LaunchBox Review


LaunchBox is free and straightforward to set up; all it requires is entering an email address and following the setup wizard. After installation, LaunchBox makes your games easily accessible through an attractive user interface with extensive customization features for personalizing its look and seamless emulator integration.

Features of Steam Library Importer Pro include the ability to import Steam libraries and organize games by platform and genre, automatically downloading metadata and box art as needed.

It’s easy to use

No matter how new to emulation you may be, Launchbox makes the experience straightforward and accessible for gamers of any experience level. This program automatically gathers metadata and box art for your games before displaying it visually appealing yet user-friendly interface. Furthermore, Launchbox integrates seamlessly with multiple emulators and offers various customization features including custom playlists and filters to meet all of your gaming needs.

Start out right with the free version, but if you want the most from your emulation experience and want to take it further consider upgrading to the premium version – with its more vibrant themes, customizable graphical layout options, support for external controllers, built-in media player for video and music and much more!

Launchbox requires an emulator of the system you want to emulate, ROM files and game libraries for this to work correctly. Follow Launchbox’s on-screen instructions for setting up the emulator before connecting online and downloading any additional data needed for setup.

Once installation is complete, Launchbox allows you to import your collection on any PC using an import function. Launchbox will prompt you as to whether or not you would like it to copy or move files and collect data before scanning your computer for games and extracting details about each of them, such as a list of emulators.

It’s free

Launchbox is a free program that organizes games and manages emulators. Compatible with a wide range of operating systems and gamepads, Launchbox also enables you to customize its interface as well as download data directly from online databases – perfect for creating visually appealing and enjoyable gaming experiences!

Originating as an attractive frontend for DOSBox, DOSBox Frontend now serves both modern PC games and emulated console platforms – providing one stop shopping for gaming on your computer, both modern and historical titles alike.

One of the standout features of this program is its seamless integration with emulators. It automatically imports MS-DOS games, ROM files and Steam in order to make user interaction as straightforward and painless as possible. Furthermore, this program can manage different kinds of games such as arcade titles and Windows titles with ease.

It supports most gamepads and offers Big Box Mode for TV or other large displays, while offering extensive customization in terms of themes and plugins. Furthermore, it supports multiple emulators – making it the most flexible front end available – as well as offering backups which protect your collection of games.

It’s customizable

LaunchBox is an emulator frontend program with customizable options for its interface layout and gaming library, including import games from Steam, GOG and other sites into its library for organization. Furthermore, LaunchBox supports several console emulation platforms and comes equipped with full screen Big Box Mode support to play games on TVs or large displays.

Upgrade to the premium option to customize the look and feel of your launcher and automatically download beautiful fanart and screenshots from various websites; additionally it imports metadata from Wikipedia or LaunchBox Games Database which anyone can contribute to.

It provides support for multiple file formats, such as ROMs and ISO files. Furthermore, it can scan your disk for hidden folders containing game data to create backup sources should any one not work correctly. Furthermore, this software can automatically download game ESRB ratings, developer and publisher info so that finding your favourite games becomes simpler than ever!

It’s easy to install

LaunchBox stands out from other emulator frontends by being compatible with gamepad controllers and not requiring you to install additional software on your computer. Not only that, but this app supports an impressive variety of games and emulators as well as being customizable via plugins – plus even has an “Big Box” mode designed specifically for TVs or larger displays! While free to use, an upgraded premium version with additional features is also available.

LaunchBox requires registration on their website with an email address, followed by receiving a download link, support videos and guides as well as download instructions from within LaunchBox’s installer. Afterward, simply follow these onscreen instructions for successful installation of LaunchBox!

After installing the program, you can add your ROM files and emulators by clicking Tools in the menu bar and choosing Import ROM Files or Configure EmuMovies from Import/Configure EmuMovies Wizard. A wizard will walk you through this process; afterwards you can choose what types of data to scrape from scrapers as well as how much space the program will use.

As part of the import process, you’ll be asked to verify that you are uploading the correct ROM files. After this has been verified, the program will begin downloading their metadata – after this step has completed you can add them to your library and begin playing!

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