Morbius Review

Dr Morbius uses bat DNA to produce artificial blood, saving lives while becoming an unspeakably deadly killing machine himself.

Morbius isn’t one of Marvel’s worst Spider-Man movie releases, but neither is it particularly great. It feels more like an average superhero flick with flashy effects and unclear motivations than something Marvel might actually produce themselves.

The Story

Director Daniel Espinosa adds horror flourishes to this origin story, yet it’s never clear whether these are meant to elevate it beyond its generic superhero origin-story framework. Jared Leto takes on more serious roles than did Tom Hardy in the previous film; his moral dilemma seems heavy-handed at times; this film also feels disjointed, rushed, and poorly edited; though its slow pacing and uninspiring dialogue keep audiences entertained at times – there simply isn’t a whole lot going on here that would warrant their investment.

Horizon Labs scientist Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) experiments with vampire bat DNA in order to treat his undiagnosed illness. As soon as we’re drawn into the action, Morbius quickly becomes less likeable than expected; unfortunately his dour persona makes him difficult for audiences to relate with; let alone identify with. Leto is usually an engaging actor but this was something Leto let us down with in this film.

In the first act, we follow Morbius as he attempts to cure himself through various means such as injecting himself with potions and transfusing his blood into pigs. When this finally succeeds, however, he does not hesitate to use his newly gained power for personal gain and kill several individuals as part of his hedonistic pleasure. Morbius also has an unsavory best friend named Milo (Matt Smith) who finances him financially and has little sympathy for Morbius.

Once the film reaches its second act, however, it falters without much urgency or pace. Plot developments meander and some awkward plot twists occur; yet despite Leto and the cast’s best efforts at providing genuine or organic characters and moments that feel horror-inspired feel are forced and artificial.

Morbius is an insipid, dull and disappointing entry in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which is unfortunate as it had potential. Unfortunately, stupid creative decisions, an inconsistent tone/mood and atrocious dialogue prevent it from becoming more than an average B movie experience; furthermore its nonsensical post credit scenes make it hard to recommend.

The Cast

Morbius offers an intriguing premise, but the script fails to make an impressionful impactful film experience. Jared Leto is an exceptional actor; it would have been nice for his talents to be used effectively in something worth watching instead of being bogged down with uninspired action and uninteresting performances that do little more than try your patience.

Doctor Michael Morbius has spent much of his life searching for a cure to the blood disease that has killed most of his family members, yet when an experiment finally succeeds and leaves him with vampire-like urges it seems he has turned into something evil. Although he fights back against these urges they prove too powerful, rendering the film’s final battle seem anticlimactic and pointless.

As disappointing is that none of the characters have any real depth to them, as seen from comic books where Morbius often depicted himself as an antihero struggling against vampirism, yet in this film Morbius never receives any depth or complexity; simply becoming someone who starts drinking blood from humans which doesn’t exactly make him captivating or compelling to watch.

The cast is generally strong in this film, yet they are mishandled by an awful script. Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown) wastes his talent as Morbius’ surrogate brother while Adria Arjona (Pacific Rim: Uprising) doesn’t get much to do other than stare back in an annoying love triangle situation. Michael Keaton who portrays Adrian Toomes/Vulture from Marvel Cinematic Universe makes only brief cameo appearances as Adrian Toomes/Vulture in this film.

Unfortunately, this film wasn’t more successful, but it does feature impressive visuals and fast action that will keep audiences entertained for an hour-plus. Unfortunately, however, its story doesn’t deliver more entertainment, being marred by uninspired special effects and repetitive performances; still it is worthy effort at creating a Sinister Six movie and hopefully there will be future ones set within their universe.

The Visuals

Morbius is an attempt at serious drama that fails spectacularly. Filled with poor dialogue and underdeveloped characters, most scenes seem rushed or condensed into five minutes of footage – it should only be watched if you want to experience how terrible superhero movies can get!

Jared Leto gives an impressive performance as Dr. Michael Morbius, an eminent scientist attempting to cure a rare blood condition. However, his attempt backfires and he becomes transformed into a vampire; trying desperately to satisfy his craving for human blood by producing synthetic blue blood he eventually becomes one himself but continues killing everyone around him in vain.

The supporting cast was not as impressive, and the film lacks real substance. While its plot wasn’t bad, neither was its story very engaging – instead dragging along until finally saving grace was visual effects for titular character and some entertaining action sequences.

Shamefully, the filmmakers of this film did not make any effort in creating an original storyline; instead taking cues from other movies like 300 (Greek settings and action that moves slowly before rapidly back-pedalling back towards regular speed) are borrowed elements.

Although not terrible, Sony’s Spider-Man: No Way Home movie was an inexcusable waste of our time and should have never existed in the first place. Sony had no right to be making such an awful film – which Venom and upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home were. Sony continues its pathologically terrible ways by giving us this subpar effort which simply adds insult to injury.

No one should watch this film unless they are huge fans of Spider-Man; even then it would be wiser to avoid this flick at all costs.

The End

Morbius hasn’t exactly received rave reviews, with creative decisions that don’t hold up, rote performances and some borderline nonsensical dialogue leaving audiences wanting more. That being said, Morbius features stunning visuals and fast action that help keep audiences entertained throughout its runtime.

But unfortunately, Morbius suffers from several flaws which prevent it from being an enjoyable viewing experience. Overall, Morbius is an immensely disappointing superhero flick and should only be watched if Jared Leto is one of your favorite actors or you simply wish to see what new roles he may take on in another film of this nature.

Furthermore, the film does a poor job at explaining Morbius’ powers in a manner that makes them seem cool and interesting. While filmmakers do use his echo-location powers visually – including watching them ripple around New York City when tracking heartbeats – they are insufficient in explaining his abilities properly.

Unfortunately, Sony’s film was disappointing because it seems like an attempt at fitting Spider-Man into their MCU-adjacent universe. That is particularly apparent considering one of the cops and Morbius telling a thug he is Venom has established these characters’ existence in this same universe, leading many fans to assume they will eventually cross over at some point in the film.

So is there any hope for Morbius? Will we ever get to see it shine with its own unique story and style? Unfortunately it’s difficult to say, but its performance certainly did nothing to bolster its chances of getting another sequel – which would have been welcome addition to the MCU.

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