Elden Ring Review

No matter whether it be traversing cliffside caves or breaching massive castle walls, Elden Ring’s world is filled with intricate detail and opportunities. Freeform exploration is made all the more intriguing by From Software games’ signature esoteric design principles that bring them life.

Combat is also thrilling, with enemies that range from disturbingly ugly to weapons-grade nightmare fuel. Hopping on your spectral steed Torrent adds another welcome feature which speeds up larger battles.


As with other FromSoftware games, combat is at the heart of this experience. From wielding swords that feel closer to raw iron than usual or casting spells against enemies with swift punishment for foolish actions to unleashing spells against foes who take advantage of foolishness, every encounter provides thrilling third-person combat that remains both rewarding and nerve-wracking.

The enemies in Elden Ring are designed to test players, not only with brute strength or ferocity but with their wide variety of tactics that they employ. Some ambush with sudden strikes while others wait patiently until a dodge or parry catches someone off guard before unleashing deadly combos. A skillfully created enemy may make Elden Ring seem unfair at times but this type of difficulty requires skill rather than reflexes alone.

Elden Ring offers more than impressive boss battles: its world is filled with wonders galore. Every step can reveal something new; from encounters with ancient dragons to simple horseback rides.

While Elden Ring may seem difficult and demanding at times, its unique commitment to subtraction makes the game even more immersive and immersive than most open-world titles. You can easily get lost in its vast world; even after several hours have gone by, new corners keep opening up!

Character creation

Character creation in Dark Souls 4 is no different to other games in the franchise; players can select gender and appearance when creating their new avatar. Size does not affect gameplay as all characters get hit equally by hurtbox attacks.

FromSoftware has created an exciting and intense combat experience with their proven formula of measured third-person combat against enemies that punish folly swiftly. Enemy designs range from the bizarre (but not quite up to Bloodborne levels) to those which demand patience and skill when taking them down, offering plenty of challenges against which skill-based play will prove its worth.

Elden Ring offers players a comprehensive arsenal of weapons and abilities to aid them in defeating enemies, with additional perks offering assistance when necessary. Its class system also makes an excellent starting point for beginners; Vagabond makes for an excellent melee-focused build due to their forgiving Vigor stat and decent Strength/Dexterity stats; plus they allow experimentation with numerous melee armaments.

For those who prefer taking it slow, there are options to slow the pace down a bit – including being able to disable enemy attacks and even just running away from some enemies that become too frustrating – making Elden Ring one of the more accessible Souls games ever created, provided you embrace all it has to offer.


FromSoftware games are never dull or repetitive, but Elden Ring takes things even further. This sprawling arena feels like several FromSoftware titles all in one – creating an intriguing world that rewards exploration while still offering tough combat against foes like Dark Souls!

As its reputation implies, its proven formula of measured third-person combat against enemies that punish foolishness remains sound; whether you prefer melee fighting with weapon resembling raw iron or casting spells from a distance. Furthermore, enemy design in this game stands out as more varied and terrifying than usual, capable of killing in only a few hits from well-placed weapons.

Elden Ring suffers from some of the same artificial difficulty found in other Souls titles, with duo and trio boss battles feeling forced together without much thought, while palette swapping to indicate stronger variants of familiar enemies can sometimes be misleading.

Though not an experienced FromSoftware player, Excalibur remains worth playing even for newcomers to the series. Its vast world is brimming with lore and culture revealed through every book, note, or piece of architecture you encounter; furthermore its tone switches between epic fantasy of Lord of the Rings and popcorn adventure like Excalibur.


Elden Ring’s combat will feel familiar to anyone who has played Souls games before; its measured yet tense battles feature enemies who punish any acts of foolishness swiftly, whether it’s dodging through narrow corridors with sword and shield in hand or standing back as a mage and casting spells – combat in Elden Ring is unrelentingly challenging and nerve-wracking!

There have been some tweaks to the formula, such as adding a guard counter which allows players to block an attack with their shield and quickly respond with either an overwhelming strong attack or jumping one that leaves weaker enemies scattered across the battlefield. Yet regardless of this rebranding it remains clear that this is from Software doing what it knows best: game design.

As a result, the Lands Between feels more alive than any other From Software game. Its world is both melancholic and atmospheric: river water runs coppery red through riverbeds; fissures cut through towering mountains like teeth; trees look as though their fingers have curled around themselves like fingers from being poked with an iron needle; it all gives off an air of impending destruction; yet life still persists even as everything appears poised on the brink of collapse.

This game offers an immersive and exhilarating open-world gaming experience that pushes boundaries of what open world gaming can be. While perhaps not as memorable as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, From Software fans should find something intriguing here that leaves them craving more from this amazing company.


Elden Ring’s graphics are an absolute treat to look at. FromSoftware has perfectly recreated their art style from previous games with this title, creating a breathtaking and vivid world that is both beautiful and terrifying. Set across an open world setting, its breathtaking vistas and intimate moments are breathtaking; while detailed character designs exhibit realistic movements to bring life to their characters and monsters.

Elden Ring follows FromSoftware’s signature action-RPG formula. There’s no handholding outside of its initial area; Elden Ring instead relies on your intuition to find your own path through its vast terrain. While Elden Ring might be slightly less punishing than Bloodborne and Sekiro, its unrelenting difficulty still ensures it has plenty of challenge for players to tackle.

Grace trails can provide players who require guidance with some additional assistance by leading them towards the next story beat or encounter. However, these Grace trails may often prove misleading; therefore it’s better to leave discovery up to each individual player’s exploration.

Combat is lively and captivating, featuring an assortment of new enemies to challenge players with. Additionally, a unique mount system lets them ride the spectral steed Torrent through combat to use its charged heavy attack for an added touch that sets this game apart in today’s open world game landscape.


Elden Ring stands out this year with its superb game play. Recalling previous Souls titles, it features measured third-person combat that punishes foolishness with enemies and bosses that punish any reckless actions taken during combat. Playing Elden Ring remains as nerve-wracking and exciting as ever; whether using an iron sword to strike enemies down with precision or employing magic to cast spells with surgical precision, Elden Ring never ceases to excite and thrill its audience.

Elden Ring stands out in particular due to its stunning world design, making a markful debut. While keeping with Souls tradition of hands-off exploration via player trust and without waypoints or activity icons being oversaturated onto maps, Elden Ring’s world design allows you to discover many things on your own until they come into view on screen.

The Lands Between is full of stunning visuals, featuring character models for enemies and NPCs that are both distinct and detailed. While its graphic fidelity doesn’t match that of Bloodborne or Sekiro, it still looks great!

Finally, both voice acting and music were fantastic. Alongside its traditional orchestral soundtrack, there’s also some haunting, ambient music which adds great emotion and depth. Furthermore, I found some of the voice actors’ performances to be some of the most convincing I’ve seen in video game form.

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