Il Makiage Reviews

il makiage reviews

Il Makiage, a tech-centric beauty brand, utilizes an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to select the ideal foundation shade using its power match quiz, which claims it gets it correct 90% of the time. Oddity Inc, behind this brand is currently preparing to go public and recently revealed their financial metrics to CNBC.

Power Match Quiz

Have you seen the online beauty brand il makiage pop up on your Instagram feed, or heard of their popular Woke Up Like This foundation? il makiage boasts an in-depth quiz that claims to identify your ideal foundation shade without ever seeing you face-to-face!

The Power Match Quiz is an interactive series of questions designed to assess everything from your skin tone and foundation coverage preferences, as well as frequency of usage. Once completed, it displays pictures of women with similar skin tones, prompting you to select which of them most closely resembles you.

Once you complete all the questions, il makiage provides a list of shades they think would best fit you. Our editors found the process easy and quick; its algorithm did a wonderful job of selecting suitable hues for each individual user.

Oran Holtzman, CEO of, told Insider his goal was to use technology to make buying makeup online easier for users. They began with foundation, the hardest product to match up. By applying machine learning algorithms with data from 700 different skin tone combinations they developed their PowerMatch algorithm and offered trial/return policies so if something doesn’t quite match you could send it back without hassles or questions asked.

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