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Nutrafol utilizes only clinically tested botanical nutraceutical ingredients which meet pharmaceutical-grade purity standards and have scientific support.

The company’s website allows visitors to take a hair wellness quiz, which helps determine what supplements will best meet their individual needs and collects personal and non-personalized data about you.


Nutrafol is a company that offers supplements and hair care products designed specifically to address problems related to hair growth and thickness for men and women in both genders. Furthermore, Nutrafol provides free one-on-one consultations with naturopathic doctors as well as hair mineral analysis reports to track progress; all services available within the United States; their pricing depends upon which product(s) purchased as well as frequency of consumption.

Nutrafol offers a free quiz that can help you select products tailored specifically to your needs. The quiz takes only minutes to complete and offers recommendations based on your results. Once you know which items suit you best, purchase them online; all major credit cards are accepted here as well as monthly subscription. Keep in mind however that these products are not FDA regulated and must not be used with preexisting health conditions or medications.

Amazon reviews of Nutrafol are generally positive, with most people reporting thicker and stronger hair after using the product. There have also been some negative reviews posted that may reflect experiences whereby users did not like what they saw from using Nutrafol; some even criticize the company’s customer service department!

Nutrafol offers more than its hair wellness line; its nutritional and skincare offerings also include natural oil-infused elixirs and shampoos that nourish your scalp, as well as products packed with antioxidants that fight free radical damage to promote healthier hair growth.

Nutrafol goes beyond traditional hair loss treatments by targeting its source: hormone imbalances, nutritional deficits, oxidative stress and inflammation – factors which may contribute to weak and thinning hair. Their products also contain essential vitamins A, selenium, iodine and niacin which provide extra support.

Nutrafol offers scientifically researched hair wellness products, featuring marine collagen peptides to increase body supplies of collagen as well as various vitamins and minerals such as biotin, vitamin D3, folic acid zinc lysine. Furthermore, their products include hyaluronic acid to provide increased hair hydration levels.


Nutrafol’s website includes a disclaimer that warns visitors that its product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; however, the company claims its results were confirmed through clinical trial; however, no details regarding this test or its author(s) were given by Nutrafol. Furthermore, independent verification could not confirm any claims made; nor could FDA-approved ingredients be included; nonetheless it remains one of the top selling hair growth supplements on the market today.

Nutrafol offers a unique approach to hair health. Their free, online quiz helps identify any concerns with your locks before suggesting which supplements might best address those needs.

Although the website of this company provides some valuable information, it also makes false and misleading claims. For instance, they claim their product increases women’s hair count by an average of 16.8 terminal and vellus hairs per 1cm squared target area after 180 days – this is certainly impressive, yet it’s essential to understand how these results were achieved.

Effective supplements must address multiple causes of hair loss, such as hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and stress. Furthermore, for best results and optimal use, take your supplement on a regular basis while eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Nutrafol supplements contain several essential nutrients for maintaining healthy hair, yet many users often neglect them when managing hair loss. Biotin, for instance, is well known for its effects in supporting healthy hair; however, research to back its use remains scarce, often including studies conducted on diseased children in developing nations or individuals with rare genetic mutations.

Another issue with Folexin is its failure to disclose its source of biotin – something crucial for its efficacy as a supplement. Furthermore, although its product was tested by dermatologists under extremely limited conditions that do not reflect real life experiences. Finally, while Folexin earned four out of five stars on Amazon and company websites alike.

Side effects

Nutrafol stands out from most hair loss products by using natural ingredients that won’t harm either your scalp or hair, helping restore natural environments for healthier hair growth. While Nutrafol may cause side effects in some people (achy joints, stomach upset and diarrhea for instance), these symptoms usually pass within days and go back to normal.

This supplement helps combat thinning hair by targeting its core causes: hormonal imbalances related to ageing and nutritional deficiencies that inhibit follicle growth. All ingredients have been clinically-tested for efficacy and safety; saw palmetto and reishi are two key ingredients known for decreasing 5-alpha reductase activity and blocking DHT, while others that support follicle health such as ashwagandha which helps decrease cortisol levels; biotin which boosts production; horsetail contains silica content; all key ingredients have also been clinically-tested to ensure efficacy and safety.

Nutrafol products stand out as being chemical-free, offering another significant advantage over similar hair growth supplements on the market. Most contain harsh chemical treatments which may harm both scalp and hair follicles, leading to additional thinning or hair loss. Nutrafol only utilizes high-grade, safe ingredients and manufacturers who adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification standards in their manufacturing.

The company’s website indicates that its products may cause temporary side effects, including sore joints and stomach discomfort. They advise individuals with sensitive stomachs only take their supplement two to three times weekly; they also suggest those with preexisting medical conditions consult their physician prior to taking supplements.

Nutrafol conducted a six-month study and discovered that 80% of its subjects experienced increased terminal hair counts, and 73% saw increases in vellus hair count. Their researchers used objective measures to assess efficacy; results of their evaluations were published in Journal of Clinical Dermatology.

Nutrafol also offers a supplement called Liver Support that contains plants from the Asteraceae family, such as dandelion, nettle, milk thistle, artichoke and yellow dock. As is true with most natural remedies, Nutrafol warns that these ingredients may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Customer service

Nutrafol products offer a comprehensive haircare system, including supplements and topical applications, designed by physicians for clinical testing to increase hair thickness, strength, and shine. Furthermore, these supplements help prevent hair loss as a great source of protein and vitamin D essential for healthy hair growth.

Nutrafol offers a proprietary blend of minerals and nutrients tailored specifically to support the health of both your hair and scalp, such as organic kelp, hyaluronic acid and amino acids – some are important in supporting hair growth cycles while others help build resilience against stress or gut issues. All the supplements sold by this company are natural products with no fillers or toxic additives added – perfect for all kinds of health goals!

Customers can purchase the products directly from the company’s website, where they can also take a three-minute quiz to evaluate their overall hair wellness and identify two Targeted Boosters that will most benefit them in their situation. They may also opt to add one of Core products from this range that have proven themselves effective during clinical trials conducted by this provider.

This company offers new customers a free two-week trial period. After which, customers must decide whether or not to continue the program; customer service representatives are available via telephone and email should any issues arise.

Nutrafol stands out from other hair supplement brands by using comprehensive formulas with clinically-tested ingredients that have been clinically shown to stimulate hair growth. Their products address five factors that can thinning or hinder hair growth: amino acids, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, organic kelp, bioavailable selenium (an essential hormone-balancing nutrient for thyroid hormone production and proper brain development), organic kelp and bioavailable selenium are just a few examples.

Many customers of the company’s products have given positive feedback; however, some were dissatisfied with the results. Some experienced telogen effluvium; a condition in which hair follicles become temporarily blocked by stress; but this condition should pass with time as supplements help restore normal hair growth.

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