Freedom Debt Reviews – A Review of Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt settlement company that assists its clients with settling unsecured debts at less than what is owed, typically totaling $23,000 across eight to nine credit accounts when they enroll.

Freedom Debt Relief stands apart from debt management companies by not charging upfront fees; rather, it establishes an account where monthly payments will go directly to creditors – helping your credit score in the process.


Americans struggle to pay their bills and debt payments on time due to rising interest rates and inflation, leading them to struggle paying their debt quickly and incurring mounting balances and credit issues. Freedom Debt Relief’s debt settlement program can help people manage their debt more easily by negotiating with creditors to reduce what you owe – this includes credit card, medical, private student loan debt and other forms of unsecured debt – although unfortunately they do not assist clients with mortgage or car loan debt.

Freedom Debt Relief will assess your eligibility and suitability for their debt settlement program prior to enrolling you in it, typically through a brief phone call or chat session with one of their representatives. On this call, you will be provided an outline of your debt settlement program’s terms and fees as well as receiving a contract and disclosures to sign. Once you enroll in Freedom Debt Relief’s program, your payments will go into an account held by them that is then used to finance debt settlement negotiations with creditors and pay off settling accounts directly; Freedom Debt Relief then deducts its fee from this sum before sending payments directly.

Freedom Debt Relief can save you considerable money, but you should carefully consider its cost before engaging its services. Debt settlement companies typically charge between 15% and 25% of your enrolled debt – an amount which could make a considerable dent in savings; additionally if the debt settlement company is unsuccessful at settling it then additional fees will apply and this could eat into savings further still.

Debt counseling may also be an option to consider; such services can often provide more cost-effective and personalized solutions than debt settlement. They can help identify a debt management plan suitable for your unique circumstances.


Transparency is the ability to see through something or someone, enabling people to make informed decisions. While transparency may never reach perfection, everyone should strive for it. Achieve it requires honesty, integrity and fairness from everyone involved as well as being open about mistakes made along the way and admitting them when necessary. Transparency is essential in modern democracies as it provides individuals and companies alike many advantages.

Freedom Debt reviews tend to be positive, with clients applauding Freedom for its customer service and comprehensive explanation of their debt settlement program. Furthermore, regular updates about where clients stand in their program make Freedom an invaluable aid to people struggling under large amounts of unsecured debt.

As part of this program, a client must stop paying credit card and other debts which will cause their accounts to become delinquent and impact their credit scores. Although this decision may be difficult for those struggling with debt, the company then negotiates with creditors in an attempt to settle the debt for less than what is owed.

Freedom Debt Relief enjoys a strong reputation and established business, but has faced regulatory and litigation issues over time. In 2019, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed suit against it over allegations that it charged consumers without actually settling their debts, and misled customers regarding fees charged. Freedom also settled a class-action suit filed over its use of robocalls to market its services back in 2023.

Customer service

Freedom Debt Relief is an established debt settlement company with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Their services include assessing your situation, developing an individualized debt strategy plan, and negotiating with creditors on your behalf in order to reduce what you owe. Furthermore, their customer service representatives are always on hand to answer any inquiries or provide updates on program progress.

FDR will negotiate to settle your debt one account at a time. After they negotiate with one creditor, FDR will notify you and ask if you approve their proposed settlement before processing payment and adding their fee which typically ranges between 18%-25% of total enrolled debt. They’ll continue this process for each account until all creditors have been addressed.

FDR enjoys an excellent reputation among consumer advocates, yet has experienced regulatory issues and class-action lawsuits in recent years. In 2019, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed suit alleging they charged consumers without fulfilling their agreements to settle debts as promised and mislead them about fees; FDR eventually settled this suit in 2023 by paying $25 million in restitution and penalties.

As a consumer, you have three ways of reaching FDR’s customer service team: phone, email or the online portal. There is also an extensive list of FAQs and resources on their website to answer specific queries about your account or issue; for optimal results it would be good to have account information ready when calling them as well as provide details of any potential concerns they might be aware of in order to quickly and efficiently address them.

One drawback of using a debt-relief company is that accounts will be marked delinquent, which will have an adverse impact on your credit reports and scores. You might receive calls from creditors or collection agencies while using the company; though some offer tips to assist with handling these calls effectively; ultimately it is ultimately your responsibility not theirs to prevent.

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