Golo Reviews – A Review of the GOLO Diet

golo reviews

Golo Diet promises long-term weight loss through calorie restriction and its own supplement, plus claims it can help alleviate asthma symptoms by improving insulin sensitivity.

This plan emphasizes whole, unprocessed foods while minimizing processed products. Furthermore, protein and healthy fats are prioritized.

Weight loss

People have reported significant success with weight loss from following the GOLO diet, but its use should be carefully evaluated before embarking on it. First, as most supplements are unregulated by FDA, their safety cannot be assured. Furthermore, due to limited research conducted into them versus prescription medicines their efficacy and safety cannot be guaranteed.

The GOLO diet plan features both a meal plan and supplement called Release capsule. According to their company’s claims, Release contains plant extracts and minerals which physically and psychologically manage weight management; optimizing insulin regulation; balancing hormones; extending hunger; and controlling cravings are just a few benefits that come from its use. Their website lists multiple studies as proof; however Rumsey cautions that many may be small studies funded by them so their findings should be taken with a grain of salt.

Although the GOLO diet claims to increase metabolism, few studies support its claims. Furthermore, certain ingredients found in its pills could actually be harmful; such as green tea extract and garcinia cambogia which have been linked with liver damage and other health concerns. Furthermore, its cost may make this option unfeasible for everyone.

Another drawback of the GOLO diet is its restrictiveness, which may lead to nutritional deficiencies over time. Following its meal plan requires cooking and prepping meals daily – something which may prove challenging for individuals with limited time and resources. Furthermore, purchasing supplements specifically targeted for this diet could prove expensive or may interfere with other medications prescribed to a patient.

The GOLO Diet promises to reduce food cravings through providing a nutritional diet devoid of processed foods, and emphasizing regular exercise. Furthermore, this diet promotes positive habits for life through comprehensive meal plans, coaching assistance from coaches and high-quality supplements – making it an excellent solution for people wanting to shed unwanted pounds while leading a healthy lifestyle.


Although not regulated by the FDA, GOLO supplements have been determined safe for most adults who adhere to an appropriate diet and exercise plan. If you have any health conditions that could be affected by taking them – like high blood pressure – prior to using GOLO pills it is advisable to check with your physician first as some could react adversely to taking these supplements. Petersen indicates they do not advise pregnant women or young children take them. The product has earned a 3.2 out of 5-star rating on Amazon with many users noting lack noticeable difference and poor customer service experience as complaints regarding lack of noticeable difference and poor customer service experience from these buyers.


The GOLO diet is a dietary plan which claims to reduce insulin resistance and facilitate weight loss through encouraging people to eat more whole foods while restricting processed food consumption. Additionally, this program features a supplementary capsule known as GOLO Release which claims to improve blood sugar levels and help with weight loss; its website displays testimonials and clinical studies testing its effectiveness; however many were funded by GOLO which raises questions over their validity; moreover the release pill contains stimulants which may cause side effects like increased heart rate or jitters for sensitive individuals who take this supplement.

GOLO Release’s manufacturer claims it contains 10 key ingredients and helps balance hormones for increased metabolism. Their website claims GOLO pills can safely take with medications; however, this claim cannot be easily verified since supplements do not fall under FDA regulation or follow rigorous scientific testing protocols.

GOLO’s website makes many unsubstantiated health claims, such as curing metabolic dysfunction and reversing insulin resistance, while also asserting that its supplement can help people lose significant amounts of fat without exercise – although no evidence supports this claim; research suggests a diet low in carbohydrates and high in proteins may actually aid weight loss more quickly than using supplements alone. If you already suffer from preexisting medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, always consult a physician prior to beginning any weight-loss program or supplement.

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