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RealPlayer is a free multimedia player that supports almost all versions of Windows operating system. You can listen to your favorite music and watch videos anytime and anywhere. The developers launched the software in 1995, and now it’s available in more than 9 international languages. It’s a relatively small-sized application, so you need not worry about running out of memory space. Its latest version offers cloud functionality, and you’ll get 2GB free space on cloud service to store music audio or videos. You can access RealPlayer Cloud with Roku or Chromecast services and enjoy videos on big screen.

RealPlayer Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

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Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Who won’t like listening to music or watching movies when they’re free? But it’s another task to find a multimedia player that supports various audio and video formats.

RealPlayer 2019 Cloud is the answer to your problems. Its impressive features help you enjoy audio or videos and enhance your experience with a plethora of controls.

Organize Media Library

Whether the multimedia files are stored in system hard disk or on cloud storage, you can manage them with the software GUI. You can create a backup of multimedia files via its Cloud service. This way, you won’t end up losing data and can restore it to your PC as and when needed.

View Multimedia Files

You can access files present in system memory as well as those that you’ve stored in cloud storage. It offers support for a myriad of file formats. You can watch videos, view images, take a look at stories, and listen to music.

Download Videos

While using the internet, you may come across a piece of music that captivates you. You may want to download it to enjoy it later.

Not many multimedia players facilitate you to download music. But with this application, you can easily do so.

When you open a web browser, a small icon of RealPlayer appears at the top of the screen. You can expand it by clicking the icon. It’ll give you the option to enter the URL of a video and download it quickly.

File Conversion

What if you want to transfer a video or music file to your smartphone, but the media player on your mobile device doesn’t support this specific format?

Don’t worry, as RealPlayer has you covered!

With its file conversion option, you can easily convert any multimedia file to the desired format.

You can convert your multimedia files into the following formats:

  • Audio Formats – MP3, AAC (for Apple devices), RealAudio 10, RealAudio Lossless, WMA (for Windows phones), and WAV
  • Video Formats – MP4, 3GP, RealVideo, RealMedia HD, WMV

If you want to convert multiple files into required formats, you can add them to the queue. It’ll automatically convert multimedia files one after the other.


RealPlayer Cloud is the top choice of many music fanatics out there. It comes equipped with features that help you listen to music, enjoy movies, and view photos. You can also share content with your friends by logging in to your RealTimes account.