Nutrafol Reviews

nutrafol reviews

Nutrafol is a hair supplement containing maca, which works to combat DHT – the hormone responsible for hair thinning and balding in men and women alike. Additionally, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and organic kelp are also included as components.

Amazon customers have given this company’s supplements rave reviews, with most noting thicker and stronger hair after using their supplements. There have been some complaints concerning pricing and subscription policies.


Nutrafol is an oral supplement designed to help both men and women regrow hair. Its ingredients come from natural sources and have been demonstrated effective through clinical tests; however, their pricey bottles cost up to $88 each! Furthermore, Nutrafol collects both personal and non-personalized information through their website that will later be used for future marketing campaigns and may be shared with third parties.

This company offers several products to consumers, including two women-specific supplements and one men’s product. These women-centric offerings aim to combat hair thinning or loss due to hormonal shifts during perimenopause or menopause, among other issues. Women’s Balance formula includes saw palmetto, an ingredient which has been demonstrated to inhibit DHT, the hormone responsible for pattern baldness. Women’s Vegan Formula uses probiotic and pea sprout extract to promote new hair growth while diminishing signs of thinning hair. Both products should be safe to take while breastfeeding; however, always consult with your healthcare provider prior to incorporating any dietary supplements into your regimen during gestation or lactation.

Nutrafol offers more than just essential women’s supplements; we also offer tailored boosters designed to address specific conditions that could be contributing to hair loss such as thyroid disease and telogen effluvium (TE). The company’s team of naturopathic doctors will recommend the optimal supplement for you.

Biotin, known for promoting hair growth and halting its loss, is among the many boosters to aid hair thinning. Curcumin found in turmeric also acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient to balance hormones and increase blood flow to the scalp. Folic acid is another essential nutrient essential to women that can reduce thinning hair while supporting overall scalp health.

Even though this company boasts thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, its customer service could use some improvement. Many customers report issues with the terms and conditions not clearly outlining how refunds will be handled in case of mid-subscription cancellation; additionally, DHT Inhibitor, which is male specific boosters cannot easily be ordered through its website but must go through their customer service department for purchase.


Hair loss is an issue for both men and women alike, and its causes vary widely from genetics, stress and hormonal fluctuations to medical conditions such as cancer. But there are supplements and treatments available to combat hair loss such as Nutrafol – a clinically tested formula backed by doctors that has proven its efficacy against this issue.

Nutrafol offers a full line of nutritional and topical treatments, from nutritional supplements to topical applications. Their central supplement includes a multivitamin with two proprietary botanical extract blends – it should be taken four capsules with meals each day if possible. In addition, Nutrafol offers targeted boosters for specific issues, including stress reduction, hormone support and sleep enhancement.

At one point, the company required customers to take a quiz in order to identify which combination of supplements and boosters would best meet their needs. But over the last few months, this requirement has been relaxed so they can shop directly for what they require without first taking a quiz.

Supplements designed to address key factors affecting hair growth and thickness, including age-related hair loss, dandruff and reduced follicle size. They offer various nutrients and botanical extracts designed to promote hair health such as selenium, vitamin C, biotin and ashwagandha; in addition they contain complex proteins which reduce inflammation and stimulate hair growth.

Nutrafol products differ from pharmaceutical treatments like minoxidil and finasteride in that they do not contain estrogen-based ingredients, thereby decreasing sexual side effects while potentially being more effective for women experiencing menopause or postpartum hair loss. Furthermore, Nutrafol products tend to be less costly than similar conventional hair loss medication alternatives.

Although Nutrafol is a well-known brand, it is not FDA regulated; therefore, you should consult your physician prior to beginning any new supplements or taking pregnancy/breastfeeding tests or for serious medical conditions. Also read labels carefully in order to make sure there are no ingredients with which you are allergic.


Nutrafol differs from most hair growth supplements by not being subject to FDA oversight, meaning that its safety standards may not match up to those established by this government agency. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare provider prior to taking this supplement, particularly if you have preexisting health conditions or take medication that could interact negatively.

Nutrafol uses only natural ingredients in its products, with herbal extracts and peptides playing an essential part. Furthermore, Nutrafol supplements contain an assortment of antioxidants and vitamins that work to promote healthy scalps and hair growth while decreasing risk of thinning hair. In studies that tested Nutrafol for treating thinning hair conditions such as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness (including clinical trials in which eighty percent of subjects saw significant results such as increased hair growth rates, noticeable new hairs growth levels reduced stress levels).

Nutrafol offers more than hair loss treatments; they also offer targeted boosters. These boosters contain combinations of nutrients designed to address specific aspects of metabolism or inflammation in the body. Their most popular booster is DHT Inhibitor which treats male pattern baldness by targeting its hormone. Other popular products are collagen infusion and hormone support; each booster costs $19 with subscription options available.

Nutrafol boasts impressive online reviews despite its high price point, with many customers reporting significant increases in hair volume and growth rate; others reported less dramatic effects; however, some complained of the company’s return policy, which only accepts unopened products for return.

Also of concern is customer data privacy. The company collects both personally identifiable and non-identifying data when you visit its website, enter a contest, or subscribe to email offers. They connect social media accounts; you can manage what information is shared using Facebook privacy settings. Furthermore, no third parties receive your data without your permission and this company has earned accreditation from Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot as an accredited organization with high marks from both.

Customer service

Nutrafol, with an A rating from Better Business Bureau and B accreditation from Consumer Reports, has seen 173 complaints within three years related to cancelling automatic shipments and refunding unwanted products. Although their return policy exists, it could be clarified more for customers’ benefit.

Men and women hair supplements from this company are designed to address six root causes of hair loss. Their products feature a Synergen Complex with Nutrafol Blend ingredients to stimulate hair growth as well as saw palmetto, an ingredient clinically proven to block DHT (the hormone responsible for pattern baldness).

Niacin, a form of vitamin B3, has been shown to significantly improve blood circulation and decrease inflammation, making it an excellent option for people suffering from thinning hair. Furthermore, these supplements contain essential minerals like zinc and magnesium for hair health.

Finally, the company offers a hair care line consisting of conditioner and shampoo formulated with natural ingredients for optimal scalp care and effective antidandruff action. They help prevent dandruff, strengthen strands and encourage healthy hair growth – and can be purchased either one time or subscribed to monthly starting at just $88 for one bottle!

Some reviewers have pointed out that while these supplements may help some, they may not work as effectively for everyone. Furthermore, these costly and long-term commitments have caused customers to express some reservations.

One drawback of the company is its limited product selection. Although they offer several boosters, these can only be obtained with their core supplement subscription plan. Recently, they changed up their booster lineup by eliminating digestive enzyme and sugar balance boosters while adding B-Energized and Toxin Cleanse options instead – this may leave customers frustrated with limited choices; to increase potential buyers’ understanding, more clarity must be provided to potential buyers by making this more apparent to potential customers.

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