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Nutrafol products are designed to balance hormones, combat stress, and encourage hair growth. Women experiencing perimenopause or postmenopause can use maca for relief while men with pattern baldness can use saw palmetto extract to combat DHT levels.

Before, the company required you to take a hair health quiz before purchasing one of its supplements and boosters; however, recently they have altered this policy.


Many people suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. It can severely compromise self-confidence and mental wellbeing as well as be an indicator of underlying health problems. Luckily, there are supplements that may aid with hair growth or reverse hair loss; before beginning any new supplement regimen it’s advisable to speak to your physician first, as well as determine whether any preexisting health conditions exist.

Nutrafol is a premium supplement company specializing in preventing and reversing hair loss for both men and women. Their central product, the MultiVitamin with Botanical Blends supplement, contains multivitamin plus two proprietary blends of botanicals; additionally they offer additional products including hair serum and mask.

Customers of Nutrafol products have experienced positive results with them. One man noted that his thinning hair began growing back after using Nutrafol products; another woman noticed her locks thickening up after three months of using them. Unfortunately, some users complained the products did not work for them.

Nutrafol brand products offer men and women looking for natural alternatives to minoxidil that don’t cause side effects such as scalp irritation or skin rash a great option. Their free quiz can help determine your symptoms before suggesting a personalized regimen tailored specifically to each person’s symptoms and needs. Furthermore, their customer service team are on hand 24/7 for questions or recommendations.

Nutrafol stands apart from other companies by using GMP-certified facilities to produce its products, which ensure that they are manufactured in an ideal environment and contain what’s listed on their labels. They’re also proud members of the Better Business Bureau which helps consumers resolve complaints efficiently and fairly.

Nutrafol offers competitively-priced hair loss treatments. Each bottle costs $88 but discounts and special offers can often be found online. In addition, Nutrafol also has an affordable subscription option which delivers three months worth of supplements every three months; and can even cancel or pause this at any time!


Normal hair loss typically entails between 50 to 100 hairs daily; most of these will eventually grow back. But sometimes this process slows or stops entirely, leading to thinning and eventual balding – an effect known as androgenic alopecia, which affects both men and women equally.

Nutrafol offers supplements designed to combat this condition with its range of hair supplements formulated with natural ingredients that have been clinically tested to boost hair growth and increase regrowth, strengthen, shine, and texture – while protecting from contaminants – testing all its products to ensure safety and purity.

Many users report that using this product has helped them regrow and maintain thicker locks. Its ingredients, such as saw palmetto which has been shown to reduce DHT levels in the body and biotin which boosts scalp and hair follicle health are among its components. Furthermore, Ashwagandha can reduce stress hormones while supporting overall wellbeing and is also included.

Nutrafol hair growth supplements contain selenium, which has long been used to prevent hair loss and promote healthy scalp conditions. Unfortunately, however, some individuals may not tolerate its high level of intake; so before beginning long-term supplementation it’s wise to consult your physician first.

Nutrafol products have amassed thousands of customer reviews on Amazon, with most formulas earning 4- or 5-star ratings. Reviewers often report thicker, stronger hair with reduced fallout while others note no noticeable improvement in hair regrowth. Furthermore, Nutrafol holds a poor Better Business Bureau rating as well as many complaints regarding automatic shipment cancellation issues.

Nutrafol hair regrowth supplements contain clinically tested ingredients, but are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As such, their performance may differ from pharmaceutical products and could cause side effects like stomach upset or other discomfort.

Side effects

Nutrafol products have been scientifically demonstrated to stimulate hair growth, reduce thinning and shedding, lengthen existing strands and boost overall follicle health. Their proprietary Synergen Complex includes ingredients which specifically address DHT production, stress hormone levels and nutritional deficiencies that contribute to hair loss. Nutrafol Blend also works alongside these other ingredients to accelerate regrowth.

Nutrafol offers core supplements as well as targeted boosters designed to address specific concerns, like DHT Inhibitors designed to lower DHT levels – one major cause of pattern baldness among men – in both its men’s and women’s forms; there’s even an individual DHT Inhibitor version for male customers! These targeted boosters come with multiple solutions in mind for your convenience – and even come alone as standalone versions!

The company provides a selection of additional haircare products, such as shampoos and conditioners. These can be purchased individually or through subscription plans; when subscribing, naturopathic doctors review quiz results to recommend customized supplements which are delivered right to each subscriber’s home or office.

Nutrafol supplements differ from many other hair loss treatments on the market in that they contain only natural ingredients – this makes them better suited to women and men seeking to prevent further hair loss or stimulate its regrowth, while remaining less costly than prescription medication such as minoxidil or finasteride.

However, the company has an unfavorable customer rating with the Better Business Bureau accrediting only a B grade rating. Customers have reported issues cancelling auto-shipments and getting refunds for unopened products; its return policy can also be hard to comprehend.

Nutrafol hair growth products should not cause adverse side effects in most individuals; however, it’s best to consult your physician prior to beginning any new vitamins or supplements – this is particularly true if you have an existing medical condition, are pregnant/breastfeeding, have food sensitivities or chemicals intolerances, etc.

Customer service

Nutrafol is a hair wellness company offering customized solutions for both men and women to increase hair growth. Their products contain all-natural ingredients backed by clinical research; however, since they’re not FDA regulated nor considered drugs – always consult a medical provider prior to beginning new supplements.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of any product, you have 30 days to return it with unopened bottles for a full refund – this should serve as a major red flag, since most companies do not provide such vague return policies.

Proof of purchase may also be necessary in order to receive a refund; this may be difficult if you purchased online as most websites don’t display invoices or receipts. Chargeback offers third-party services which can assist with this process for you.

As with other physician-formulated and clinically tested products, Nutrafol does not come cheap. Their subscription plans tend to cost more than similar offerings from competitors but offer several savings and benefits such as access to one-on-one consultations with naturopathic doctors and lab-tested hair analysis.

Nutrafol stands out from other supplement brands by having hard data from clinical trials that support its claims about effectiveness. Their capsules significantly increased hair growth while decreasing shedding in both men and women; furthermore, all ingredients included in its formula passed rigorous quality assurance testing procedures.

Nutrafol prides itself on offering research-backed products and exceptional customer service, with staff trained to quickly answer queries and resolve issues via live chat, phone call and email.

Nutrafol offers more than just scientifically-formulated and clinically-tested hair loss supplements; their anti-ageing skin care products have also earned dermatologist-recommendation and multiple wellness, beauty and innovation awards – they also boast celebrity endorsements – and boast winning the 2021 Harper’s BAZAAR Award! Additionally, the company provides an intuitive mobile app to manage purchases and track your progress.

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