EmEditor Professional Review

EmEditor Professional

EmEditor Professional is a lightweight yet extensible text editor for Windows featuring support for Unicode characters and powerful macros, in addition to syntax highlighting for several languages such as HTML and PHP.

EmEditor provides features like vertical selection editing, support for large files and various plugins that make it an excellent text editor for coders looking for something fast and reliable.


DBeaver is an invaluable database tool that makes checking tables in a database quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, its user-friendly software enables them to view schema diagrams as well as any constraints present on a table. Downloadable free from the internet, it provides users with convenient database management solutions.

This program comes equipped with many features designed to make its use effortless, such as an SQL editor with syntax highlighting and autocomplete capabilities, support for several database platforms – including MySQL and PostgreSQL; random data generation (“mock” data). Finally, there’s the ability to generate fake table rows (called mock data).

This feature makes debugging procedural code easier than ever. Launched directly from the menu, it enables you to perform various standard debugging tasks – such as setting breakpoints, running code stepwise through its execution and viewing variable values – all from within its interface.

DBeaver supports version control, and can be used to manage repositories. It displays changes made within repositories, fetches files from them, commits changes and refreshes changes when required – plus allows new repositories to be created through its user-interface! Version control is an indispensable feature of many software development teams, and DBeaver offers several methods of employing it.


EmEditor Professional is a lightweight text editor designed for Windows with multilingual support in mind, offering support for Unicode as well as many international encodings, with tools to handle character encodings such as automatic detection, byte order mark support and file reloading with different encodings (and the detection of errors). Furthermore, EmEditor supports drag-and-drop, syntax highlighting for programming languages (ASP, JavaScript, PHP and SQL among them) plus plug-ins like snippets – making its ability to open files larger than 248GB an extremely useful feature! Additionally, speed and reliability have been optimized so as not to hinder its performance when opening files larger than 248GB is highly useful feature.

Another feature is its powerful macro support, enabling users to build functionally rich macros using JavaScript or VBScript for various uses and functions. Utilizing Windows Scripting Host engine for maximum power and flexibility.

The program contains other useful tools, including an inbuilt HEX converter that converts between hex and decimal numbers; finding duplicate lines in files and sorting and deleting them or extracting them to new files; bookmarking lines that match specific criteria like error keywords or URLs; word counter; web preview plug-in which displays documents; as well as bookmark features that mark specific lines as important; word count capability and an online preview plug-in to display documents directly in browser.

Text editing

EmEditor is a lightweight text editor packed with useful features. It can be used for writing code in various programming languages, as well as supporting markdown, making it suitable for web article writing. The program comes equipped with numerous side panels which can be toggled on or off easily, and its central tabbed editing area makes use easy; but sometimes finding where you should turn on or off certain features may prove elusive.

One of the key features of this program is its support for syntax highlighting of HTML, ASP and PHP files; JavaScript/VBScript macros and plugins; large file opening and multiple encodings including binary (ASCII view) and hexadecimal support. Furthermore, Windows Script Host users will appreciate its drag-and-drop, CSV/TSV modes, narrowing functions, bracket/quotation mark autocomplete capabilities as well as Regular Expressions supporting Unicode support features.

This text editor is an effective and extensible application designed to meet the unique needs of each user. It offers features like multi-line search and replace, vertical selection editing and spellchecker; opening large text files; splitting or merging; deleting duplicate lines from documents; bookmarking lines that satisfy certain criteria (error keywords/URLs etc) before sorting and viewing hierarchically; as well as being customizable according to specific user needs.


EmEditor Professional is a fast and light text editor offering an impressive variety of functions and customization preferences to make text editing simpler. Its powerful macros, Unicode support, large file support and support for powerful macros make EmEditor perfect for both home users and students, while businesses may purchase its commercial edition to use in business settings. Downloaded as either free/limited version or for commercial usage – free version works great as student work/home use while paid version provides greater commercial potential.

This program boasts a host of features, from search and snippets to syntax highlighting for various programming languages and multi-document file support. Users can select multiple words at once for editing while it can highlight keywords automatically replace with different terms based on user selections. Installation and compatibility is easy on Windows systems.

EmEditor’s macro system is one of the most helpful features, allowing you to record a series of commands and replay them later as needed – an invaluable time saver and debugging aid! Furthermore, macros can run against every opened file; making them ideal for automating repetitive tasks. Each macro file is stored as its own Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file to conserve system resources; should an error arise during execution of the macro, an alert box will display.

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