Duplicate Cleaner Review

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner efficiently finds and eliminates duplicate photos, videos and files that occupy disk space with its intuitive user interface and simple process.

Find duplicate files quickly by scanning based on size or content, with results displayed as image preview windows so they can be deleted, moved, renamed or turned into shortcuts as needed.

Easy to use

Duplicate files can quickly consume your hard drive space, so it is vital that they are identified and deleted as soon as possible. With duplicate file removal software you can accomplish this easily; it scans your computer for duplicate documents, photos, music and other files before automatically selecting true duplicates for deletion – saving both time and effort!

This program offers various detection modes, including exact duplicates, similar files and different file names. Additionally, it supports various file formats – making it suitable for all kinds of users – and flagged edited files that need editing. Plus its results are presented neatly-organized lists. Furthermore, its user-friendly UI design wins awards!

This program also includes a powerful selection assistant, which assists in marking duplicate files for deletion or other actions such as copying, moving, and creating shortcuts. Furthermore, its advanced features allow for file content comparison and searching based on metadata such as color depth or metadata about file attributes such as metadata. You can even search across external devices or cloud storage. Finally, safeguards have been built-in to protect critical system files, making this an excellent way to organize hard drives and optimize computers.

Fast scanning

Duplicate Cleaner is an efficient duplicate finder that helps ensure that your PC operates at its peak performance. It scans and compares files quickly while always performing a clean scan – eliminating unnecessary deletion of duplicate files! With multiple detection modes to select and support for all major cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive etc) plus external drives on PC it offers quick search capability with plenty of previewing options – making the tool easy to use with an intuitive UI featuring previewing features for quick results.

This software features flexible search settings and can detect duplicate videos by length, encoding format and location. It can also compare formats and locations of duplicate photos to ensure unneeded files are deleted from storage space efficiently. Furthermore, its powerful selection assistant enables you to choose duplicates by groups, dates, drives or folders and can move duplicate files to new locations or create shortcuts and symbolic links if necessary.

Duplicate files can clog up your system, slowing it down. Regular cleaning is necessary to minimize disk space usage and optimize PC performance, with Duplicate Cleaner making this simple task possible without risk to documents, photos or music files. With its straightforward user interface and Wizard setting wizard assisting you through setting your preferences.

Delete duplicate files

Duplicate Cleaner makes it simple and straightforward to detect and safely delete duplicate files and images that occupy space on your system, freeing up valuable storage space while simplifying life.

This program provides multiple methods for finding duplicate files: search by file name, size or date; recursively scan subdirectories for duplicates; check zip folders for duplicates using byte for byte content analysis and more. Furthermore, users have an option to replace deleted duplicate files with links back to original ones and its user-friendly interface makes operations effortless.

With this tool, it’s possible to scan any drive, external hard drives, portable media devices and network libraries. It supports scanning all file types: photos, videos, music, text documents and archives – plus can delete duplicates to a backup disk and create shortcuts!

The program’s interface is user-friendly, featuring clear search criteria and the option to select or delete specific files or folders. Furthermore, using the Selection Assistant makes the selection process even simpler; you can even send duplicates directly into a recycle bin, relocate them elsewhere on your drive, or convert them into symbolic or hard links based on your selections.

Remove duplicate images

Duplicate images take up valuable disk space and can significantly slow down your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Luckily, duplicate photo finder and remover tools are available to help you remove them automatically; these programs scan your computer for identical photos before automatically deleting them without you having to delete each photo by hand. These tools also support various file formats so you can choose which files to delete or keep.

These free tools can quickly search your system for duplicate files. Their intuitive design enables you to quickly scan whichever areas, file formats and number of folders that interest you – including external storage devices like SD cards or portable hard drives!

Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder is an exceptional duplicate image scanner, using visual comparison to identify duplicate photos and identify similar ones that have been rotated, flipped or resized. Furthermore, the program can identify and display image and camera tags to help determine which pictures to keep; and group together similar photos so you can compare them side-by-side for easy comparison.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is another helpful duplicate photo finder with many features to assist in managing digital images. It can detect and locate duplicate photos on Windows PCs, external hard drives (HDD/USB drives/cloud storage), videos as well as allow sorting/previewing duplicate files prior to deletion with powerful selection rules that help choose which duplicates to keep. Plus it supports numerous image and video file formats.

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