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Men and women can use Nutrafol products to stop hair loss, stimulate new growth and enhance overall hair health. Our solutions address hereditary, hormonal and environmental factors associated with hair thinning.

Nutrafol provides products and supplements designed to address these factors of hair thinning, including DHT as well as stress and nutrition-based boosters that address these concerns.


Nutrafol supplements contain all-natural ingredients that feed and nourish hair follicles to promote fuller, thicker hair. Furthermore, their anti-oxidant and anti-stress properties enhance cellular health – some individuals even take them preventively to ensure strong and healthy locks in the future.

Nutrafol offers a drug-free alternative to pharmaceutical treatments like finasteride and minoxidil, though its products require at least three months before you begin seeing significant results. Furthermore, Nutrafol manufacturer provided financial support for research conducted on its products which could introduce bias. Regardless of these issues, Better Business Bureau rates Nutraceutical Wellness Inc as B grade and Trustpilot rates them 1.6 stars out of five for Nutrafol products.

Nutrafol stands out as an expensive but high-quality hair loss supplement. Its unique formulas target hormonal imbalance, diet, stress and specific aging issues such as decreasing collagen and elastin production and slow metabolism – key reasons for hair thinning and loss.

Nutrafol women’s hair supplements contain ingredients backed by clinical trials to demonstrate their efficacy. This supplement is tailored specifically for perimenopausal women and contains saw palmetto, maca root, vitamins and minerals; plus it’s gluten-, soy- and dairy-free; it does contain fish.

Nutrafol offers more than just core supplements; we also offer targeted boosters for hormone support and stress reduction. Customers used to have to take a hair health quiz in order to be prescribed with specific combinations of core supplements and boosters based on the quiz results; this system has recently been changed so customers can pick and choose what combination is most suitable instead of being forced into any specific combination.

The company’s return policy can be quite misleading. While at first it may appear that customers can sample products before committing to subscription plans, their final wording states that only unopened products may be returned as promised by them – an unacceptable situation which needs to be clarified for customers.


Nutrafol supplements offer an ideal way to promote hair growth and keep it healthy, with scientific-backed physician formulations featuring vitamins, minerals and herbs proven to promote it. Nutrafol’s products are widely recommended by salons and dermatologists alike and have won multiple wellness, beauty, and innovation awards – not to mention being featured as part of many salon or dermatologist recommended supplements lineups. They even provide targeted boosters which supplement their core offerings.

While the company claims its formulas will stimulate hair follicles to encourage growth, it remains uncertain whether these ingredients work equally for everyone. Some may even cause unwanted side effects; biotin and selenium have been known to cause hair loss in some individuals; however, such side effects typically only arise with serious medical conditions like thyroid disease or vitamin D deficiency.

Nutrafol supplements contain ingredients proven to assist in both preventing and treating hair loss, with saw palmetto being one such plant extract proven to block DHT (an androgen hormone linked with pattern baldness in both males and females). You can find saw palmetto at most health stores as a standalone ingredient.

Women’s supplements offered by this company contain ingredients designed to reduce hair thinning and delay menopause onset, including hormone-regulating maca and astaxanthin – known for promoting hair growth while relieving menopausal symptoms like hot flashes.

Nutrafol women’s products have received positive reviews on Amazon. One user noted that after three months, she noticed thicker and stronger-feeling hair; another reviewer described the product as being “life changing.”

However, its overall customer service ratings could use some improvement. The Better Business Bureau gives it a low B- rating, and many complaints revolve around difficulty cancelling automatic shipments or receiving refunds for unwanted products. Furthermore, this company isn’t accredited by the BBB and has failed to respond to inquiries from them regarding advertising claims made about itself.


Nutrafol may help restore lost hair with its powerful supplements designed to reverse hair loss and promote new growth. With saw palmetto, zinc, and amino acids as active ingredients, Nutrafol promises to reverse and promote hair thinning caused by stress or an imbalanced diet.

Nutrafol stands out from the competition by being scientifically proven to work. Its formulas have undergone multiple clinical trials that showed positive effects on hair growth. Furthermore, Nutrafol is dedicated to using only high quality ingredients from trusted sources in America and Europe; their commitment is further embodied by transparency and openness exhibited throughout their business model.

Nutrafol stands out as an affordable option among hair loss products, offering its most popular products for an upfront cost of $88 as well as monthly subscription plans that cost just $79 each month and provide one month worth of product, free doctor consultations and discounts on supplements.

The company’s supplements are composed of high-grade bioavailable ingredients and come both as capsules and liquid forms, including ashwagandha extract which has been shown to stimulate hair growth while at the same time alleviating stress and anxiety. Their website boasts testimonials from satisfied customers.

Recent years, the company has made changes to their booster lineup. Now offering two women-specific and one men-specific booster, as well as Men’s Balance as part of its offerings, these targeted products provide support for hormones, digestion and stress.

Nutrafol may be an excellent solution for people struggling with hair loss, but it is essential to remember that this condition is complex. All contributing factors must be addressed whether that means diet, stress or an underlying medical condition. For this reason, it is always wise to discuss hair loss with a physician beforehand – they can recommend the ideal solution tailored specifically to you and offer guidance as you navigate toward treatment.

Customer service

Nutrafol is a supplement company offering scientifically formulated products designed for both men and women to promote healthier hair. Their clinically tested solutions address everyday stresses which take a toll on our hair. Each of their patented solutions are created by scientists with medical backgrounds who consult on developing them; additionally they have targeted supplements tailored towards specific demographics or hair issues.

Hair health supplements offered by this company can be purchased both as one-off purchases and monthly subscription offerings, starting from just $88 for one bottle of Synergen Complex, its flagship product containing nutrients and herbs backed by clinical studies that are proven to increase hair growth. Customers can add boosters for additional stress support or hormone balance.

Reviews posted to Amazon found this product effective at stopping hair loss and stimulating new growth, with some reviewers reporting noticeable results after three months. Unfortunately, however, many less satisfied users reported not noticing any difference to their hair; these could possibly be related to its expensive price and subscription plan commitment.

Nutrafol offers more than hair growth products; in addition to skincare and nutritional supplements that support digestive and immune system function. Products offered by Nutrafol include Hair Serum – an innovative solution which delivers concentrated ashwagandha exosomes directly to the scalp like minoxidil does – along with shampoo and conditioner products from their range.

The company website features an expansive library of hair growth tips and advice, along with offering free trials of their product for prospective buyers to evaluate if it meets their needs. However, customers have expressed frustration over customer service teams failing to respond promptly with refund information, while difficulties cancelling automatic shipments have also been reported by many users who claim there is insufficient transparency surrounding terms and conditions of their subscription agreement.

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