GOM Player Review

GOM Player is a universal media player designed to play almost every file format available on the market, featuring advanced features such as screen capture and VR video playback. Furthermore, its integrated codec system eliminates the need to download additional codecs before you can play files.

GOM stands out from other video players with its subtitling search function. It allows for instantaneous download of subtitles from its vast database.

It supports 360-degree videos

GOM Player features an immersive 360-degree video feature that lets you experience being present at an event, giving a sense of being there yourself. You can easily switch up the viewing angle by moving the cursor around the screen. Furthermore, this video player supports different formats and lets you add subtitles. Furthermore, advanced playback controls include speed adjusting and looping functions – not forgetting its integrated codec finder!

If you want to try out this software for yourself, its official website offers it free. Simply click the download link and follow the prompts for installation – selecting your language and accepting terms and conditions will complete this step before your download starts automatically.

This program uses minimal memory space, so there is no risk of running out of storage on your computer. Furthermore, it features additional functions, including searching and recording video clips as well as offering customizable skins for customizing its appearance according to personal tastes.

GOM Player should not be considered malware; however, for your own safety it is strongly advised that you install an uninstaller to delete all associated files with the software and program. Some users have reported difficulty uninstalling GOM Player so it’s essential that you follow its instructions when uninstalling.

It supports subtitles

GOM Player allows users to watch video files with subtitles in their desired language, with its integrated search engine quickly and efficiently locating subtitles online. Furthermore, this program can even download subtitles automatically when the file name matches those found in its database of over 400 different language support.

Its basic installer is user-friendly, allowing them to select an install language, read through and accept license terms, make file type associations, create program shortcuts and change the default installation path. However, the second phase can be invasive as it prompts users to install extraneous software products which don’t belong in this program. Users should decline such offers in order to maintain computer safety.

GOM stands out from other video players by its unique capability of playing 3D videos, whether by activating Side by Side or Top/Bottom mode in its subtitles menu, or via YouTube’s built-in window to display three dimensional videos. While it supports playing stereoscopic 3D videos, its HDMI 1.4 frame packaging/frame sequential output limits may make it incompatible with solutions like the 3D Vision Video Player or Stereoscopic Player.

It has a user-friendly interface

GOM Player is a traditional-looking media player with multiple customization options and unique features, including playing damaged or incomplete media files and searching for missing codecs to download automatically. Furthermore, this program can adjust display settings as well as capture screenshots of videos.

GOM Player boasts a user-friendly interface and navigation that is straightforward. The default window features basic controls such as play/pause/new file buttons; external design themes may also be applied; GOM Player contains numerous configuration settings which are accessible through mouse right-click menu.

GOM Player boasts some unique features, but it does have some drawbacks. One such flaw is its extensive use of resources: without an efficient processor and plenty of memory available, GOM Player may quickly drain both battery life and device speed when streaming videos through it.

GOM Player also poses another problem when it comes to pop-up ads; even though you can disable them in its settings, they still appear periodically while you watch a video. To combat this problem, install an ad blocking software application onto your device; however, keep in mind that advertisers often find ways around such software so ensure it remains updated at all times.

It has a remote app

GOM Player offers a remote app to access its program remotely from smartphones, enabling users to manage video file settings, take frame screenshots, adjust screen sizes and make other adjustments without being at their computer. In addition to basic functions, there are some advanced features not found elsewhere such as downloading codecs for videos that cannot be played by default media players such as downloading subtitles for subtitled videos that don’t support subtitles or are incompatible with existing media players.

GOM Player app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and in order to use it you must both your computer and smartphone on the same network. When used, the GOM Player will display its system tray’s pairing key which must then be entered on your mobile device for it to pair properly.

Once paired, GOM Player allows you to access and manage other programs on the same computer using your smartphone. With its user-friendly UI and simple layout, you can use this app easily to control GOM Player as well as any others running on that same PC from your phone. You can easily set a PC timer, adjust video brightness levels and access advanced features like sync lyrics, screen capture and audio recording; change playback speed or add subtitles; play broken AVI files without complete indexes and use its codec finder feature; regularly updating with new technology ensures an uninterrupted experience!

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