Il Makiage Reviews – Is It Really Worth the Hype?

Have you seen an Instagram campaign for foundation featuring lightweight full coverage that looks and feels natural? But this direct-to-consumer brand offers more than just hype.

They aim to make online makeup shopping practical for every woman with their PowerMatch quiz that matches you with the ideal shade for your skin tone. If it doesn’t quite match, no penalty fees apply upon return – your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Is Il Makiage cruelty-free?

Il Makiage has quickly made headlines since their viral campaigns featuring models who dramatically transform their skin with Il Makiage’s Woke Up Like This foundation, but even with celebrity endorsement and over 500,000 five-star customer ratings for this makeup, some may still doubt its efficacy.

Oran Holtzman founded this tech-led beauty brand with the goal of making buying foundation online practical and straightforward. Their PowerMatch algorithm, developed over an 18 month period, guides users through a series of questions about their skin type and tone to locate their perfect foundation shade – 50 shades in total are offered!

Formula is packed with ingredients designed to soothe mature skin, such as hyaluronic acid – an ingredient known for its water-binding capabilities – making it a key ingredient when seeking high-performance bases, helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles by drawing moisture back towards the surface.

Vitamin E is another great anti-oxidant that can help defend against free radical damage and keep skin looking supple, as well as helping prevent premature aging caused by environmental factors and natural breakdown of collagen.

If you’re concerned about how well products will suit your skin, the brand offers a trial-size bottle with a 14 day return policy – you will only pay the shipping fee and not if you send it back! It’s the ideal way to find out whether foundation is what’s needed without risking money on an inferior choice.

Is Il Makiage vegan?

Have you witnessed the buzz surrounding New York-based beauty brand Cover FX on your Instagram feed, with 10-second Stories depicting people visually changing their skin with this seemingly flawless foundation? But who or what is behind this tech-led prestige brand that has attracted millions of makeup shoppers online?

Oddity was established in 2018 as a direct-to-consumer beauty and wellness company, offering Il Makiage makeup, Spoiled Child skin and hair care, and another yet to be released brand. CEO Oran Holtzman believes Oddity made buying foundation a more practical reality by developing their PowerMatch shade-matching quiz.

The brand claims it can identify your skin tone with 90% accuracy using an algorithm they developed over an 18 month period. They ask questions about your skin type, coverage preferences and finish preferences before providing pictures that represent close matches for shade matching. The quiz uses artificial intelligence technology that uses machine learning algorithms.

Il Makiage is proudly cruelty-free, meaning they don’t conduct animal testing for finished products or ingredients. In addition, PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies scheme has verified this. However, their products still contain animal derived ingredients like Beeswax and Carmine (red pigment made from crushed beetles). Although their products don’t comply with strict veganism practices – please see above – some contain animal ingredients such as Beeswax.

Importantly, it’s important to keep in mind that even after finding the ideal shade, your complexion may change over time. That’s why the brand provides such an extensive return policy so you can change up your shade as needed.

While this company doesn’t offer an extensive vegan cosmetics collection, their concealer makes an ideal pick for vegans. With a lightweight formula designed to cover blemishes, dark circles and hyperpigmentation while adding moisture back into the complexion through hyaluronic acid plumping agents it also contains.

Product itself is lightweight but application may be tricky for those with dry skin like me. An even application requires using either a brush or sponge; although, according to brand instructions blending should be performed using fingers; I found using either one easier. Also, its flexible applicator enables access to corner of eyes or small blemishes.

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