Video Editor is a feature-rich, open-source video editor with an easy-to-use interface available in over 70 languages.


OpenShot Video Editor download

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