Mixcraft – Pro Audio Recording and Video Editing Software

Mixcraft offers basic video editing features and VST plug-ins, while its Pro edition also comes complete with IZotope’s Mastering Essentials suite and various virtual instruments and effects for increased creativity.

MIDI sequencing is supported, with a track type designed specifically for VST instruments. Every MIDI track can be configured to output directly into an actual physical MIDI interface.

It is a digital audio workstation (DAW)

Mixcraft is a robust digital audio workstation (DAW) and music production software for Windows that supports multitrack recording, MIDI sequencing and VST plugins. It also offers basic video editing functions as well as access to its vast library of loops, music beds and sound effects – features which have made Mixcraft popular among musicians since its introduction in 2004.

This new version has been completely reimagined to give you maximum creative control. Its interface is wide open and visually intuitive, featuring panels that can be detached, positioned, resized and customized according to your workflow needs. Furthermore, you can personalize its appearance, hotkeys and libraries of choice to suit your workflow needs. There are numerous additional enhancements as well, such as a sleeker piano roll, advanced automation tools and an upgraded plug-in manager; audio warping/slicing features enable layered loop performances; alternatively use its Performance Panel alongside a Novation Launchpad/other pad controller to create dynamic live loop sequences in real time!

Voltage Modular Ignite, an award-winning virtual modular synthesizer featuring 45 modules and hundreds of presets, has now been introduced into Mixcraft for use by its users. Furthermore, Mixcraft now adapts even better to its users by enabling all plug-ins to be controlled via MIDI, sidechained to audio tracks, modulated using LFOs with timed modulations rates or modulated by an intuitive piano roll interface.

It is a multitrack recording studio

Mixcraft is a multitrack recording studio and video editing software, featuring unlimited audio tracks and 28 professional effects, plus support for MIDI composition tools like pattern clip-based composition tools and its Performance Panel’s piano roll, notation view and step editor views – perfect for live performance loop composition with piano roll notation notation and step editor features as well as advanced routing automation features.

The software’s user interface (UI) is wide open and intuitive, featuring easy-to-understand visuals and panels that can be moved and arranged according to your workflow. Routine tasks like routing signal and managing your project can be completed effortlessly while more advanced features like pitch shifting and time stretching are readily available. Furthermore, there is full support for third-party plugins, audio interfaces, and hardware controllers as well.

SoundLib features over 7,500 MIDI and audio loops, with over 7,500 instruments, amps, effects, virtual instruments such as Acoustica Instruments’ General MIDI sample library, Lounge Lizard Session vintage electric piano, VB3 tonewheel organ, MiniMogueVA monophonic analog synthesizer, and Messiah polyphonic analog synthesizer among many other virtual instruments; filters modulators equalizers filters as well as crossfade and trim functionality, video effects titles; it even can publish your projects to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or SoundCloud!

It is a video editing software

Mixcraft is more than a multitrack recording software: it’s also a professional video editing and scoring environment with all of the features to meet any video production need. Edit, crop and crossfade video clips as you add transition effects such as plain or scrolling titles – even add your own music for stunning web-friendly productions!

This suite is packed with incredible effects and instruments, such as an expansive library of sampled instruments, powerful samplers, authentic synthesizer models, electric piano models, rock organ models and authentic ToneBoosters reverbs, compressors filters equalizers that will bring rich texture to any mix.

Mixcraft makes project organization simple by keeping all audio files, MIDI tracks and snapshots together in an envelope. Plus its intuitive user interface makes finding frequently used controls effortless!

The program comes equipped with a user-friendly help file, as well as being highly configurable allowing for user preferences such as setting hotkey keyboard shortcuts and libraries; creating customized plugin collections; supporting a variety of audio interfaces and hardware controllers; offering easy purchasing access for new loop libraries, effects and instruments through its integrated store; plus running on Macintosh computers running Bootcamp with fully functioning two week trial versions of the software!

It is a music production software

Mixcraft is an all-in-one music production software solution, featuring an arsenal of tools designed to help you record, mix, and create music. These include multitrack audio recording programs, MIDI sequencers, virtual instrument hosts and non-linear video arrangers – as well as supporting various sound channels and enhancements – such as leveling out tracks with intensity adjustments, adding reverb or blur effects and decreasing foundation commotion while eliminating pops and snaps.

Mixcraft’s user interface has been revamped to be even more intuitive and responsive with its latest release, making tasks such as swapping channels, inverting polarity, summing to mono and keeping track meters visible never scroll out of view. Furthermore, MIDI editing features advanced note selection features as well as vertical dragging of clips without changing their timing or properties have also been significantly upgraded.

Mixcraft provides an expansive library of pro audio effects and instruments, featuring classic and modern synthesizers, robust samplers, emulations of electric pianos and rock organs as well as authentic toneBoosters reverbs, compressors, equalizers to add depth and color to your sound. Furthermore, there’s high-resolution display support with eye-friendly light mode, automation control improvements, as well as new ways to manage automation control – all essential tools for professional musicians!

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