IrfanView is an image viewer, editor, organiser and converter for Windows that also plays audio and video files. It supports many graphic file formats as well as TWAIN support for scanner interfacing.

Free to use and compatible with all recent versions of Windows, this fast and lightweight program can save time when performing system backup.


IrfanView is a lightweight image viewer that makes installing and using images easy. Supported graphic formats include all major graphic file types as well as many video-file types (including AVCHD).

This program can be used to resize, rotate, flip and adjust brightness/contrast/tint. It can also convert file formats and perform batch processing of files. Furthermore, plugins provide extra functions, such as watermarking or commenting or showing Exif data code info.

Filters, effects and slideshow creation features allow users to enhance images for viewing purposes, with filters, effects and the option to make slideshows in either windowed mode or as screensavers running smoothly in either case. It can also display all image files and video clips stored in a folder so you can quickly scroll through them individually or all at once if required.

As part of its features, ACDSee offers a thumbnail browser which shows images as thumbnails for quick navigation to folders. It can also automatically resize or create thumbnails of image files before sorting by name, type, size or date in ascending or descending order. In addition, this software makes contact sheets by printing multiple thumbnails at once. It even supports wildcard renaming with parts of original names remaining intact!


IrfanView provides advanced users with numerous options. Its versatility in opening various image file formats sets it apart from other programs; IrfanView can even open raw files from Nikon and Canon cameras if the appropriate codecs have been installed.

This program’s toolbar can be customized with various icon sets and is compatible with dozens of languages. Furthermore, its batch processing module enables it to change size, rotation, mirroring and color depth across multiple files simultaneously – as well as rename them with any given naming scheme or send them off for editing in an external graphics editor like Adobe Photoshop (provided that the program has been properly configured).

IrfanView makes keeping track of images easier with its thumbnail file preview feature, providing a handy way to quickly organize and find what you’re looking for more quickly. Furthermore, the thumbnails window can help create slideshows of favorite images or view EXIF information related to them.

IrfanView can open many types of image file types, while also being capable of converting formats – making it particularly helpful if your files have been stored in proprietary formats like those used by video capture devices or EPS or PDF documents.


IrfanView is an image viewer, editor, organiser, and converter designed specifically for Microsoft Windows. It supports an impressive range of image formats including BMP (bitmap), GIF, JPEG 2000 (JP2 JP3 etc), TIFF PCX ICO PGM PNGOUT as well as various raw photo file types from digital cameras as well as audio/video files text documents web pages etc.

Irfanview can connect directly to scanners and TWAIN devices and retrieve images, then use various techniques for editing and manipulating those images as well as creating thumbnails and slide shows. Furthermore, multiple files can be converted simultaneously while keyboard shortcuts provide convenient shortcuts for various functions.

Once editing is complete, IrfanView allows you to easily export the images directly to printers or other output devices, or you can create a slideshow with music and transition effects to play in a browser or TV monitor.

A basic 32-bit installation takes up approximately 2.36 MB while its 64-bit equivalent requires more space. You have the option of selecting additional plugins and other features during the installation process; additionally, IrfanView’s installer will ask where you wish to store its settings file, create desktop shortcuts or associate specific filetypes with IrfanView – something which you can always change later.

Final Words

IrfanView provides many powerful, automated functions that work quickly and effortlessly. Simply press a key or use a menu command and the action will take effect without needing to make laborious adjustments manually.

One can enlarge and downsize images proportionally. A scanned image can be converted to black-and-white or vice versa; color depth adjustments and purposeful colour fog correction can all be accomplished – this applies for every single image or series of images.

Many users scan images in lossless TIF format but require smaller JPG images for screen presentation. IrfanView provides an easy solution. Simply place all files onto a left selective list before converting each batch individually.

IrfanView can also automatically generate thumbnails for all the images within a folder, making it simple and effortless to create slide shows.

Another useful function is the ability to flip vertically or horizontally a series of images, which is especially helpful if slides or film strips were incorrectly fed into a scanner, or intentionally inverted by accident. Images can be flipped with just one click – this program runs very quickly even on regular computers; and offers plenty of powerful, feature-rich image viewer and processing features free of charge!

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