Freedom Debt Reviews – Does Freedom Debt Relief Really Work?

freedom debt reviews

Freedom Debt Relief stands out as a leader in the debt relief industry, offering clients the ability to settle their debts at a reduced amount than what is owed while saving money and improving credit scores.

Clients make monthly payments into an escrow account and the company negotiates with creditors on their behalf – this process typically takes two to four years for completion.

Free consultation

Freedom Debt Relief provides a free consultation program to determine whether debt settlement is right for you. Their goal is to negotiate and settle your unsecured debt at less than what it’s owed, thus saving money on interest payments and helping avoid bankruptcy altogether. No upfront fees are charged; rather they take a percentage of any agreed-upon settlement amount with creditors as their payment.

American Fair Credit Council membership and has assisted over 650,000 clients to resolve their debt. Their four-step program involves free debt evaluation, personal budget creation and payments directly into an account for clients to pay through. Clients can monitor progress via an online dashboard or portal as well as gain access to educational materials such as videos, blogs, FAQs glossaries and negotiation alerts.

However, some consumers have voiced complaints regarding the customer service provided by this company. Some reported difficulty communicating with their debt specialists while others believed settlement took too long to arrive at an agreement. Regardless, BBB rates them highly while Trustpilot also gives them high marks.

Debt settlement can be an extremely risky endeavour. It may wreak havoc with your credit scores by marking accounts as delinquent, which could negatively impact future applications for loans and employment, and result in collection attempts from creditors attempting to collect outstanding balances; some accounts may even be sold off to third parties which further damages your score. Often times debt settlement requires payment of substantial sums to satisfy its terms. It’s essential to carefully weigh both its pros and cons before enrolling.

Online account portal

Freedom Debt Relief offers free consultation and debt resolution services for clients. They help clients reduce unsecured debt by negotiating with creditors to settle for less than what is owed; additionally they have an online client dashboard where clients can track progress, upload documents and track updates; plus they provide phone support seven days a week.

Many consumers are confused about how debt settlement companies work. Some may fear they’ll damage their credit score; this is not always true and, in fact, can actually save it by helping to clear off multiple high-interest loans or credit card balances at once.

Freedom Debt Relief and National Debt Relief both claim a high success rate with their debt settlement programs. Both are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, boasting top ratings on Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs as well as having an online debt calculator that allows consumers to compare costs of debt relief services from different providers.

Start the process off right by visiting or calling Freedom Debt Relief’s website or company directly and scheduling a debt evaluation and program summary call. On this call, you will be asked questions regarding your current financial situation and debt goals before receiving an agreement and disclosures to sign. Afterward, monthly payments can be deposited directly into a dedicated account used by Freedom Debt Relief to fund future settlements; once enough funds have been accumulated to commence negotiation discussions with creditors.

Before choosing a debt relief company, it’s essential that you read reviews from reliable sources before making your decisions. Doing this will give an accurate representation of their service providers and reputation, how the company works and what to expect. Look out for positive and negative comments as well as those regarding transparency; small companies with few reviews might just be new and haven’t had enough time to build up an established name; larger organizations with many reviews likely make trustworthy partners.


When researching debt relief programs, it’s essential to assess their reputation. Freedom Debt Relief boasts an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and an average client review score of 4.5 stars on Trust Pilot – two indicators of quality service providers.

However, it should be remembered that BBB ratings are determined by client feedback and complaints. Many clients have reported issues with this company including poor communication and delays in settling their debts; other complaints alleged illegal fees being charged and failed to settle debts as promised.

Employee reviews of Freedom Debt Relief provide insight into its culture and employee satisfaction levels, and can give an indication of employee happiness with the job and colleagues. Overall, employees tend to enjoy working for Freedom Debt Relief due to its excellent benefits package including health/dental/life insurance plans plus 401(k).

While there have been a few negative reviews online, most are insignificant. People may accuse the company of ruining their credit scores; this may or may not be accurate as debt settlement programs require people to stop paying their debts in order to enter. As a result, your scores could suffer accordingly.

Freedom Debt Relief may receive negative reviews that allege it’s a scam, but this may not always be accurate. Before signing with this company or considering alternatives like debt settlement, you should thoroughly research both companies. If your experience wasn’t satisfying enough for you, try switching companies or cancelling the contract altogether and/or file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to protect your rights.


Freedom Debt Relief charges a fee between 15%-25% of the debt enrolled in its program. They claim they help clients resolve their debt within two to four years on average, offer free consultation, a client dashboard or portal where clients can track progress, and hold an A+ rating from both Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot.

Freedom’s specialty lies in consolidating unsecured debt such as credit card and personal loan balances, medical debt negotiation and settlement for less than its total balance, but cannot address mortgage or car loan loans or federal student loans. While its fees are lower than most debt consolidation companies’ charges, they still can be considerable.

Once enrolled in Freedom’s program, you’ll stop making payments directly to creditors and instead deposit monthly payments into an escrow account instead. Freedom then negotiates with each of your creditors to accept a lower sum than what they owe – this process may take months and cause your credit score to decrease; this could impact future applications for credit and employment applications; however it often works out cheaper than filing bankruptcy which typically costs $2,000+ and has lasting negative repercussions for seven years.

Freedom stands out from its peers by not requiring upfront fees; you can calculate how much money may be saved by providing basic information online. There is a one-time setup fee of $9.95 as well as monthly account maintenance charges of $9.95 each month, although these can vary.

Once your debt is settled, Freedom’s company will send a letter and check to confirm the agreement as well as deduct your settlement fee from it before crediting it to your designated accounts via your personalized dashboard or portal. In addition to debt settlement services, its debt counselors also provide credit counseling and bankruptcy assistance; their experts can help determine if debt settlement is available to you as well as creating budgets to manage finances more efficiently.

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