Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring is an innovative open world game from FromSoftware that puts exploration and player agency front and center. This experience conveys feelings of both profound beauty and sorrow reminiscent of other FromSoftware titles; yet it does not become soulless over time.

Rethinking essential concepts of open world games. Furthermore, providing an enjoyable way for individuals to connect while playing alone.


Like FromSoftware’s other games, Elden Ring provides an engaging and challenging experience. Whether wielding what looks more like raw iron than an actual weapon or casting spells from afar, third-person combat against enemies swift to punish any reckless moves is as thrilling and nerve-wracking as ever!

Elden Ring takes several elements from previous games in its series and builds upon them for an epic open world adventure, providing you with the task of defeating corrupt Elden Lords who each hold a piece of its titular Elden Ring. As an unscrupulous Tarnished, you are charged with fighting them off and restoring order back into this chaotic land. Elden Ring draws inspiration from many sources while simultaneously building upon them for an unparalleled open world experience.

Elden Ring is an extremely difficult game, even for veterans of Souls or Bloodborne titles. FromSoftware is well known for their notorious difficulty; most enemies require only a few hits to kill you while bosses often require only one or two. Enemies will swarm from all directions – be they rising from below or rising up above you – leaving even experienced gamers struggling at times.

Elden Ring is an incredible game that rewards persistence with moments of pure wonder. The expansive world and all its secrets is breathtaking; as its fragmented landscape hints at its history it compels you to explore every nook.

FromSoftware has created an experience unlike any other. As you explore each corner of their world – from crumbling ruins to lush forests – the sense of discovery is unmatched. Additionally, you can witness all the work put into creating such exquisite art and animations as the ones found here.

Elden Ring marks FromSoftware’s triumphant return to form and stands as an impressive reminder that they are one of the top developers currently active in gaming. While Souls fans may find similarity bothersome, those willing to embrace its challenges will reap immense rewards; Elden Ring represents the culmination of FromSoftware’s well-known formula while showing them can go against industry trends while creating something special.


Elden Ring’s world is both unforgiving and majestic; an expansive playground in which to battle demons and discover ancient relics. Players familiar with other From Software titles will feel at home playing this one: crafting your build carefully can help ensure success; but timing strikes and dodges are just as essential – frantic attacks leave you vulnerable against enemies that quickly deplete your health bar; managing stamina well can prevent such tragedies from unfolding.

Lands Between is purposefully vague in its narrative arc, drawing newcomers in with its intimidating beauty but quickly leaving them befuddled by what’s at stake. Not intended as an easy casual game experience, these first hours will present players with a challenge as they battle demonic invaders while exploring dark dungeons.

Veteran FromSoftware fans will feel right at home quickly. Combat fundamentals remain unchanged; players need to balance power and speed carefully for success in this skill-based game requiring strategy, with its rewards for mastering it being significant.

While many players will likely explore the Lands Between on their own as an individual adventurer, Elden Ring offers cooperative play options as well. Its multiplayer is more similar to that of previous From Software games with level-sensitive matchmaking ensuring you only encounter opponents at your level or lower than yourself – not quite reaching the frenetic and chaotic action found in Bloodborne or Dark Souls but adding its own distinct flavor to proceedings.

Elden Ring follows in the footsteps of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls III by featuring a 60fps cap for graphics settings. This could pose problems for PC gamers with high-end hardware; hopefully modders can provide unofficial workarounds soon; otherwise players should accept that their hardware won’t meet this demanding title.


Elden Ring may feel familiar to fans of From Software games, but its depth goes far beyond this initial impression. The game demands much from both player and environment alike and may even be their most complex title yet; NPCs and item descriptions give no clear path forward; instead these serve to illustrate where players should go instead – something which may at times prove frustrating yet also serves to highlight the strength of From’s design philosophy.

Players expecting an explicit narrative may be taken aback to find they can easily bypass it altogether. While this doesn’t mean the world is devoid of narrative altogether, From’s open-world gameplay style favors exploration over following set paths – though there will likely be signs pointing you towards what might be an eventful path! That being said, main events usually don’t prove too hard to discover with eyes open!

Combat is the star of this show, offering both weighty and precise gameplay that rewards those who take their time studying their enemies and studying the stamina meter’s recharge cycles for thrilling encounters where victory depends not only on reflexes but an increased understanding of its fundamental rules as well. Even when fights get tougher a successful battle still feels rewarding unlike some duo/trio bosses that seem randomized into play.

Elden Ring ensures players never truly find themselves alone during their struggles, similar to previous From Software titles, by featuring a summon system for summoning players or NPCs to fight alongside you – this can be done using Spirit Ashes collected from defeated foes, which can then be used to call upon different versions of those enemies as allies in battle; although their allies may not provide much damage themselves they do provide an essential distraction and could turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Elden Ring is an amazing addition to the Souls series and expands their labyrinthine worlds with a dizzyingly vast offering that’s an absolute joy to explore. Fans of masochistic fantasy RPGs will delight at what this game has in store, but note that this game requires both effort and patience in equal measures to succeed. Bring out your red biro and get ready to mark pages with failure as this type of game requires both effort and perseverance for its ultimate success!


Since 2009, From Software has specialized in crafting challenging games that offer their players an addictive sense of accomplishment. Their time-honored formula of measured third-person combat against enemies that swiftly punish foolishness remains intact here – with enemies that quickly swarm you from all sides, rise out of the ground or drop from above – but even then some well-placed evasions or projectiles might save your skin in certain cases.

Elden Ring may be difficult, but newcomers will still find Elden Ring an enjoyable game. A variety of weapons to find and forge can support any play style you desire while summonable spectral warriors can further expand your arsenal. Furthermore, friendly NPCs may assist with upgrading equipment while ghostly figures of other players will occasionally appear to offer assistance during particularly trying battles.

Although much of the game’s lore and world design revolve around darkness and death, dungeons and boss fights provide plenty of excitement. From crypts and caverns to abandoned castles, each enclosed area challenges you to search every crevice for valuable items while fighting off demons and any potential bosses that appear along the way.

Elden Ring offers several optional, randomly generated dungeons designed to test your mettle against wild bosses and inventive puzzles. While some sections may feel repetitive at times, these challenging mazes still provide fun challenges – with occasional surprises (such as an arena with an enormous singing bridge ) added for good measure!

At Elden Ring, the thrill of triumph is unmatched in modern video games – when it comes to besting legendary bosses or taking down titanic beasts it’s unforgettable! Elden Ring challenges its players with difficult combat, evasion of enemy attacks and repeated deaths – yet every victory feels like an act of defiance against all odds! From Software doesn’t fear making you bleed; Elden Ring rewards patience with an unparalleled rush of satisfaction unmatched by modern video games; it offers fans of its series an insanely captivating adventure – making this sequel worthy successors of Dark Souls and Bloodborne itself!

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