How a 7-Year-Old Makes a $100 Million-A-Month YouTube Star

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Ryan, a seven-year-old boy, began making YouTube videos since 2015. His parents created Ryan Toys Review channel; The Verge describes it as a mix between personal vlogging, unboxing videos and innocent childhood antics.

Early on, Ryan’s videos quickly gained attention among viewers who watched him open toys, play with them and conduct DIY science experiments.

How did he get started?

Ryan is an extraordinary first grader. Not like other children of his age, though; unlike most, he also films his every move for millions of YouTube viewers; at 7 years old, he’s considered one of the largest child influencers worldwide and boasts a media empire more valuable than that owned by household names like PewDiePie and Justin Bieber combined!

Ryan first created his channel in 2015 and initially did not garner many views, but after four months it exploded exponentially and his mom, Loann, decided to dedicate herself fully to its success and dedicate herself full-time towards Ryan’s channel and its growth.

Ryan has become widely popular for his videos featuring him playing with toys and providing his opinion. These videos have quickly become some of the most watched on YouTube; audiences clearly enjoy his entertaining style! However, it should be noted that some of Ryan’s videos contain both sponsored and unsponsored content; in fact, one video may have featured sponsored material without proper disclosure by the FTC.

Ryan has also created numerous subchannels dedicated to his family, science experiments and gaming. Additionally, Ryan has his own app and toy line with Pocketwatch & WildWorks.

Ryan’s Toy Review has become one of the most watched series on YouTube. Over recent years, children who have gained significant followings on social media have gained significant traction – this trend shows no signs of diminishing any time soon!

Ryan is an inspiring example of how an individual can have an immense effect online. His videos have reached millions, while his earnings testify to the power of social media. With each toy review or tag game tutorial he creates, Ryan makes a positive difference in children’s lives around the globe.

What makes him stand out?

Ryan stands out among other kid-run toy review channels on YouTube as one of the most successful and highest-earning. Forbes listed him among its list of 2017’s highest-paid YouTube stars; some accuse his parents of exploiting their son for financial gain.

Loann and Shion Guan created Ryan’s channel on YouTube as a way for him to stand out among a sea of family videos featuring young children playing with toys on YouTube, as well as give him an outlet to interact with other children online. Within two years, his channel had eclipsed subscriber numbers on some of the most popular family channels at that time; Loann even quit her career in teaching chemistry to dedicate herself full-time to running it.

Content on Ryan’s channel centers on reviews of toys and games that he owns or receives as gifts, with commentary provided by both himself and his mother in each video. Many also include links to toy stores where viewers can buy these toys that appear in the videos; some videos have over one billion views and have thus resulted in increased sales for some products featured.

Although Ryan’s toy reviews reach a large audience, not everyone loves them. Some YouTubers have accused the channel of engaging in “view-botting,” where fake views are created artificially to increase its ranking and generate more income for Ryan’s channel. Others have taken issue with how Ryan’s mother appears in every video; many comments ask her to be removed or at least stop appearing as often in them.

Though his toy reviews are controversial, Ryan is loved by millions. In fact, his YouTube channel boasts more subscribers than some of the more acclaimed YouTubers. Critics contend that Ryan exploits young hosts for financial gain without adequately disclosing potential sponsorships; furthermore, YouTube users remain divided as to whether his content promotes harmful products to children or not; some believe the content may encourage materialism and consumerism while others feel otherwise.

How does he make money?

Ryan of YouTube’s highly popular Ryan’s World channel (formerly known as Ryan’s Toy Review) has amassed an astounding net worth of $100 Million thanks to his toy unboxing videos. Since 2015, when his channel first emerged online, millions have been made each year through advertising revenue alone due to Ryan’s immense popularity – even at 11 years old his videos range from simple reviews of toys through more intricate DIY science experiments, animated costars, and doodles!

His success on YouTube has also allowed him to secure lucrative business partnerships. He has collaborated with brands to advertise their products on his channel, released his own line of toys that can be purchased at Walmart and even created a mobile app where people can interact with him by playing games together.

Not surprisingly, children can quickly gain fame on YouTube; however, few achieve success at making millions while still in childhood. Ryan managed this by mimicking other successful children’s YouTubers; diversifying his content by adding educational videos as well as creating his own toy line.

He has collaborated with Pocket Watch, a children’s media company, to develop an app called Tag with Ryan that allows children to interact with his characters from videos. Furthermore, Ryan collaborated with Bonkers Toys in August 2018 on creating his very own toy line that first hit store shelves later that same month.

Ryan’s mother Loann saw the potential in Ryan’s YouTube videos and quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher to run them full time. At first, their videos were low quality but quickly gained popularity and attracted a loyal following; ultimately amassing over one billion views since 2012. Loann estimated her family earned $22 million through YouTube alone last year — surpassing even controversial YouTuber Jake Paul who made just over that amount!

How did he get sued?

Ryan has quickly made his presence felt in the world of YouTube influencers at just seven years old. His videos focus on unboxing toys and showing their features to online audiences, garnering over 30 billion views to his channel – Ryan Toys Review – from which his reach has expanded to 21 million and garner endorsement deals with major companies like Walmart, Chuck E Cheese and Colgate!

Ryan’s videos have also had an effect at retail, helping boost toy sales. One source reported, when videos go viral there’s often an upswing in sales for products featured.

Truth in Advertising has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Ryan for failing to be transparent about his paid sponsorships and product endorsements, which account for nearly 90% of his YouTube videos containing at least one sponsored product recommendation. Furthermore, Truth in Advertising alleges that Ryan or his parents fail to properly disclose such ads within video descriptions or through placement.

FTC regulations mandate that content creators clearly inform their viewers if they have received free products or compensation in return for reviews, either verbally or through YouTube tagging. Unfortunately, no comment from the FTC has yet been given regarding this particular case.

Uncertain if the FTC will investigate Ryan’s sponsorship practices, but its exposure shows how children’s videos have created new avenues for advertisers and marketers – not always good ones.

Exploit is defined in two ways; to use someone or something for productive or harmful means. While having your adorable kid help drive advertising revenue is unlikely to be seen as beneficial by most, if the allegations in this complaint prove accurate the FTC could take steps; children have difficulty differentiating between organic and sponsored content for themselves.

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