Il Makiage Reviews

il makiage reviews

Anyone following beauty or skincare brands on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok may have seen the buzz surrounding il makiage and their flagship foundation, Woke Up Like This, which provides revolutionary coverage across a range of inclusive shades.

This direct-to-consumer brand claims it can match shades with a quick online quiz that takes into account skin tone and coverage preference, while selecting products made of safe, natural colorants as well as ingredients proven to improve skin quality such as iron oxides and sodium hyaluronate.

1. Woke Up Like This Foundation

IL MAKIAGE recently made waves when they unveiled one of their signature products – a foundation with medium to full coverage and natural matte finish, touted as being lightweight yet high-performing and designed to hide redness, pores, blemishes as well as sweat, tears and humidity. Called the Woke Up Like This Flawless Base Foundation ($44 from IL MAKIAGE), the foundation promises medium to full coverage that leaves skin matte.

Foundation from this brand comes in an attractive 30ml frosted glass bottle and offers 50 shades spanning light to dark. Their PowerMatch online shade-matching quiz provides a thorough experience, asking a series of questions regarding your skin type, coverage preferences and finish requirements before providing a list of suggested shades based on the results of their quiz.

Once your quiz results are in, IL MAKIAGE provides detailed information about your recommended shade – its color, undertone, and whether or not it suits dry or oily skin types. Furthermore, their ‘Try Before You Buy’ program enables customers to pay shipping costs and try the product out in their home before deciding whether or not they wish to keep it.

Each of our editors took the quiz (with varied results), and were thoroughly impressed by its thoroughness. In particular, we loved that it took into account our skin’s undertone which is often neglected when selecting foundation shades. Unfortunately, some editors felt disappointed with their results as the shade they received seemed out-of-place for them.

Overall, this foundation lives up to its promise of producing a natural-looking matte finish for extended wear. Unfortunately, however, its claim of covering redness, pores, and blemishes falls short, feeling rather heavy on the face as it seeps into fine lines and highlights dry patches – meaning its hype might have been somewhat exaggerated; nonetheless it remains an excellent lightweight high performance formula option.

2. No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing Primer

This primer creates an even, smooth surface for your foundation to sit upon all day long, keeping it looking its best. Formulated from natural oils and waxes that help fill in fine lines, blur pores, control shine, fill fine line creases and minimize pores, this primer is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates – making it suitable for all skin types – while providing ample hydrating ingredients for healthy-looking hydration while fighting against free radical damage caused by environmental pollution and free radical damage mitigation through green tea extract helps fight free radical damage effectively against free radical damage while protecting skin from environmental pollution exposure.

It is an ideal solution for anyone seeking to improve their makeup application and extend its wear. The weightless texture makes this primer ideal for busy individuals; use alone or layer it up with foundation for an instant flawless finish! With various shades to match any skin tone and an array of botanical extracts like lotus, gardenia and white water lily for soft radiant skin it comes highly recommended!

Face primer is an integral component of any makeup routine, as it ensures your foundation will look perfect throughout the day. Selecting a primer that complements your skin type is key; doing so can prevent clogged pores and oily patches on the complexion. Oily or combination skin types should opt for mattifying primer while those with dry or sensitive skin should go for hydrating formulas.

IL MAKIAGE’s No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing Primer is an exceptional facial primer suitable for all skin types and foundations, as it features lightweight formula with matte finish that has antibacterial agents for improved complexion health. Plus, its rich antioxidant and peptide blend offers further coverage against dark spots or blemishes!

This face primer is ideal for those with sensitive skin as it contains no fragrance and natural ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive complexions, while being free from sulfates and parabens – making this dermatologist-tested product even more appealing! Additionally, its convenient pump-spray bottle makes application quick and simple.

3. No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing Foundation

Il Makiage Foundation offers full coverage with natural-looking results, masking blemishes and imperfections while simultaneously diminishing fine lines and wrinkles for an aged-down effect. Its lightweight feel and long-term effects make this foundation essential for makeup enthusiasts; and with an array of shades suitable for every skin type and complexion type available – making finding your perfect match easier than ever!

Il Makiage’s No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing Primer is a lightweight primer that makes the application of makeup seamless, blurring imperfections while creating a flawless canvas for application. Packed with natural oils, waxes and polymers to fill in pores and fine lines while simultaneously absorbing excess oil to keep makeup looking fresh throughout the day – an excellent solution for oily or combination skin! This primer makes a fantastic pick.

It contains shea butter and jojoba oil to nourish skin while creating a soft texture, as well as retinoids to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, this foundation features a light fragrance for an added pleasant scent and is paraben- and cruelty-free – an excellent option for sensitive skin.

Il Makiage is a direct-to-consumer brand selling its products through its website and social media channels, featuring makeup, skincare and haircare options for purchase. Established by Ilana Harkavi in 2015 and relaunched with funding from L Catterton in 2018, il Makiage has become renowned for both high-quality products and customer service excellence.

Il Makiage offers the No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing Foundation as a full-coverage foundation suitable for all skin types, using its light-reflecting technology to blur imperfections and brighten complexions while its anti-ageing ingredients (peptides and hyaluronic acid) offer anti-ageing benefits. Available online or select Sephora locations, its products have received praise for quality and effectiveness; however some consumers reported irritation or allergic reactions; its price point may also prove prohibitive for those on tight budgets.

4. No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing Concealer

The No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing Concealer is a lightweight concealer designed to blur imperfections and achieve a flawless complexion, all while helping your makeup last all day long. The silky formula contains natural oils and waxes which help hydrate skin while special blend of polymers and fillers minimize pores, fine lines, wrinkles for an image-perfect photo finish. Plus it won’t clog pores or absorb excess oil – perfect for all skin types!

This concealer comes in multiple shades and it’s easy to find your ideal match. The lightweight formula offers medium coverage that can be built up to full. Perfect for covering blemishes, dark spots, under-eye circles and hyperpigmentation as well as redness or irritation in an easy and natural manner; fragrance-, paraben- and SPF-free formulation with natural finish!

Primers should always be used before applying any makeup, to help prolong your foundation and create a more polished appearance. Makeup experts advise using natural ingredients such as jojoba oil and shea butter in their primer formulation; additionally, selecting one suitable to your skin tone is also vitally important.

IL MAKIAGE is a makeup brand known for its inclusivity and high-performance products, such as foundations, blushes and lipsticks in an array of colors; concealers, primers and setting powders featuring hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated; this new brand has many beauty fans buzzing with excitement!

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