Elden Ring Review

elden ring review

Elden Ring stands as an exemplar of subtraction design within an open world game genre that often becomes overloaded. FromSoftware has taken great strides to encourage exploration by inviting players to discover what lies beyond each hilltop.

SoulsBorne Reincarnated captures all of the best elements from previous SoulsBorne titles while adding an outstanding open world setting, setting an excellent standard for similar games in future.

The World

FromSoftware, masters of complex gameplay and intricate lore, have produced their latest game: Elden Ring is an open world adventure packed with an abundance of things to explore and experience. They have gone beyond what other developers have done and created an expansive world for players to explore at will – something rare these days!

The Lands Between are filled with mushrooms to be harvested, flowers to collect, and rare meats (think dragon hearts instead of salami) to slaughter for consumption in the game’s economy. Players spend runes (the currency in this realm) on weapons or recipe books for crafting; or simply levelling up by covering themselves in magical creases to advance further.

This open-world system works incredibly well, as even when playing through the main story, no two playthroughs will ever be alike. There are numerous landmarks dotted across the map – churches, city ruins and cave entrances among them – that may lead to something interesting such as battles against field bosses, new armour pieces or ways of progressing with your storyline.

Completionists may be disappointed to learn that there are no traditional quests in the game; rather, NPCs offer rewards or mention events from your past to help keep things interesting while also helping prevent an open world title from feeling monotonous and repetitive. It makes for more satisfying gameplay experience!

Elden Ring by From Software is an absolute must-play, whether you are familiar with their work or simply searching for something different to play. A punishingly difficult experience that will require constant vigilance but revels in being punishingly difficult; one which revels in throwing curveballs your way. A challenging and brilliant game that leaves an indelible mark on those brave enough to step into its world; an absolute classic which deserves all its praise!

The Combat

From Software’s combat is as engaging and satisfying as you would expect: measured third-person tactical battles against enemies who quickly punish any rash behavior from you. No matter whether you prefer sword and shield or mage combatants – both require skillful play to overcome mobs of monsters and formidable bosses in this immersive action RPG experience.

But combat is more than functional – it feels fresh and interesting as well. Although not as twitch-oriented as many modern games, there are enough tricks and plantations to keep things interesting – parrying, blocking or dodging enemies’ attacks is possible as is breaking their grip to recover fallen allies (though doing this will drain some health from you). There’s a wide range of weapons to choose from with various ways you can boost their strength to compensate for weaknesses; and fans of previous From Software titles will welcome using AI NPCs when encounters become necessary – an invaluable feature!

Elden Ring’s open world is a joy to explore, just as in other From Software games. While not as dependent upon waypoints and an overcrowded world map like Breath of the Wild’s, Elden Ring still provides plenty to discover during your travels: from caves tucked into cliffsides to sprawling castle walls. And if you invest time finding these hidden treasures, Elden Ring rewards you with crafting materials, upgrades, characters, and other bonuses!

Elden Ring stands out among other open world games in that it places responsibility for exploring its world directly on players rather than handing it over to narrators or maps brimming with activity icons – something other open world games have failed to do. Elden Ring feels more authentic than any open world game recently released.

It is an ambitious and impressive achievement that successfully blends many elements from previous studio titles with modern open world systems that have become standard within this genre. Though there may be minor flaws here and there, overall this work of genius stands as an impressive accomplishment.

The Story

Elden Ring draws some inspiration from popular titles like Ghost of Tsushima and Dark Souls, without trying to replicate their rigid structures. While there’s a story arc to follow, exploration decisions are left entirely up to you and decisions regarding where and when to explore will ultimately decide your success or failure in Elden Ring.

That freedom is truly liberating, and is testament to FromSoftware’s work: you’ll explore an expansive world, filled with lore and intrigue as expected from this studio.

What distinguishes this game from others open-world action-RPGs is how it seamlessly blends freeform exploration with its punishing combat system for an experience that’s both thrilling and gratifying. It builds off of what The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild started and produces an eye-catching, dense world – both an open world design benchmark as well as an original FromSoftware game at its core.

At its heart, Shadowrun: Eternity excels when players are exploring, scoping out new challenges and searching through the remains of past civilisations for treasure. Combat is just as satisfying and weighty, but with some unique additions such as guard countering that allows melee players to block an attack while following up with an explosive strike that crumples enemies leaving them vulnerable; or summoning allies for assistance during battles which would otherwise feel too lonely.

Combat is my one major gripe with this game; old Souls players might find it disappointing that so many enemies from previous areas get upgraded due to new area openings; this tactic has long been used in JRPGs to indicate stronger variants of familiar foes, yet it feels lazy and uninspired here.

The Music

Elden Ring features an excellent soundtrack as would be expected from FromSoftware titles. From haunting melodies of siren-like creatures to monster roars that fill Elden Ring, its rich sonic experience engulfs players into its barren and forlorn landscape – and now that its official release has hit music streaming services, you can listen to it in its entirety.

Daniel Olmos of YouTube has recently become popular on gaming forums like Reddit with his boss theme videos that contain fan-translated Latin lyrics that have gone viral with fans. These translations (which some claim are actual Latin lyrics) have received numerous upvotes, indicating their impact. But one scholar of languages conducted further investigation and discovered that these “lyrics” may just be gibberish disguised to look like ancient text.

FromSoftware has long mastered the art of using music to add depth and immersion to their games, including Dark Souls III and Bloodborne. Both games were widely lauded for their orchestral arrangements and nuanced performances – but Elden Ring takes this a step further by including what sounds like chanting as part of its soundtrack.

Elden Ring has left me absolutely impressed, with its gameplay and design both. While borrowing heavily from FromSoftware’s Souls series, Elden Ring stands out with its own distinctive blend of action and exploration that truly stands out in this genre. Additionally, its stunning world, captivating combat, and fierce monsters demonstrate just how successful open-world video game design can be.

However, some aspects of the game feel too dependent on Souls-esque formula. For instance, there’s too many weapon skills available to the player which leads to too little diversity in builds – this may only be considered minor as opposed to the rest of experience but still feels off balance compared with what else is offered.

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