Disk Drill Review

Disk Drill

Disk Drill provides a user-friendly interface with an extensive list of extra free disk tools. Its scanning algorithms continue to improve, making it simple for you to identify which files may be recoverable more quickly.

Users can pause and resume scans as necessary, viewing items found real-time as the software works in the background. The application supports various internal and external drives as well as SD cards, iPods and digital cameras.


This software’s primary focus is data recovery using multiple algorithms that quickly and deep scan disks to quickly recover files, uncover lost partitions and undelete protected data. Users can also create byte-by-byte backups of their disk and partitions in order to preserve information without overwriting files that may have gone missing.

Once a scan has completed, Disk Drill displays a tree-like list of recoverable files and folders including pictures, videos, audio recordings, documents, archives and any other file type that may be recovered – from pictures, videos and audio recordings to documents and archives – displayed with eye-catching previews that clearly indicate its recovery chances and an eye-catching preview for each. Users can select specific files they would like restored directly or restore an entire disk or volume with one click.

This app supports numerous storage devices, such as internal and external hard drives, memory cards, cameras, USB flash drives and some Kindles – making it a versatile solution to any accidental deletion, Recycle Bin clearance or system crash situation.

Disk Drill provides more than data recovery; it also has tools that allow for backup of any disk or partition and password protection of sensitive files. In addition, its extra tools such as S.M.A.R.T monitoring, disk image creation and bad sector management help safeguard data against loss in the future.


Disk Drill is one of the most reliable programs available for data recovery, capable of recovering almost all file types and providing tools to protect them in the future. Furthermore, Disk Drill supports recovering files from RAID arrays and virtual disks – something many other data recovery programs don’t provide. Furthermore, its latest version (Disk Drill 5) now includes support for Windows Storage Spaces along with an intuitive modular user interface which organizes scan results and makes finding what you’re searching for easier.

Disk Drill may be more expensive than other data recovery programs, but its performance and features make it worth every cent spent. Furthermore, its extensive support content on both its website and YouTube channel allows you to quickly solve any problems that may arise with ease.

This program supports various file formats and devices, including internal Macintosh hard drives, external hard disks, cameras, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, USB flash drives and Polaroid/Pentax memory cards. Furthermore, deleted or lost data from FAT32, NTFS or ExFAT partitions can be recovered as well as creating backup copies byte by byte of your disk or partition.

Recovering data

Disk Drill will keep you up-to-date as it scans, telling you how many pictures, videos, audio recordings, documents, archives and other files have been located during a recovery scan. Once complete, review these discovered files to select those you would like to recover and then complete your recovery session.

Filter the recovered files quickly to help find what you’re searching for more efficiently, especially if recovering images or videos. Disk Drill clearly displays each file’s recovery chances next to it so you can make informed choices.

Disk Drill can recover data from almost every type of disk-based storage device, including USB drives, memory cards and your PC’s internal hard drive. The free version allows you to recover up to 500 MB, while its Pro counterpart adds advanced features that enable bootable rescue media creation and backups at byte-level versions of data.

Disk Drill can even recover lost or deleted partitions, helping you retrieve valuable information after formatting or installing a new operating system. Furthermore, Disk Drill offers the capability of backing up data onto another storage device so if an original disk becomes damaged or fails you’ll still have the ability to retrieve files; and finally it also performs byte-level backups that allow you to restore information in case of malware infection on your system.

Overall rating

Disk Drill was easy and straightforward to install and use during our test of it; no technical glitches or difficulties arose during its installation and use. The user interface is clean and unobtrusive with built-in tutorials designed to familiarize users with its features. In addition, it features backup image creation tools as well as data protection options.

Scanning with Disk Drill is quick, and its session save feature allows for later resumption. Furthermore, Disk Drill supports various external devices as well as iOS and Android phones and devices; its robust file recovery functionality enables recovery of various file types from most popular storage media formats.

Disk Drill’s unique feature is its byte-level disk imaging functionality, which can protect vital files in case they’re deleted accidentally. This capability is available both free and paid versions.

Disk Drill provides an outstanding solution for recovering files in various scenarios, such as an empty Recycle Bin, hardware failure and virus attack. With its powerful file recovery algorithms and extensive support content, Disk Drill stands out among DIY file recovery tools as an affordable DIY alternative; however its price of $89 plus $29 may be prohibitive for some users; for a cheaper solution consider Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac as an alternative solution.

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