Elden Ring Review

elden ring review

If you’re familiar with Souls or Bloodborne games, Elden Ring’s moment-by-moment gameplay should feel familiar; most enemies can kill in several hits while bosses require patience and precision to beat.

Combat is intense yet exhilarating; once you understand an enemy’s attack patterns, outwitting them provides a rush unlike anything else in gaming.


From Software has long been known to present an immense challenge for their players, and Elden Ring follows this tradition by featuring terrifying horrors and bloody combat that fans have become accustomed to experiencing in their games. Fans familiar with Hidetaka Miyazaki titles will recognize its familiar rhythms of struggle, setback and perseverance at play here; every hillcrest or valley offers new chances for reinvention.

Elden Ring offers players an exciting experience. After a brief tutorial area, players emerge into the true Lands Between and can freely roam as they please. Essential tools make navigation of its map painless; for instance Torrent, Elden Ring’s spectral steed can use swirling pools of wind to jump impressively high onto cliff sides while there are numerous sites of lost grace – an open world equivalent of Dark Souls bonfires – in Elden Ring that allow players to quickly transport between distant locations.

Players can equip up to three weapons on each of the left and right hands, each boasting its own distinct advantages in terms of damage output, mobility and range. From maces that excel at knocking back enemy armor to fire-wreaked staffs – each weapon offers something special, giving the player the freedom to experiment without compromising gameplay efficiency – each new discovery becomes an exciting experience!

Elden Ring doesn’t rely on breadcrumb trail quests to lead players around; rather, players must decipher clues from enemy placement and behavior, environmental cues, and their own playstyle in order to navigate this expansive, mysterious world. This approach makes the experience feel more organic than most modern games with their open sandbox designs; and exploring this vast and mysterious space is truly rewarding!


Elden Ring may not be as dark and grimy as some of FromSoftware’s earlier titles, but its world is nonetheless dark and dismal. Severed body parts and corpses litter its landscape. Feeling as if its inhabitants have been slowly strangled to death by powerful rulers, you are tasked with unravelling their machinations that keeps this place afloat – uncovering it may prove rewarding; discovering many hidden secrets along the way might even feel satisfying!

Elden Ring’s deliberate combat will feel immediately familiar to veterans of FromSoftware titles, having been meticulously refined since its last iteration. Players still must manage their stamina carefully when engaging enemies wielding intricate weapons; stealth mechanics allow players to sneak up behind foes and surprise them with backstabs for added variation in battles, making the expansive open world feel more expansive than its predecessors.

Elden Ring continues FromSoftware’s tradition of leaving players to their own devices, without an on-screen minimap or breadcrumb trail indicating where to go next. Players must learn to decode oblique item descriptions in-game or find assistance through invaluable internet communities to complete missions successfully despite death; death should not be seen as just another setback but part of an inevitable journey. Even when technical flaws arise – like gates that are impossible to jump over or bosses with too much health that beating them is hard – Elden Ring manages to retain an energetic quality that few other developers create within fantasy worlds – creating something few other developers create with fantasy worlds.


If you’re familiar with FromSoftware’s world-shaking games, Elden Ring’s world will feel familiar. From how your character opens double doors to collecting glittering loot glinting with light, many aspects here will bring memories of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro to mind – not simply as recycling but rather an honorable nod towards what came before.

FromSoftware has designed Elden Ring as an open world designed to encourage exploration and discovery. Every NPC, enemy, structure and object contains clues to the narrative that could lead you somewhere new – whether that’s a dangerous swampland or perhaps a terrifying academy on the horizon.

Elden Ring is an uncompromisingly challenging game. Combat takes place in massive arenas without cover, and you must master dodging, managing stamina, and timing your attacks to stay alive. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the threats out there trying to tear you apart; playing recklessly only compounding this difficulty.

However, the game offers ample ways for you to recover from these moments of near-death. A generous fast-travel system makes traveling between points on the map faster, while loading times are usually instantaneous – all this combined with having access to mounts and crafting healing items will create an adventure sure to challenge even veteran gamers but remain captivating along its course.


FromSoftware has accomplished something truly exceptional with Elden Ring; their most complete and polished game ever produced. Contrary to industry trends, it proves that one can create exciting and challenging titles even within genres that have become increasingly homogenized.

FromSoftware has long utilized The Lands Between as the setting of their game, but this time they have gone bigger than ever with this locale. Fraught with conflict between factions but full of wonder and surprises as well.

FromSoftware games are known for being challenging, but this one takes things even further with its intense dungeons and epic boss fights, creating a truly challenging but rewarding challenge that appeals to both diehard gamers as well as casual enthusiasts.

Combat is more fluid than ever, offering hundreds of weapons, sorceries and incantations to unlock. Every weapon type boasts unique strengths and weaknesses; you can forge them at a blacksmith to increase their stats; plus you’re even given access to summon spectral summons as backup!

Players will find themselves immersed in an expansive open world filled with ruined cities and dense forests, all centered on an enormous golden tree known as Erdree. While it serves as plot MacGuffin, players are free to explore it as they please; discovering its rich lore takes only time and dedication.

George RR Martin may be well known, but this game remains the work of From Software. Its expansive world demonstrates their acclaimed design skills while boasting numerous iconic characters.


Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s modern take on its iconic Souls formula. With a wider and more expansive world than its predecessor, Elden Ring still provides familiar rhythms of struggle, setback, perseverance and triumph that have become hallmarks of their games. As in Souls games past, danger lurks around every hillcrest or temple ruin as do cults of cackling dancers – every hillcrest offers new chances to try again and overcome old threats!

Veterans of FromSoftware’s series will quickly feel at home with the combat fundamentals, which remain as demanding and satisfying as ever. They know to carefully manage their stamina, selecting an ideal time and moment to attack or dodge; reckless attacks leave them exposed against enemies that can reduce their health bar to zero in an instant; roll when in range of an enemy attack and huddle together if their foe charges at them – these veterans know all this well!

Elden Ring makes full use of its stunning graphics in addition to combat, with vivid colors and breathtaking landscapes that capture your attention. Unfortunately, this game does not support ray tracing; nevertheless, exploring this world on foot or horseback remains breathtaking and immersive.

Elden Ring marks an exciting step forward for FromSoftware. While its expansion of familiar open-world gameplay into an even grander setting is not without missteps, Elden Ring remains an intriguing experiment in how to construct an expansive universe for players to explore. While players may enjoy exploring Elden Ring alone or cooperatively.

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