EaseUS Todo Backup Review

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is an intelligent and straightforward backup tool which takes both file- and full system image-level backups seriously, in addition to taking into account cloud backup services like Dropbox or Backblaze.

The Free edition offers excellent scheduling support while Premium editions provide more advanced Smart backup, Security Zone protection, and universal restore features among others.


EaseUS Todo Backup offers a host of effective backup tools in both its free-to-use and premium “Home” editions, the former including its signature Smart technology; while the latter offers full disk cloning capabilities and can migrate image-based backups onto dissimilar hardware using its special universal restore functionality among other key additions.

This software also allows you to encrypt and store backups on hard drives, FTP servers, network shares, external disks CD/DVD and online services like Dropbox and OneDrive. Furthermore, it calculates how much space a backup job will need before starting to ensure there is enough room on the destination drive; and supports various backup methods including incremental and differential backup.

Who wants more control of their backups can set an automated schedule which will run their backup program at specific times or events of their choosing, providing peace of mind should any sudden data loss occur. This is an excellent way of making sure you always have an up-to-date copy available should something go amiss!

Recovering files from a Todo Backup backup is straightforward with its recovery tool, offering users options such as returning them directly back into their original locations or to a separate recovery folder – where users may choose whether existing files will be overwritten by new ones.


EaseUS Todo Backup is an intuitive data protection and recovery solution suitable for home and business computers alike. Customizable to meet specific requirements and intuitive enough for even novice computer users to operate smoothly, the program backs up everything on your PC – programs and system files alike – for later restoration in case something goes amiss – creating an image file of your hard drive means all information can still be retrieved even if its original hard drive becomes corrupt or damaged.

The program also offers support for 3rd party cloud storage services, so your backups can be stored alongside your other files in an easily accessible location. Select from a variety of available providers or add custom ones; making this tool extremely flexible. Furthermore, scheduled backups allow you to safeguard files against potential data loss by automatically beginning at specific times each day – useful if you want peace of mind that they won’t get deleted accidentally.

Online reviews for this software have been highly favorable, with users often hailing its robust features such as system and file backups, disk partition backup, disaster recovery and flexible deployment options that make implementation simple and quick for IT teams across their organizations. Other advantages include improved data protection and business continuity as well as cost effectiveness and compliance support.


EaseUS Todo Backup can be used to back up all of the data on your computer, as well as create an emergency boot disk you can use if your system fails and cannot load an operating system.

This backup software can be used to backup all folders and files on your system as well as full image backups of it, using various backup methods including full, incremental and differential as well as file compression options which help save space. Furthermore, it offers features to delete older backups if necessary to free up space; making this ideal for those who prefer only keeping recent copies available.

Todo Backup also features the option of automatically shutting down a computer once a backup job has finished, providing another layer of convenience and control over its use. Restoring jobs can be tracked via the same backup overview page which shows their progress as they’re executed.

The software also features an efficient search function to quickly locate data you need among the various backup sets you have created, AES 256-bit encryption available across all backup sets, and support for recovering image backups across dissimilar hardware using its universal restore functionality. It comes equipped with additional functionality including Smart backup technology and Security Zone backup protection features which help secure your data even further, and an added universal restore capability that supports recovering backup images across dissimilar hardware devices. The premium “Home” edition adds additional functionality as well such as Smart backup technology, Security Zone protection features, support for universal restore functionality as well as additional Smart backup technology features as an addition 256 bit encryption provided across all backup sets in its premium “Home” edition; premium “Home” edition with additional functionality such as Smart backup technology and Security Zone backup protection features; plus AES256 bit encryption included to keep secure your data – as well as providing AES256 bit protection of course!


EaseUS Todo Backup is an intuitive and user-friendly backup solution, taking both security and management of backup sets seriously. One of its notable features is support for AES 256-bit encryption on all backup sets – something only few solutions provide!

Basic capabilities of this software include file and folder backups/clones that include incremental, differential and full image clones as well as password protection, email notifications, compression and split-backup options. Backups can be set to run either once daily, on an interval throughout the day or weekly/monthly schedule – with additional system partition backup capabilities as an added option.

Another unique feature is the ability to create a boot disk that can be used to restore a system from scratch if needed. Note, however, that this feature cannot be accessed remotely; only local backups are supported and even then, the restore process may be long and cumbersome.

Users have reported issues with recovering corrupted files from within Todo Backup; however, third-party programs like iBeeSoft Free Data Recovery offer a solution. Initial setup can also be challenging for newcomers; with some experiencing an steep learning curve and cumbersome user interface.

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