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Loss and thinning are natural effects of age; however, they could also be indicative of an underlying medical condition or side effect from medications; in such instances it’s wise to seek professional help immediately.

Nutrafol may offer men and women looking to reduce hair loss without pharmaceutical solutions an effective option. With its Synergen Complex of botanicals and marine collagen, Nutrafol could be an ideal complement to traditional remedies in slowing or reversing their thinning locks.

Product Description

Nutrafol offers supplements and hair care products designed to stop or regrow hair loss for both men and women, via its online quiz that pinpoints its source. Furthermore, Nutrafol provides products and treatment plans designed to get back on track once hair loss has set in.

Synergen Complex, its core supplement, includes ingredients designed to promote healthy hair growth by relieving stress and balancing hormones. Sensoril Ashwagandha may help reduce cortisol levels in the body – known to trigger premature transition from growth phase to rest phase in hair follicles – while an amino acid blend stimulates them further, helping thicker and longer strands grow out.

Saw palmetto has been shown to inhibit DHT, the hormone responsible for pattern baldness in men. Biotin, another key component, increases production of folic acid in the scalp to support hair growth.

As is the case with most supplements, Nutrafol is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and thus its safety and effectiveness are uncertain. As always, it’s wise to consult your healthcare provider prior to beginning any new supplement regimen, particularly if you have preexisting health conditions or take blood thinners.

Prices at Natural Health Supplements tend to be higher than competitors’ products and services. A bottle of their core supplement costs approximately $88, with monthly subscription service included for an additional fee. Their naturopathic doctors can offer additional advice about other supplements or lifestyle changes; this costs an additional $79 monthly subscription and you may cancel at any time.


Nutrafol supplements are designed with clinically tested ingredients, according to the company. Extraction methods are employed in order to preserve the most potency parts of plants while dosage standards ensure each supplement provides clinical effectiveness. Furthermore, scientific research backs up each product designed specifically to target causes of hair loss.

These supplements contain a mix of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals known to support healthy thyroid functioning while others reduce stress and anxiety that could potentially contribute to hair thinning.

Key components of these supplements include saw palmetto, which may help lower DHT levels that contribute to male pattern baldness, as well as ashwagandha which research shows may help relieve stress by decreasing cortisol and blood pressure levels.

Nutrafol supplements, like other nutritional supplements, are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), meaning their safety and efficacy may not be guaranteed as fully as prescription medicines such as minoxidil do. According to experts at Consumer Reports.

Customers who have used these products report mixed outcomes: some have experienced thicker, stronger hair with reduced thinning areas while others have not seen any changes at all. Furthermore, customer service at this company has been widely criticized due to unresponsiveness and billing problems.

The Better Business Bureau awarded them a B rating, with Trustpilot giving them just under one star as of July 2018. Most complaints revolved around billing issues and problems cancelling automatic shipments; some reviews also mentioned issues with product quality or cost; the potential side effects included low libido and headaches, prompting many people to consult their physician prior to taking any new supplements. As such, many recommend consulting your physician prior to beginning any supplement regimen.


Nutrafol offers multiple formulas, but their flagship product is the Synergen Complex: an all-in-one blend of vitamins and botanical extracts designed to combat hair loss and promote new growth. According to Nutrafol, they use high-grade ingredients carefully extracted so as to preserve the most active components without harming any plants, standardizing each formulation so each capsule delivers clinically effective dosage levels.

Customers should take four capsules daily for at least 90 days to see results; pregnant women or children are not suitable to use this product. There’s both a one-time purchase option as well as an ongoing subscription model which ensures you receive new shipments every six months.

Nutrafol offers more than just their central supplement; they also have several targeted boosters designed to address stress and hormone support. You used to need to take their hair health quiz in order to determine which combination of main supplement and booster would best meet your needs, but recently that process has been relaxed so you can simply shop around for what might suit you best.

Nutrafol products enjoy a strong reputation, yet can be quite costly. Budget-minded individuals might opt for more conventional pharmaceutical interventions like minoxidil instead; competitors such as Keeps and Hims offer products at roughly equal cost as Nutrafol’s central supplement. Furthermore, customer service from Nutrafol can be unpredictable; their live chat feature connects users with an agent during business hours but requires pre-request to enable its functionality; additionally their return policy remains unclear.

Side Effects

Nutrafol products do not boast any side effects. As with any supplement, however, it’s wise to closely monitor results and consult a physician prior to using for long-term consumption if you have preexisting health conditions or medications that interact with certain ingredients of Nutrafol’s supplements such as blood thinners.

Many of Nutrafol’s customers have seen great results when using its hair growth formulas, including one user suffering from telogen effluvium due to stress or hormonal fluctuations citing it as the only thing which helped her. Another customer stated it accelerated hair growth for them.

Some of the company’s best-selling products include its hair growth serum and menopause supplement. Both have been clinically tested to boost libido while alleviating symptoms associated with menopause, like hot flashes. Meanwhile, their menopause supplement helps regulate hormone levels to promote healthy sleeping habits that are essential for women during this phase.

In addition, they sell additional hair loss products such as shampoo and conditioner. Their supplements can be purchased either one-time or through monthly subscription services; subscribers receive their chosen product plus free physician consultations each month. One-time purchases cost $88 per bottle, while monthly subscriptions start at around $79. Both plans offer flexible delivery options that can be paused or cancelled at any time; furthermore, there is also a money-back guarantee from this company. Customers can reach a support agent via phone, email, or live chat from 9 am to 6 pm ET Monday through Friday; unfortunately this time slot may not suit those working or living outside this time frame.


Nutrafol offers an effective range of supplements designed to prevent hair loss and promote healthy growth for both men and women, which have been clinically proven. Available online and in stores alike, their core supplement combines multivitamins with botanical ingredients which have been clinically shown to reduce shedding while supporting blood flow to the scalp for thicker follicles and thicker hair follicles. In addition, Nutrafol also provides various haircare products such as shampoo/conditioner combinations and scalp masks.

Nutrafol’s website details the benefits of its supplements, which include reduced shedding and enhanced hair growth. There are also customer success stories with before-and-after results as proof. Note, though, that results of Nutrafol may not appear immediately – up to six months may pass before you see noticeable differences in your locks.

Nutrafol supplements offer an effective solution to hair loss as soon as you notice it, without waiting for symptoms to manifest themselves. At any stage of poor scalp health, Nutrafol can help protect and promote new growth by inhibiting further damage and encouraging new development. They can be taken alone or integrated into an overall plan involving prescription or over-the-counter remedies; if experiencing sudden or extreme hair loss it’s wise to seek professional assistance as this could indicate serious medical concerns. Nutrafol products are manufactured in the USA to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards while being ethically and responsibly sourced globally from all corners of the globe ensuring consistent quality across its products range.

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