Nutrafol Reviews

nutrafol reviews

Nutrafol’s core products are physician-formulated and clinically tested, providing effective results. Available for men and women alike, these formulas address key root causes of hair loss such as nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and stress – key sources that contribute to hair loss among both genders.


Nutrafol is a natural hair loss supplement designed to address multiple factors and stimulate healthy hair growth. Featuring multitargeting ingredients and no medications whatsoever, Nutrafol also offers one-on-one calls with a naturopathic doctor and free hair mineral analysis every six months to track progress and track results. In addition, Nutrafol prides itself on offering customer service with no-pressure refund policies and transparency across their operations.

This product addresses many of the factors that lead to hair thinning and loss, such as stress, hormones, nutrition and genetics. The website includes detailed explanations for these issues as well as testimonials demonstrating growth from using this supplement. Ideal for women looking for alternative solutions without costly transplants or treatments like DHT blockers such as Saw Palmetto (proven to block DHT sensitivity) and Maca (which helps balance elevated cortisol levels while supporting women’s health), this supplement also reduces symptoms associated with menopause perimenopause symptoms while supporting hair health on all three fronts – great option if that’s what’s been proven!

Nutrafol supplements are designed by physicians and made of medical-grade, standardized, and bio-optimized herbs sourced from medicinal-grade farms. Furthermore, the supplements are free from chemicals, fillers, or preservatives – with its Synergen Complex offering stress adaptogens, DHT inhibitors, super antioxidants to optimize efficacy while working more cohesively together.

Products by this company are available both online and in stores, accepting major credit cards with free US shipping. Subscriptions can be set up automatically or cancelled at any time; autoshipments can also be cancelled anytime without penalty.

The company touts that its products have been clinically proven to help both men and women with thinning hair, listing results of clinical trials showing significant increases in hair density and thickness. Unfortunately, however, the FDA does not authorize or evaluate their statements or any possible diagnoses or treatments offered by this company; yet influencers have publicly touted its success at treating their own thinning hair issues and increasing overall wellness.


Many hair loss products claim to help with thinning hair, but little evidence supports their claims. Nutrafol stands out by having extensive research and clinical trials backing its claims as well as having won various wellness, beauty and innovation awards for its products. If you want to see if Nutrafol works for your own specific hair loss needs, visit their website where there will be success stories from satisfied customers and testimonials on how the product has helped.

Nutrafol offers supplements that support overall health and beauty in addition to treating hair loss, such as its hair follicle-enhancing formula which has been proven to increase growth while simultaneously improving texture. Ashwagandha supplements, for instance, help lower cortisol and increase circulation, horsetail is known to reduce inflammation while improving scalp health; and Nutrafol’s hair loss treatment formula stimulates hair follicle growth while simultaneously improving texture.

Nutrafol’s Synergen Complex Plus includes ingredients with proven anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, antioxidant, DHT-inhibiting and hormone rebalancing properties such as Sensoril Ashwagandha, BCM-95 Biocurcumin, Saw Palmetto Extract and EVNolMax 20% Tocotrienol/Tocopherol Complex properties. Their website also provides an exhaustive FAQs section and live chat support team as well as a free quiz to help determine what product best meets your needs.

Nutrafol products can produce significant results when taken according to instructions, targeting stress, hormonal imbalances and poor diet as the root causes of hair thinning and loss. A typical regimen typically lasts six months but continuing use to maintain healthy hair can help ensure results last a lifetime.

This company offers products online and in stores across North America with free shipping services available in both countries. Customers may purchase single products or subscriptions that they can customize according to their delivery schedules, with options to pause or cancel at any time. Its privacy policy outlines its use of your information – sharing may occur for processing orders or providing customer service; however it will never sell or rent it for marketing purposes.

Side effects

Some individuals may experience side effects from Nutrafol, though these side effects tend to be mild and typically subside within days. They include nausea, cramping or skin rashes – likely the result of intolerance for certain ingredients or possibly due to an allergic reaction; in rare instances they could indicate serious medical conditions and should be reported immediately to a healthcare provider.

The supplements produced by this company contain clinically tested, all-natural ingredients formulated in an FDA registered facility using good manufacturing practices that ensure safety and quality. They have won multiple wellness, beauty, and innovation awards from media outlets; however their products tend to be more costly than comparable hair growth supplements.

Nutrafol understands the core causes of hair loss, then formulates natural yet potent ingredients to address them. This may include factors such as aging, hormone imbalances, stress or nutritional deficiencies.

Some of the company’s products address specific hair concerns, like thinning and male pattern baldness. Other supplements provide overall scalp health improvements and promote thicker, healthier locks – you can buy these separately or subscribe for monthly delivery.

Nutrafol may cause mild to severe gastrointestinal discomfort; however, these instances are uncommon and usually mild. Biotin, one of its key components found within its products, has been known to cause stomach upset in certain individuals; pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult with their healthcare provider prior to beginning any new supplements. Nutrafol recommends consulting their website before taking new supplements.

While these ingredients are generally safe, some may interact with certain medications or cause allergic reactions in some people. Kelp, which is found in several Nutrafol products, can potentially alter thyroid function resulting in hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism; saw palmetto can interfere with some lab tests as well as cause gastrointestinal issues; some ingredients, like resveratrol and maca, can have hormonal impacts depending on individual’s existing hormone levels; this company website suggests getting a full hormone panel prior to trying these products!

Customer service

Nutrafol accepts major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal, offering customers monthly subscription plans that they can pause or cancel at any time. US orders ship free with customer service providing further shipping options based on international needs. Nutrafol also upholds privacy policies to ensure clients’ personal data does not fall into the hands of third parties.

This company takes hair health seriously and employs a team of medical professionals. Their products offer multi-targeting with clinically effective ingredients; and supplements designed to address multiple causes that contribute to hair thinning or loss, such as inflammation, hormonal imbalances and stress. Their website features a quiz which can help determine the ideal product for each situation.

When taking any new hair growth supplements, it’s essential to consult a doctor first. Pregnant or breastfeeding women must not use these supplements, while those with certain preexisting health conditions should consult with their healthcare provider first before beginning. For any safety-related inquiries regarding new supplements, it would be prudent to reach out directly to a naturopathic physician.

Nutrafol offers more than just a hair wellness quiz – they also provide one-on-one consultations with naturopathic doctors and provide hair mineral analysis after six months of use. Their products can treat male pattern baldness and female pattern thinning by targeting multiple causes of hair loss like inflammation molecules and DHT.

Unfortunately, this company’s claims can be somewhat deceptive. They tout their 2018 published trial results without clarifying that only women of reproductive age with temporary self-perceived hair thinning participated. While this demographic might benefit more from nutritional intervention in terms of hair growth than others do, this study may not accurately reflect all hair loss sufferers.

Nutrafol Core contains several ingredients which have been shown to assist with various aspects of hair health in vitro, animal models, and some human studies. Unfortunately, however, it remains unclear how these ingredients would aid hair growth in those targeted by this product; furthermore many may cause side effects if consumed too frequently as supplements.

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