Elden Ring Review

elden ring review

Spiritual successor to FromSoft that seamlessly merges classic gameplay with stunning open world visuals and an actual magical system. Although some design issues exist, the game still provides an incredible engaging experience.

Solo players will feel an incredible sense of fulfillment upon killing an especially tough enemy – something fans of Souls-style games will especially enjoy.


Elden Ring takes FromSoftware’s tried-and-tested action-RPG formula and applies it to an open world with an unbridled sense of exploration, creating one of the year’s most remarkable and unforgettable games. Elden Ring features FromSoftware’s trademark challenges, deep and challenging combat, captivating lore and an expansive world in which to explore.

The hallmarks of the series can be found here in spades: measured third-person combat against enemies that punish foolhardiness, stamina management that emphasizes careful stamina usage, and an unforgiving design that rewards skill over reflexes. Two major additions to this core formula are guard counter (holding down the shield button while attacking allows players to follow up with crushing blows that leave weaker foes crumpled) and jump attack capabilities for melee weapon wielders that give a powerful heavy move that can stun enemies; two additions that alter this core formula are guard counter (holding down shield button while attacking allows players to follow up with crushing blows that leave weaker foes crumpled) as well as jump attacks that give melee weapon wielders powerful heavy moves capable of stunning enemies.

As is customary with Souls games, their vast dungeons and overworlds have been altered to enhance both combat and exploration experiences. For instance, finite healing items in dungeons have been replaced with an HP/FP refill system which enables players to fill their levels by defeating groups of enemies or certain rare critters in the overworld. Though this might seem counter-intuitive to previous Souls titles’ challenging gameplay experience, it actually serves to immerse the player back into the experience after every major battle – and make for engaging play experiences all year long!

Elden Ring provides a fresh take on how the series handles worldbuilding and story progression, doing away with three sentence introductions and disjointed lore pockets in favour of taking a cue from GRRM’s book and creating a rich and immersive setting that players want to explore.

Elden Ring may be more accessible than previous FromSoftware titles, yet still presents significant barriers for entry. Newcomers to the franchise may find it challenging to grasp, with gentle guidance leading them towards their first big boss battle – yet for those without prior planning it may feel like an uphill struggle.


Elden Ring is a dark fantasy open world game packed with so much to see and experience. The gameplay will feel familiar to any who have played Souls or Bloodborne: creating your ideal character by leveling up attributes; mastering satisfying yet deadly combat; and taking on various enemies while searching out menacing bosses across its vast Lands Between landscape.

From Software’s design philosophy entails making games that test our patience while encouraging exploration and discovery – key components to its design philosophy. Without clear directional pointers typical in modern open world titles, discovering hidden treasures while exploring castles, dungeons, and catacombs becomes all the more rewarding.

Visually, the game is captivating – lighting, shadowing and reflections all look spectacular. Furthermore, PCs equipped with suitable hardware may enable ray tracing for even more stunning effects.

Elden Ring may only consist of one landmass, yet it feels enormous. Every area resembles something from another game due to the studio’s design philosophy promoting exploration by offering players puzzles to solve, before letting them explore how everything fits together.

From Software is taking another approach to encouraging player discovery with its game by offering access to an abundance of lore that the developer has packed into sparse dialogue snippets and item descriptions. Furthermore, an optional information hub offers up brief explanations before major boss fights occur.

Though it can be challenging to decipher all the lore at times, it is achievable; and no doubt about it: this game’s world building and graphics style are truly magnificent.

Elden Ring is an outstanding game, even by From Software’s high standards, and serves as an important example of how open world video games can promote exploration while making conquering an enormous world immensely satisfying. Nothing quite matches the thrill of defeating an indestructible enemy that’s been blocking your path only to have them crumble beneath your feet – something Elden Ring offers plenty of!


Elden Ring is an outstanding dark fantasy souls-style game from From Software that brings deep combat, intricate systems and rich lore that fans have come to expect, but also provides an immersive open world experience in which players can explore The Lands Between at will – providing hours upon hours of engaging entertainment!

Elen ring review game from From Software brings out the best in an overcrowded genre. By adhering to their design philosophy of “design by subtraction,” Elen Ring Review Game emphasizes exploration and discovery experiences that drive its success.

As with other From Software titles, each moment-to-moment gameplay of From Software’s Insurgency 2 is highly rewarding and fulfilling. Players must adjust their strategies frequently in order to address an array of enemy types and play styles – some enemies can kill you quickly in just a few hits so it’s vitally important that players learn their enemies quickly or exploit any weaknesses they expose – this challenge may surprise some but is part of its charm! The level of difficulty may surprise some but remains welcome because combat in this game requires learning and adapting rather than pure reflexes!

One of the most captivating features of this game is its assortment of bosses, both large and small. Each boss showcases the developers’ creativity by floating in the air, burrowing under ground or dropping from above – some even come equipped with special mechanics such as using the Torrent skill when fighting them!

NPCs can also be found throughout the massive map, offering players quests that force them out of their comfort zones and into new territory. While some quests might be hidden deep within, others can be more overt, creating an engaging experience.

Though Elden Ring may lack the same epic storylines found in other From Software games such as Bloodborne or Sekiro, it stands out as an outstanding design achievement that showcases From Software’s ability to defy industry trends while offering something truly original.


Elden Ring PvP can be challenging, particularly against experienced opponents using potency PvP builds. But with practice and knowledge of its rules, you can become an effective force whether dueling or invading. Avoid staying still; moving about can make it harder for an opponent to spot you and gauge when to strike; it is also wise to equip short range weapons so as to reduce vulnerability.

PvP builds are most successful when they focus on one specific spell or weapon; diversifying won’t work well here. Since damage in this type of combat is relatively high, many players increase their Strength up to 55 or even higher if two-handing their weapons is desired. Dexterity also plays an integral role; ideal Dexterity stat values range between 66-70 for most PvP builds.

Duels provide an effective means of engaging other players in fair and balanced engagements; however, keep in mind they still may not be completely impartial; for example, you cannot forcibly invade another player’s world or use healing flasks or Rune Arcs against them without their permission, so it’s crucial that duels follow Elden Ring etiquette when engaged in duels.

Elden Ring’s multiplayer is plagued with many of the same problems seen throughout FromSoftware’s Souls series, yet they remain committed to improving it through patches released throughout 2016.

Scott Jund is a dedicated YouTuber and streamer who spent over 40 hours immersed in Elden Ring PvP. While initially optimistic, after suffering through numerous disconnections and lag spikes he began to lose faith in its future.

Jund ultimately concluded that it would have been preferable for him to play on an independent online server without connection issues, although Elden Ring’s PvP is still enjoyable even with these issues. He hopes FromSoftware will keep improving this aspect of gameplay by patching overpowered crouch attacks and an imbalanced poise system favoring slow, defensive playstyles.

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