iMobie PhoneClean Review


As with any device, smartphones need to be regularly cleaned with disinfectant wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth that’s lint-free for best results.

iMobie PhoneClean is an iOS cleaning and optimization tool designed to eliminate clutter on devices with just one tap, providing peace of mind to iPhone owners who may worry about running out of space on their iPhones.

Easy to use

PhoneClean makes it simple and straightforward to keep track of the junk files that collect over time on your iPhone and iPad, such as system crash reports, cached apps, temporary documents or remnants from wrongfully uninstalled applications. PhoneClean allows you to easily manage this excess of accumulated junk while leaving more room for apps, photos, music and videos you love!

PhoneClean can help erase private information such as messages, calls, browsing history and app traces to protect your personal data and keep it secure. Furthermore, the software enables you to conserve battery power by turning off features that use too much battery life; and its silent clean function automatically detects and deletes junk files on a regular basis without needing your input manually.

Quick Clean has been redefined with ease and intelligence by PhoneClean’s smart detection technology, ensuring it knows exactly which files deserve to be kept and which should be deleted, thus freeing up space for apps and content that matter. It will even automatically identify any unnecessary junk files to help make space for what matters – saving both time and space!

PhoneClean does a wonderful job at freeing up space and clearing away junk files, though its cleaning process takes some time to scan and process all of your data. Some features seem redundant or unnecessary when compared with competitor iMyFone Umate.

In-depth privacy protection

PhoneClean transforms your iPhone into a risk-free handheld device that frees you from worrying about sensitive data leaks. Thanks to its intelligence, PhoneClean knows exactly which files are taking up space on your iPhone and how best to delete them safely.

Protecting your online privacy requires clearing Call Histories, Messages, Notes and their associated attachments; as well as clearing Safari history; as well as clearing private content stored in Mail, Calendars, Photos and Contacts – making this solution the most comprehensive iOS privacy protecting solution currently available.

With its hands-free cleaning, in-depth privacy protection and innovative iOS maintenance features, PhoneClean 5 elevates your iPhone/iPad experience like never before. It searches out and deletes cached, temporary cookies and corrupted junks on iOS, while its Safe-Deletion feature guarantees that deleted call histories, messages, notes or contacts cannot be recovered later – an indispensable must for those who value their privacy.

Ultimate speed-up

PhoneClean provides an in-depth cleaning and optimization solution for iPhone iPad. With its safe and user-friendly approach to clearing away residual junk files, clearing caches, reducing RAM usage and freeing up storage space, PhoneClean helps users boost device speed while prolonging battery charge life.

Apps often create one-off files during complex calculations, data exchanges or other tasks which rarely get used again and may take up unnecessary space on your iOS devices. With just one click, this feature identifies and cleans these unnecessary files away completely, helping your Apps run more efficiently while also speeding up iOS devices.

PhoneClean can elevate your iOS devices to new levels through deep privacy protection, storage cleanup and ultimate acceleration features. Packed with innovative iOS maintenance features that keep your iDevices at peak condition at all times – try it now for yourself to experience a smooth and responsive user experience – download it free now from iMobie Inc!

Innovative iOS maintaining features

Phone Clean stands out as a unique app because of its comprehensive protection against data loss. Not only will it delete any unnecessary files, but also ensures sensitive information like call logs or photos is permanently erased from your iPhones.

Un iPhone can quickly become overrun with junk files and other unnecessary documents, filling up storage space while significantly diminishing app performance. To solve this issue, iPhone cleaner software offers various iOS maintaining features to keep your device operating efficiently and smoothly.

PhoneClean provides many useful features, one being its ability to search and delete hidden iOS cached, temporary files, cookies and corrupted junks that eat up space in your iPhone memory and slow down app performance. This feature alone makes PhoneClean worth having!

Internet cleaning options will also prove invaluable in protecting your online privacy, making it simple and quick to delete traces of online activity from your iPhone. This feature provides invaluable security against anyone gaining access to personal data or accessing personal information without your authorization.

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