GiliSoft USB Lock Review

GiliSoft USB Lock is a comprehensive and straightforward USB secure software solution. This powerful Endpoint DLP Suite can lock USB ports, disable SD Card Readers, make DVD/CD burners read-only, block certain websites or forbid certain programs to run – among many other things!

Data leakage and hacking can also be mitigated with this software by blocking various ports/external devices while placing minimal load on endpoint computers’ processors. Furthermore, whitelists can be created for specific approved devices to make your security setup even stronger.

Disable reading from USB/SD disks

GiliSoft USB Lock is an intuitive piece of software that makes securing hard and USB drives, DVDs/CDs/floppy disks/programs/websites easier than ever for you and other users. By setting an individual password that only you know about, GiliSoft USB Lock prevents modification or deletion of locks by others.

This tool also offers you with a white list of “approved” devices that can be used to access certain files or folders. It automatically blocks all USB devices except those on its whitelist without requiring complex configuration or an administrator account – saving both time and hassle when using.

One great feature of the program is full disk encryption, providing complete protection of all of the information on your PC and keeping sensitive material away from any unintended users. This makes the program particularly valuable to enterprises and businesses as sensitive data remains secure from unauthorized users.

Additionally, this solution features an intuitive user interface and was designed for simple deployment or integration into enterprise environments. Furthermore, its lightweight nature means no heavy loads are placed on endpoint processors or system performance is affected. As such, this solution makes an excellent solution for corporate environments in which many individuals need to manage and monitor the same devices simultaneously – even more so if deployed via command-line application for easier implementation by IT staff members.

Disable writing to USB/SD disks

GiliSoft USB Lock provides you with the tools to protect data stored on USB flash drives or CDs using advanced 256-bit on-the-fly encryption technology. You can password protect your USB drive to prevent unauthorised access; additionally, it disables writing to USB devices to prevent data being read by viruses infected computers and protect your files against potential theft of access by malware programs.

Gilisoft USB Lock also provides additional security functions to further protect your PC against prying eyes, such as disabling task manager, Registry Editor and remote desktop connection. A whitelist of trusted USB devices can be set up, which prevents disks that don’t belong on it from being accessed; DVD burners can also be read-only while blocking COM & LPT ports, infrared Bluetooth and IEEE 1394 ports are blocked off entirely.

GiliSoft USB Lock’s user-friendly interface makes it a popular choice among both home and business users alike. You can create an account with its own password to protect itself from other users altering or uninstalling it, sending alarm notifications via email should any attempts at hacking into its account occur or settings change; additionally, shutting down and locking all drives protected within 10 minutes without entering an acceptable password are also options available to the application.

Block non-system partition(s)

GiliSoft USB Lock allows users to protect non-system partitions and devices on their computers from access, thereby preventing data leakage and theft. You can restrict USB drives, external devices and ports as a measure against theft of data.

This data-protection program prevents unauthorised copying of sensitive files to any external device such as USB drives (Android/iPhone), mobile phones or CD/DVDs. Furthermore, an encrypted container on a portable drive can be created with sensitive information stored there – accessible only with your password.

This software is intuitive to use and features an eye-catching futuristic design, so even first-time users shouldn’t encounter difficulties using it. Alongside its primary blocking functions, you can enable whitelisting for “approved” USB pen drives or block certain websites or programs altogether.

The tool can be hidden in the system tray and you can set a password to protect your settings. After entering an incorrect password more than five times, alarm notifications are sent directly to your email address as well as blocking unwelcome login attempts for 10 minutes – an ideal solution for protecting personal or professional data from unwelcome access by unauthorised individuals or businesses alike. Its command-line application makes integration into enterprise environments even simpler while supporting Windows 10 too!

Block non-system devices

GiliSoft USB Lock allows administrators to easily restrict access to external devices like USB drives, mobile phones and tablets. The tool can also restrict specific ports and partitions so unauthorized data cannot be transferred between computers and portable devices. Furthermore, it encrypts device-stored information using password protection and prevents other users from gaining entry to it.

This program can be used to restrict read and write access for any USB, SD, or other removable storage device as well as hardware components like printers, modems, COM & LPT ports, infrared and Bluetooth adapters as well as websites using HOSTS file entries as well as programs. It is password protected with an invisible mode which means it can run without being seen; email notifications will also be sent if entering incorrect password more than five times is attempted by users attempting to log on with wrong password. Additionally, automatic bans of up to 10 minutes are set if entering incorrect password more than five times by sending emails with emails sent as notifications, as well as email notifications from HOSTS file entries that could block certain websites (via HOSTS file entries), specific programs / websites through HOSTS file entries – with automatic bans of 10 minutes bans automatically bans users if entering incorrect password more than five times when entering incorrect password incorrectly more than five times, automatic bans them for 10 minutes if entering incorrect password five times before entering incorrect password more than five times when entering incorrect password six times before entering incorrect password five times more times! Automatic bans users for 10 minutes when entering incorrect password more than five times failed when entering wrong password six times more. Email notifications sent from within software when ran without being seen. Sends email notifications sent from within software itself sends notifications or programs sending email notifications of 10 minutes bans them ten minutes upon multiple failed entries attempts of five consecutive wrong ones more times! Sends email notifications sends and automatically bans them automatically bans them automatically banging for 10 minutes ban. Sends automatic ban ban.

Monitoring and recording all attempts to use non-system devices or ports is another feature, and can help detect suspicious behavior and monitor potential threats. Installation is straightforward and comes complete with a command-line version to ease deployment in enterprise environments. Furthermore, support from both knowledge bases and forums are offered by the company.

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