Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring will delight all FromSoftware fans, offering stunning open world gameplay complemented by classic FromSoftware combat in an impressive open environment.

Fans of bizarre fantasy worlds will also appreciate this game, where players enjoy walloping enemies to the tune of an orchestral score while there are also moments of silliness.


Elden Ring will feel familiar to anyone familiar with From Software’s other games; its tried-and-true formula of measured third-person combat against enemies quick to punish recklessness remains satisfyingly challenging. From using sword and shield or raw iron weapons, understanding enemy attack patterns to selecting appropriate gear – Elden Ring offers all these delights!

Though The Lands Between’s castles, dungeons, and catacombs may resemble those found in From Software’s Dark Souls series, its vast open world feels unlike anything else in video gaming. While its castles, dungeons, and catacombs may resemble those found therein at first glance, something about its welcoming landscape makes this game from From Software one of their most captivating works yet.

Elden Ring stands out from Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild with its seamless combination of exploration and other activities, such as diving into caves or breaching castle walls, with battlegrounds appearing around every hillcrest – creating an experience unlike anything else on the market today.

From Software has taken an interesting approach in their latest title by employing a currency system as the reward for defeating enemies: rather than souls, enemies drop runes which can be used to upgrade stats or purchase gear – changing the leveling process significantly and making sure that you never become overpowered before facing off with bosses or mobs of enemies.


Elden Ring’s world is an imaginative take on fantasy land, full of strange monsters and courageous warriors from another time and place. However, Elden Ring is also broken and must be repaired in order to bring order out of chaos; themes which have long been present in Hidetaka Miyazaki’s games that come through clearly here.

But it’s the combination of all these elements that elevates ELDEN RING beyond simply another iteration of From Software’s formula. Similar to Dark Souls before it, Elden Ring offers an open world experience that encourages players to explore its vast maps at their own pace; additionally, Elden Ring will surprise players with hidden merchants and shrines popping up unexpectedly in unexpected spots throughout its expansive maps.

Character and build customization have also been expanded over previous From Software titles, with players free to select weapons and spells at will as well as upgrade and replace Ashes of War obtained from defeated enemies. Furthermore, its map shows points of interest such as hidden caves or teleportation sites – but often relies on players themselves to discover these.

As is typical for From Software games, combat in ELDEN RING is challenging and rewarding; yet its open world design gives it its own distinct identity, providing freedom in gameplay that helps distinguish it among its peers. Furthermore, collecting Spirit Ashes of defeated foes allows the player to summon them for assistance as part of his or her battle plan.


Like previous titles from developer FromSoftware, Elden Ring thrusts you into an open world that begs for exploration and discovery. But unlike its predecessors, golden rays puncture the atmosphere instead of dark ominousness; there’s more colour – with Arthurian and Norse mythology coming into play throughout – giving the Lands Between more distinct character than Blighttown in Dark Souls or Sekiro’s Valley of Defilement, creating an equally captivating setting to discover.

The Lands Between is one of the largest and most captivating Souls games to date, boasting an engaging universe of narrative intrigue. Additionally, this sequel boasts more varied environments than ever before; from Limgrave’s desolate bog to Liurnia’s elegant crystallised swamplands – even to ruins of a once powerful sorceress cursed to eternal sleep!

These realms are filled with the whispered words of mysterious spirits who provide clues as to the past of this realm while appealing for salvation. It’s an intriguingly unrelenting tale, with characters encountered along the way becoming casualties of this fascinating yet deadly narrative.

FromSoftware has created its most ambitious open-world game yet. Featuring expanded character customisation options and an innovative horseback riding system, among other features. However, completion is no easier: Levelling works similar to previous titles with enemies and items dropping runes you use to advance abilities – this allows plenty of freedom but may quickly overwhelm with too many foes and traps in play if not careful; FromSoftware recognizes this and encourages players to fight at their own pace rather than forcing constant grinding.


FromSoftware games are an iconic staple, and Elden Ring, their latest offering, continues that tradition by exploring many of the same ideas as its predecessors – yet adds new layers of fun in familiar territory. The large open world makes connecting to this game effortless; and its diverse system make this an excellent introduction for those new to Souls-like titles.

The Lands Between has a distinctive aesthetic, recalling both Miyazaki and Martin, with some elements from Arthurian and Norse storytelling thrown in for good measure. From its life-giving world tree looming overhead to roving bands of desiccated peasants and towering knights roaming about aimlessly, there’s something about this setting that feels both foreboding and majestic at once.

Combat is at the core of this game, with players choosing from six starting classes to start out their adventure. Each has unique strengths and weaknesses; when creating their character it’s essential that points are distributed strategically for maximum effect. Most enemies can kill in just a few hits with limited healing options available – however unexpected enemies often strike from above or sneak up behind you or appear from nowhere and strike unpredictably!

Elden Ring may initially seem daunting due to its vast number of activities; however, this incredible game stands as one of the greatest experiences of 2016. By dedicating some time and effort in levelling up and grinding at first, you will soon see that its pay off can be truly magical! FromSoftware has outdone themselves in creating something truly epic with Elden Ring; get familiar with its characters today!


The game looks stunning for being From’s inaugural attempt at such a grand world (although PC gamers may experience framerate drops even with the “favour frames per second” option enabled). FromSoftware is instantly recognisable through their art style; though this game may have less story than their acclaimed Souls series games, there are still memorable characters, epic boss battles, and over-the-top locations to satisfy fans craving sweaty combat action!

This game also boasts some of the finest freeform exploration since Breath of the Wild, rewarding curiosity and making discovery truly revelatory. Additionally, its action-oriented combat is unparalleled – featuring fluid feints and attacks with every move counting towards victory or defeat; from swinging elegant swords to firing fireballs at foes in an intricate ballet of feints and attacks – its weighty weapons provide precise movements unparalleled elsewhere.

Elden Ring isn’t perfect, and many players will likely be put off by its steep learning curve and challenge level – even FromSoftware games typically push boundaries of control and challenge; but this title from FromSoftware stands out with its harsh approach that prevents easy kills or approaches a dragon, making the combat harshly difficult – this may prove disappointing to those who don’t relish fighting games!

Elden Ring provides an unforgettable challenge and experience for those who relish being thrust into hostile environments, with its breathtaking architecture, monstrous creatures and thrilling moments of triumph and despair that feel authentic. Although it doesn’t provide direct narrative beyond a simple storyboard-style intro, the world of Elden Ring is filled with lore from past adventures as well as gruff NPCs eager to melt your skin away into chips of fat.

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